Log storage for a neater hearth

These stylish designs will keep your logs in order

Log burners have become a great way to not only keep warm, but also make a statement in the home as well as creating a cosy ambience. But how do you store your logs? That is the burning question.

Aldsworth, £180, Garden Trading

Garden Trading Aldsworth outdoor storage box

Crafted from Spruce, the smooth surfaces and visible grain adds to the characteristic of the material. Its stylish appearance is equally matched by its durability and robust build.

Tole, £1,495, Big Fire

Big Fire Tole log store

Keep your fire wood to hand by piling it high for great effect, especially if your garden is verging on the larger side.

Victorian-style log with slate roof, £595, The Handmade Garden Storage Company

Handmade Garden Storage Company log store

In Norway, wood piles – called holz hausen – are something of an art form, built up and displayed in homes and gardens with pride, and this log storage display is no exception.

Dalwood log stand and fire tools, £168, Rowen & Wren

Rowen & Wren Dalwood log stand and fire tools

Made from durable blackened steel with a carefully considered storage space and tools, this is an updated-classic adaptation of a traditional essential.

Woodbee, €365.65 each, Leenders

Leenders Woodbee

With its unique honeycomb structure, the Woodbee is a rather unusual way of storing your wood.

The Log Store No 2, £475, The Vintage Industrial

The Vintage Industrial The Log Store No 2

This log storage turns a scrappy pile of wood into a focal piece in your home or garden. It can be bolted to the wall if needed.

Round modern metal log store, The Worm That Turned

The Worm That Turned round modern metal log store

Give your firewood visual appeal with this circular log storage display. It can be used both indoors and out.

Wood storage dressoir, £600, OFYR

OFYR Wood storage dressoir

Keep dry wood close to hand with this practical log storage unit that doubles up as a bench.

Heritage, £149.99, Crocus

Crocus Heritage log store

Keep logs neatly stacked, dry and accessible in this beautifully rustic wooden log store. Made from fine-sawn 12mm tongue and groove, the timber is coated with a mellow grey wash to mimic naturally aged wood.