Kuvings vs Hurom – which slow juicer is best on test?

Our experts have all the answers to the Kuvings vs Hurom juicer debate. They've tested a range of models to help you find the best juicer on the market.

Kuvings vs Hurom - Kuvings Juicer on a white background with cirtus fruits around it
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When it comes to battling it out for the best juicers, the squeeze for top spot always comes down to Kuvings vs Hurom. Both brands put the press in impressive, but which is better and for whom?

Our experts have tested the best juicers on the market and they love both. The Kuvings EVO sits at the top of our list as an exceptional masticating juicer. The Hurom HP isn't far off, however; it's one of the best slow juicers we've tested. Because it's slightly cheaper, it's may be a better option than the Kuvings EVO despite of scoring 10% lower overall in our tests.

Choosing between Kuvings and Hurom also depends on your drink preferences, kitchen needs, and countertop space. Our experts have in-person experience, so can put these head-to-head to help you to find one which you'll use every day.

Head to head

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Header Cell - Column 0 Kuvings Hurom
TypeMasticating/slow juicerMasticating/slow juicer
Power240 watts150 watts
Capacity13.5 oz11.8 oz
Chute size3.22"2"

Winner: Kuvings

Both of these are incredible juicers. Our experts have put them in the top three for all of our juicer buying guides (from best juicers to best cold press juicers) and they've defended their spot there for years. If you look at the reviews for both, you'll know why. The Kuvings achieved a rare five star review from one of our experts, which is a seriously special accolade.

The Hurom missed out on a perfect score by just 10%: the chute is a little narrow, which means we had to do more prep work before we could start juicing. If we're being really scrupulous, it comes in just a few too many parts, too: the assembly and clean up takes more time than we would like, especially in comparison to other models.

Hurom slow juicer in white on a countertop with carrots and oranges around it

(Image credit: Hurom)

In spite of those criticisms, we still love the Hurom. Most people don't mind a lengthy clean up — it's close to characteristic of some of the best juicers. It's also worth making these sacrifices because the Hurom is a great price: it's usually $250 cheaper than the Kuvings.

What's more, when we were making juice with the Hurom, we were struck by how quiet and easy it is to use. It's also one of the most compact options on the market, perfect for petite kitchens. Most importantly, it extracted a lot of juice, even from tough greens and fibrous ginger, so if you want better-than-store-bought cold pressed juice, this is an excellent option.

Green juice being poured into a glass with leaves and the Kuvings juicer in the background

(Image credit: Kuvings)

The reason that you'll always see the Kuvings in top spot for us is because it's the inverse of many of the Hurom's flaws. The chute is nearly an inch wider, so there's much less prep work to do before you can get juicing. It can do all the juicing jobs - including the tough ones, but also makes nut milks, smoothies, and frozen deserts to rival dedicated blenders and nut-milk machines.

Faultlessly multifunctional machines do have their own drawbacks. This is expensive and bigger than the Hurom. It also takes a similar amount of time to clean up after, because it comes in lots of parts which all have to be hand washed.

Alternative juicer options

Jama J2 juicer with orange juice pouring out

(Image credit: Nama)


What's the difference between Kuvings and Hurom?

Both brands made beautiful juicers. We love them but they're quite different. People generally say that Huroms are easier to clean and Kuvings are better to feed into, but there are more nuanced differences that need breaking down.

What juicer is the best?

We've put Kuvings EVO820 at the top of our buying guide for the best juicers. It made faultlessly crisp and smooth juice and made delicious smoothies and sorbet too.

Where is the brand Hurom from?

Hurom is a South Korean brand that was founded in 1974.

How we test

Orange juice in the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer

Testing orange juice in the Magic Bullet Mini Juicer

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At Homes & Gardens, we think carefully about how we test juicers. When reviewing them, our experts make notes on the capacity and size of juicers, as well as how easy they are to use and how much room they take on the countertop. As well as the basics, we'll consider how much foam and pulp is produced and then measure how damp the pulp is too, so we know how efficient a machine is being. If a machine claims to double-up as a blender, milk churner, or ice cream maker, we test those special features too. This means that when your juicer arrives at home, there are no nasty surprises waiting for you: we'll make sure you feel like you're getting good value. If you'd like to know more about how we test, we have details on our dedicated page.

Final thoughts

Hurom slow juicer on a chopping board with carrots and a vase of flowers in he background

(Image credit: Hurom)

You won't be disappointed with either juicer; these are both exceptional at making crisp, smooth juice that extracts the most from fruit and vegetables. The Kuvings is more versatile, industrial, and powerful, so if you've got the extra budget, it's a brilliant and luxurious model. However, if you're short on space and shopping for aesthetics too, you'll love the Hurom. As I've mentioned, if neither is for you, there are plenty more options in our buying guide for the best juicers.  

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