Drip coffee just took an unexpected speciality turn: Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker review

Dreams do come true: this freshly ground filter coffee is reasonably priced and really delicious.

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker
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Homes & Gardens Verdict

The Instant is a brilliant affordable option if you want freshly ground coffee brewed for you first thing in the morning. It's complete with all the bells and whistles, but lacks a little finesse in flavors and noise levels.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent value

  • +

    Premium burr grinders

  • +

    Range of settings (including pre-brewing and pause and pour)

  • +

    Great capacity

  • +

    Easy to use

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Fixed reservoir is hard to clean

  • -

    Noisy when grinding

  • -

    Flavors are a little inconsistent

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Traditionally drip coffee makers with integrated grinders are much more expensive than your average coffee maker. Finding a good one is tough, which is why I was so surprised by the Instant Grind & Brew. 

Instant is best known for its multicookers. However, their latest, affordable coffee maker line is blowing many reviewers' minds. The Instant Grind & Brew is one of the best drip coffee makers that I've tested, offering freshly ground coffee, customizable settings, and smart features. 

On paper, it looks perfect and in practice, it's even closer to perfection. I tested this in my kitchen for a week, so that I could pit it against the likes of the best coffee makers on the market. Here's what I found.


Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker

(Image credit: Instant)
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Dimensions11 x 8.7 x 17 inches
Weight16.7 lbs
Capacity10 cups
SettingsPause and pour, 24-hour programmable


Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker unboxed on the countertop

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The Instant Grind & Brew has a 10-cup capacity, so it was no surprise that this arrived in a big box. The box and most of the protective packaging is cardboard, so it's easy to recycle. There's some plastic wrap on the front of the machine, which is harder to recycle, but it ensured that the Instant arrived in pristine condition, so I can't complain.

True to its packaging, this is a big coffee maker. Thankfully, it's not as heavy as it looks, so I could lift it around my kitchen, testing how it looked in various positions on my countertop. You might have guessed from the pictures, this is big. It's tall and wide, so comes with a demanding footprint. However, in spite of the slightly-cheap plastic body, it looks sleek. I'd happily keep it on display.

Who would it suit?

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker on the countertop

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The Instant can brew ten cups of coffee in well under ten minutes, making it an incredibly appealing option to large homes with lots of coffee drinkers. The hot plate will keep your coffee warm, so even if your home can't get through the coffee in one sitting, there will always be some waiting. Add in the brew-ahead function and the Instant is practically made for busy families: you can always have a cup of coffee on the go if you make the most of the Instant's functions.

The other main draw of the Instant is its integrated grinder. This means that you can put beans in your coffee maker and it will grind them for you, so that you get the freshest flavors possible for your coffee. You can also put coffee grounds in if you've already got a favorite blend. However, you wouldn't be making the most of what the Instant can do if that's your go-to brewing style.

If you just drink single-servings and you want a small, simple coffee maker, take a look at your options. The Instant markets itself as a big and bold coffee maker, which is exactly what it is.

What was it like to use?

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker filter holder

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Everything about using the Instant Grind & Brew is easy. The touchscreen interface is easy to use, offering 24-hour programmable features, customizable strength settings, a pause and pour function, and more. It seems like there's nothing the Grind & Brew can't do.

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker carafe

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Our first test for any coffee maker is a single-serving. This is relatively rare in the world of drip coffee makers, since they tend to be better at bigger batches. Most machines don't even offer a single-serve setting, so I wanted to make sure that the Instant could follow through on its brewing promises. 

I tested making coffee with both the grinder and pre-ground beans. Whilst freshly ground beans offered a much fuller flavor, the grinding process was a lot loud. This is no surprise since grinders are always noisy, but I had this set up in the test kitchen and mouthed a theatrical 'sorry' across the room with my hands plugging my ears because it turned some heads (and not in a good way at this point). In total, I measured the Instant's grinding noise at 82 dB, which is pretty loud. However, the grinding took no more than 30 seconds and the coffee that it made was more than worth it.

For both ground and pre-ground options, my coffee was brewed in a matter of minutes. The single serving was 10 oz, which is on the generous side (some machines count a cup as 6 oz). The flavors were distinct and delicate, proof that the showerhead water distributor had done its work, evenly saturating my coffee grounds.

I could taste richer flavors in my freshly ground coffee compared to the pre-ground, but this was no surprise. Both cups were delicious and, even when I came back to the pot an hour later, the flavors were still bright and delicious.

It's worth noting here that the Instant comes with a reusable gold tone filter, which won't absorb coffee oils as much as paper filters. It'll also save you money longer-term as if the Instant wasn't already doing enough hard work.

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker cup of coffee

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The next test I wanted to carry out was on a full carafe. The Instant claims to make ten cups of coffee, which is a considerable amount, especially if you live in a large home with lots of coffee drinkers. I wanted to make sure that the flavors remained consistent, delicious, and strong, even when batch brewing.

True to its name, the Instant brewed comfortably enough coffee to fill ten cups. It was hot, at around 200 degrees, but not burnt. The flavors were bold, distinct, and still better on my freshly ground coffee option. 

Whilst brewing the larger quantity, I tested out the pause-and-pour function, which worked seamlessly. I normally wouldn't recommend hopping in mid-brew, since drip coffee is very deliberately brewed and saturated, so if you have some before the machine is finished, you might not be able to enjoy the fullest flavors. My cup was slightly more acidic than I would usually like it to be, but nonetheless delicious. When I came back to the carafe at the end of brewing, the overall flavors had mellowed out.

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker

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Instant's drip coffee maker offers three different brew strengths and five brew settings, so there is plenty to play with. You can also adjust the grind size of your coffee beans, so it's pretty customizable, again, perfect if you live in a large home.

Whilst I was testing this, I found that the flavors were at their fullest when I wasn't looking for anything too extreme. The strong setting got a little too acidic for me and the lighter setting lost some clarity. Keep it simple, stick with the middle and you'll be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Cleaning, storage, and maintenance

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker coffee grounds

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There's a cleaning reminder button that will let you know when you need to get started on maintenance. It will also help you run through a rinse cycle. The filter basket is easy to lift out and empty into your food waste without creating too much mess.

The touchscreen did get some fingerprint marks on, so it's worth keeping a microfiber cloth nearby to wipe it clean. The reservoir isn't removable, which makes cleaning a little tricker than it needs to be (it's a personal grievance of mine). I'd recommend putting in only as much water as you need, so that your water doesn't sit stagnant in the reservoir. This isn't great from a flavor or hygiene perspective.

How does it compare?

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker bean hopper

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This is a new model on the market, so people are keen to compare this to their favorite coffee makers. Naturally, the OXO 8-Cup drip coffee maker is part of the conversation. It's the one that we think is the best on the market, but even the Instant offers some competitive features that the OXO doesn't.

For starters, the Instant can grind coffee freshly into your cup within one appliance. The OXO doesn't have an integrated grinder, so you'd need to invest in one and grind coffee manually if you wanted to enjoy the same flavors. However, OXO makes up for the extra effort with its useful presets, which can brew a single cup of coffee as well as a range of flavor profiles.

Both coffee makers offer customizable profiles, a programmable start function, and they make use of rainmaker shower heads for even saturation. Whilst the OXO doesn't have a neat hot plate and timer like the Instant, it does boast an insulated carafe, keeping the coffee warm for as long as it should be drunk. Hot plates tend to encourage people to drink stale and burnt coffee when they shouldn't. Even though the Instant didn't overcook the coffee, after about an hour, I did spot that the flavors were getting flat.

The OXO also brewed more consistently delicious coffee. I'd put this down to the quality of the coffee maker, which is approved by the SCA. Whilst the Instant coffee was delicious and brewed with a gold-tone filter, the quality was dependent on my beans and I spotted some variations between batches and strength settings. 

If you're looking for value, the Instant has a lot to offer. It's aimed at beginners and those who want convenient coffee. Whilst the OXO can cater to beginners, it's a higher price, so it also appeals to those with more refined, high-level coffee requirements.

Should you buy it?

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker different strength settings

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If you like the idea of drinking coffee, freshly ground, in large quantities, this is perfect for you. The Instant offers value and capacity like no other drip coffee maker that I've tested before. However, the carafes have a little variation between each batch and some of the plastic body might feel cheap to those who are used to the likes of Breville and Moccamaster.

How we test

Instant Grind & Brew Coffee Maker box

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Prior to endorsing or reviewing any product, we conduct hands-on testing with a team of experts who know their stuff when it comes to coffee. 

Our testing methodology follows a specialized, streamlined process tailored for each coffee maker we review. With expertise gained as a trained barista, I'm Homes & Gardens' coffee maker reviewer and I've tested over sixty different coffee makers in the last nine months.

Before I call any coffee maker in to test, I scrutinize the claims made by brands about their products to establish clear testing criteria. In the case of the Instant drip coffee maker, I rigorously evaluated its performance alongside the automatic machines, espresso machines, and various other coffee appliances that I've used. 

I tested the Instant on making everything from a single cup of coffee to a whole carafe. I made notes on the flavors, temperature, and time it took to brew my coffee, whilst also noting down how easy the Instant was to use, clean, and maintain. 

I'll take a step back and look at the machine holistically, letting you know if it's good value, a competitive option within the context of drip coffee makers, and who I think it would suit. With all of that information packed into this review, if you choose to invest in one of these, you won't have any unwelcome surprises waiting in store for you.

If you're interested in finding out more about how we test coffee makers, you can visit our dedicated page.

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