9 spring tablecloths that will bring a playful touch to all your gatherings this season

Many of your favorite retailers are going all out with their spring tablecloth designs this season, and I scoured through the collections to find you my favorites

A selection of spring tablecloths
(Image credit: Serena & Lily, Net-a-Porter, Pottery Barn)

Spring decor can consist of upgrading your curtains, rugs, or furniture, but a really simple way to bring the season home comes in the form of the humble tablecloth. When you’re planning a spring gathering, your tablecloth is honestly the first thing that people notice, and you might as well make sure it keeps up with current interior design trends, as well as infuse a sense of your own personality to it.

‘For spring tablecloths, I’m obsessed with playful prints like abstract watercolor designs or simple stripes,’ says interior designer Shaolin Low, founder of Studio Shaolin based in Hawaii. ‘And if you're more of a traditionalist, floral prints will give that classic, timeless look.’ 

spring table with hanging floral installation

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Maximalists will love the new selection of spring tablecloths that really play with colorful prints, but if you’re more of a minimalist who still wants in on the fun, there are options available for you, too. ‘

'With a pattern like plaid, it’s more about the color of the tablecloth versus the print,’ adds Shaolin. ‘I would go for a muted tone with a limited color palette, ideally featuring only two to three colors. This way, the tablecloth won’t draw too much attention, while still allowing it to complement the tableware.’

No matter your interior design style and how much attention you want to draw to your new spring tablecloth, I’ve found the option for you. These spring tablecloths from all your favorite retailers consist of muted designs as well as dramatic looks and patterns, so you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for your dining table.

Our edit of the best table cloths for spring

No matter whether you love or hate dramatic patterns, this season’s selection of spring tablecloths consist of options that will work for your dining table. From simple white and neutral tones to dramatic reds and lilacs, there are low-maintenance tablecloths as well as those that’ll need more care–it simply has to do with what makes the most sense for you and your tablescape needs.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

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