Zendaya's bedroom reminds us that, in a sleep space, neutrals are superior – here's why

The Spider Man actress has created a sleep-inducing space, approved by those in the know – here's what we can learn from her

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Zendaya is among the most talked-about actresses of the moment – and for good reason. 

Alongside her roles in Spider Man, Euphoria, and Dune, the California-born star is a force of the fashion game – and she enjoys an international schedule to accompany her success. At the end of the day, however, Zendaya likes to rest her head in a minimalist bedroom – that we can all replicate. 

The actress shared her neutral sleep space via Instagram, where she keeps her color scheme, furnishings, and accessories simple (but simultaneously chic, of course). Complete with white luxury bedding, light brown painted walls, and a minimalist bedside table – the space is effortless and uncomplicated – but it is also timeless. And we can learn a lot from its design. 

When looking for ways to sleep better, Joanna Ross, the manager of the bedding brand Sheridan says we should search for soothing colors that are 'relaxing to be around' – much like the ones in Zendaya's bedroom

'Warm neutrals and pastels are the perfect starting point. Creams, gentle beiges, and soft spiced shades are perfect for relaxing bedroom ideas,' she says. 

And Certified Nutritionist Dr. Shauna Hatcher agrees – adding that the actresses' white bedding, particularly, is beneficial for sleep.

'White bedding is a fantastic choice for sleeping since, unlike vivid red and violet tones, it does not excite the brain,' she says. 'The color is neutral and has a soothing effect, so it pairs nicely with other sleep-inducing hues like yellow and blue.'.


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When creating a relaxing bedroom, choosing the right bed sheets is the natural place to begin. However, Zendaya has softened her space further by adding pillows and a throw that are, once again, approved by experts. 

'When thinking about how to create a relaxing bedroom, think about the textures; for some, this means the more, the merrier, and for others, a subtle touch is preferred,' Joanna says. 'Whatever your décor preference, bringing in soft and sumptuous textiles – velvets, silks, wools, and more – adds a feeling of coziness.'

In terms of decor and accessories, this part of her bedroom is notably clutter-free – featuring only a lamp, two candles, and a small tray atop the bedside table. 

'It may sound simple, but keep your bedroom clear of clutter,' Joanna says. 'A space overwhelmed with belongings can affect anxiety levels, sleep, and the ability to focus, which is not conducive to creating a relaxing bedroom.'

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