Día de muertos decor for under $20 – Luis Pinto’s Target collection

The Luis Pinto Día de los Muertos Target exclusive features a collection of colorful Day of the Dead decor for less than $20.

Some of Luis Pinto's Día de Muertos collection at Target - a stacked calavera sculpture and picture frames
(Image credit: Target)

With November 1 right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about Day of the Dead decor. Luckily, the Luis Pinto Día de Muertos Target exclusive has some striking pieces, and everything is $20 or less. 

Designed by Mexican illustrator Luis Pinto, the collection features a range of modern, colorful pieces designed for hosting gatherings and decorating your ofrenda in honor of departed loved ones. It brings clean, modern lines to the usual decorations, making for a contemporary update to traditional decor

There are plenty of candles for lighting and picture frames for honoring those no longer with us. After looking through the whole collection, these are my very favorite pieces. 

Luis Pinto Día de Muertos Target collection


When is Día de Muertos?

Día de Muertos is November 1st every year, the day after Halloween. This year, it falls on a Wednesday. However, some people begin to mark the occasion from the 28th of October.

Are Halloween and Día de Muertos the same?

No. Halloween is an old British and Irish tradition of dressing up in scary costumes on All Hallows Eve (hence Halloween). Día de Muertos is a Mexican tradition of paying respect to the dead. 

However, Día de Muertos is far from the only festivity coming up over the next few weeks. Thanksgiving is right around the corner too, and there's plenty of ways to decorate your home to welcome family and friends. We've covered a range of different styles - from rustic Thanksgiving decor to modern Thanksgiving decor, as well as the best of the collections from big retailers like Anthropologie and Target. That's to say nothing of all of coverage of the best Christmas decor. We've already spied some low-budget Christmas decor at IKEA and over Prime Day we even found some hidden gems on Amazon, of all places. That's if you haven't been busy getting ready for Halloween. If you're worried that you've left it too late, we've also covered some great last-minute Halloween decor so you can join in the fun. 

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