7 style tips we can steal from The Pig Hotel

We’ve always admired the refined yet relaxed look of country hotels, and The Pig Hotel is no exception.

When The Pig Hotel opened in Brockenhurst in 2011, Judy and Robin Hutson redefined the look of country hotels.

What we adore the most is that each Pig has its own identity, yet they all feel incredibly warm, homely and welcoming.

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The Pig Hotel

(Image credit: Max Milligan)

1. Grey is a very versatile colour

Now the biggest-selling paint colour after white, grey has secured its position as the modern neutral. This versatile shade can adapt to suit both classic and contemporary spaces, and there is amyriad possibilities when it comes to picking the perfect shade for you.

2. You can't beat a bathtub with a wonderful view

Think large windows are only for living rooms? Not so. The bath is the perfect place to take advantage of amazing views while relaxing. And, let’s face it, we all need a bit of rest and relaxation every now and then.These views are a bit out of the ordinary, but if you aren’t overlooked, it’s time to invest in a picture window to make the most of even the simplest of vistas.

3. They mix classic furniture with colourful fabric

Incorporating a mix of the old-and-new should always be carried out with great caution, but when done right, the result can be splendid.

Here, The Pig have opted for statement fabric in a variety of colours to make this grand space sing out.

4. Greenhouses are the height of sophistication

In today’s climate we are much more aware of sustainability, such as where our food comes from. The ever-popular trend for ‘grow your own’ means that greenhouses are still playing such a huge importance in our gardens for growing produce.Growing your own ensures the knowledge that your food is organic, and many say ‘superior to supermarket equivalents’ on taste.

5. The right colour is everything

The Pig Hotel appreciates that the right colour scheme can make all the difference when it comes to design.Historically, blue was a colour that was one of the most expensive to produce and spoke of the wealth and extravagance of the homes it appeared in. Blue also has the added benefit of being a colour that is often associated with nature, which makes the garden the perfect place to experiment with the colour.

6. It pays to take risks

'I use an eclectic mix of old and new to give the impression that the interiors have evolved over a number of years. We are forever sourcing pieces when we are out and about,' explains interior designer behind The Pig Hotel, Judy Hutson.

7. A good lawn should not be an afterthought

The late, great garden designer Rosemary Verey once famously said, 'True gardening is as much about the bones of a garden as it's planting.' It is hugely important not to underestimate the benefit to having a well-maintained lawn.

Your lawn serves as a huge source of air conditioning for your garden and also releases oxygen and simultaneously captures dust, keeping you healthy.


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