Will Joanna Gaines's staghorn fern become the biggest houseplant trend of 2022?

The designer has a new statement in the Magnolia Market – and it already has a celebrity following

Joanna Gaines houseplant
(Image credit: Courtesy of Magnolia Network)

Joanna Gaines is used to setting interior design trends – but now she is reshaping the biophilia industry too. 

The Fixer Upper star recently unveiled the latest edition to her Magnolia Market in Waco: a 26-year-old gigantic staghorn fern that traveled from Florida to her Texas store. This fern is set to reshape plant trends this 2022 – but will you embrace this aging plant trend? Here's everything you need to know about Joanna Gaines's natural statement piece. 

'Meet Earle. He's a 26-year-old staghorn fern that traveled all the way from Florida to his new home here at Magnolia,' Joanna writes on her Instagram. She then encourages her followers to 'stop by the Silos' and admire the handiwork of her team, who brought the plant to life in her store. 

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern

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Since its first appearance on her Instagram, the fern (named Earl) has picked up celebrity admiration from the likes of actress Drew Barrymore who declared her love for Earle (and Joanna) in a comment. 'I definitely need to meet Earle!' Cinematographer Hilton Carter adds. 

This interior design trend has made waves on social media, but what do those in the botanical industry think? 

Plant expert and founder of LÖV Flowers, Anna Eklöv, confirms Joanna's staghorn fern is one of the most in-demand plants of the moment – and explains how you can bring the look into your home.  

houseplants and flowers grouped near a period window with shutters

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'Ferns have been a stabile favorite amongst houseplants, and although there are multiple fern plants out there, the one that is extra popular at the moment is the staghorn fern houseplant,' she says. 

'There are many species out there, but the one that we generally come across in plant stores and garden centers is Platycerium bifurcatum.'

How can you keep your staghorn fern healthy? 

Staghorn fern

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In the video, Joanna Gaines feeds her staghorn fern a banana for extra potassium. However, Anna offers more decorating ideas that will ensure your plant flourishes for many more years to come. 

If you have invested in a smaller staghorn fern than Joanna, the florist recommends removing the plant for its pot and hanging it on your wall. 

'Since the staghorn fern has evolved to grow on trees, it will most likely thrive best when grown [in this fashion], she explains. 'A mounted staghorn fern makes for a gorgeous wall decoration' that looks stunning when mounted along a wall in your entryway or bathroom. 

Has Joanna Gaines just revolutionized our entryway ideas too? We're ready to give this trend a try. 

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