I've tested dozens, and these are the best Christmas candle sales from Jo Malone, Neom, and more this Cyber Monday

These cozy Christmas candles are reduced in the holiday sales. I've selected the most sensational offers available

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Note from the editor: Most of these candles were reduced for Black Friday only. We don't expect to see them on sale until after Christmas, but I've left the products in this guide and restored the pricing to pre-sale numbers.

Christmas is nearly here, so now it is the best time to invest in a festive scent that will linger throughout the holiday season.

I trained and qualified as a Master Perfumer five years ago and learned a lot about scents and candles. Whilst some designer discounts might look appealing, don't be duped by the price. There are lots of brands that charge high prices for poor quality, so it's important to choose your cozy candles carefully.

I've written our buying guide for the best candles, but have put lots of extra time into scouring the market, checking credentials, and even testing out a number of these myself. 

These are all top-quality candles and really, nothing smells better than a Christmas candle.

The best Christmas Candles

Other winter fragrance Black Friday discounts

TWC Winter Candles

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If you have pets or young Children and don’t like the idea of an open flame, there are plenty of other options that will deliver your perfect Christmas scent in another way. From essential oils to room sprays, there’s a lot to browse, but these are my favorites.


What are classic Christmas scents?

The most iconic Christmas scents tend to fall into two categories. One is warming and spiced, with notes of orange, clove, cinnamon and sometimes sandalwood. The other tends to be sharp and green, making use of the iconic Christmas tree, this will be dominant in pine, but sometimes with notes of eucalyptus and mint. 

Are Christmas candles worth it?

Absolutely - Christmas is a time when creating a cozy atmosphere inside is important. These candles don’t just have to be burned on the day. Most will smell delicious all Fall and winter long. 

Final thoughts

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I don’t find it hard to invest in quality candles, because I’ve smelt and seen the difference that a good quality candle can make. Now is the best time to treat yourself. The whole house will thank you. 

Laura Honey
eCommerce Editor

Laura is our eCommerce editor. As a fully qualified barista, she's our expert in all things coffee and has tested over thirty of the best coffee makers on the market. She has also interviewed Q-Graders and world-leading experts in the coffee industry, so has an intimate knowledge of all things coffee. Before joining Homes & Gardens, she studied English at Oxford University. Whilst studying, she trained as a master perfumer and worked in the luxury fragrance industry for five years. Her collection of home fragrance is extensive and she's met and interviewed five of the world's finest perfumers (also known as 'noses'). As a result of this expansive fragrance knowledge, she always puts quality and style over quantity and fads. Laura looks for products which have been designed simply and with thoughtful finishes.