These are the 12 products to buy if you hate making the bed but want it to look luxurious at all times

Make your bed in moments with effortless bedding, ranging from anti-wrinkle sheets to adjustable pillows

Effortless bedding ideas from Coyuchi: sheets and throws draped across a bed.
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We've all been there: sleeping through the alarm, waking with a start, and running out the door before there's time to make the bed. When you come home at the end of a long day, the last thing you want to see is crumpled sheets or squashed shams.

When you invest in a set of effortless bedding, you can make the bed in a matter of moments and come home to a calmer, cleaner bedroom. There are anti-wrinkle sheets for a creaseless canvas and reversible quilts to switch up your style in seconds, as well as adjustable pillows to suit every sleeper in a single insert.

As H&G's resident sleep writer, I've sampled some of the world's best bedding. I've snuggled under the best bed sheets and laid my head upon the best pillow. When I test bedding, I consider the feel of the fabric, the quality of the craftsmanship, the value for money, and how much maintenance is required to keep it in top condition. 

Expert tips and bedding buys to make making the bed effortless

I've scoured the sites of specialist sleep stores to bring you effortlessly elegant bedding. I've filtered out the fuss to bring you low-maintenance sheets and shams that wash well, dry quickly, and lie beautifully on the bed. 

1. Control the creases

Parachute flat sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases on a bed.

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Some bed sheet types are more prone to wrinkling than others. As a general rule, natural fibers are more susceptible to creases than synthetic stuff. 

If you can't stand the sight of wrinkles, but you can't find time to iron your bedding, your best bet is polyester: not the stiff, scratchy stuff you find in budget bed sheets, but a more elevated microfiber. Stick to the specialist sleep stores to stay on the safe side and look for materials that are double-brushed for durability.

If you'd rather sleep with natural fibers, consider bamboo and linen blends. These threads are strong, supple, and far less likely to wrinkle than linen alone. You should be able to throw these sheets straight into the washing machine, then shake them out to avoid wrinkles, though it won't hurt to run over them again with a hot iron. 

If that sounds like too much work, then it might be time to embrace the wrinkle and invest in a set of the best linen sheets. Creases and crinkles are unavoidable in natural fibers, but they're part of linen's charm, lending an air of rustic romance to your bedspread.

2. Find sheets that stay on the bed

BEDGEAR bedding on a bed.

(Image credit: BEDGEAR)

If you know me, you know that I'm a restless sleeper. I tend to toss and turn before I drift off, only to keep on kicking overnight. I often wake up to find my flat sheet falling onto the floor and my fitted sheet coming up at the corners. 

If you've ever asked yourself, 'why aren't my sheets staying on the bed?', the answer might be as simple as this: they're insufficiently stretchy. You need a fitted sheet with plenty of flex to grab hold of your mattress. Look out for deep-pocket sheets to accommodate thicker mattresses and consider enhanced elastic to eliminate slip. 

Your average flat sheet is tucked beneath the bottom of the mattress. The more you move in the night, the more likely it is that you'll dislodge your flat sheet. That is, unless you're sleeping with the Peri Lauren Interiors Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set. This top sheet is flat at the top, but fitted at the bottom, to grab hold of your mattress and not let go.

3. Experiment with reversible bedding

Reversible Linen Quilt on a bed.

(Image credit: Brooklinen)

Making your bed is more than a practical matter: there are also aesthetic elements to consider. If you're keen to learn how to dress a bed, but you're tight on time, then it might be worth investing in some reversible bedding to switch up your style in seconds.

Adding a reversible quilt or throw is a quick and easy way to spice up your bedspread. Keep it cool with subtle color contrasts and similar prints. That way, you can create tonal highs and lows while maintaining a cohesive look.

If you'd like to experiment with bolder prints and patterns, you'll likely find a wider range of colorways elsewhere. I'm a big fan of the Sunset Check Merino Wool Throw from Terrain at Anthropologie. You get the same premium fabric as you would find in a specialist sleep store, but bolder, brighter dyes. 

4. Invest in an adjustable pillow

Close-up of the Classic Wool Pillow.

(Image credit: Woolroom)

Effortless bedding is all about ease: not only yours but the ease and comfort of your houseguests. If you like to play host to your friends and family, then you'll know that one style of bedding won't suit all sleepers. The same pillow that helps you sleep comfortably could give your guest a crick in the neck.

Investing in an adjustable pillow is a great way to make a guest room feel more homey. That way, your guest can alter the thickness and firmness of the pillow until it feels just like their pillow at home. 

Adjustable pillows come in all shapes and styles to support front, back, and side sleepers alike. All you need to do is select the design that suits you. 

Effortless bedding FAQs

What makes bedding effortless?

Effortless bedding is carefully designed to look good and keep clean without much maintenance. For sheets, that might mean anti-wrinkle fabrics to minimize mess or enhanced elastic to get a good grip on your mattress. For pillows, adjustability lends versatility, so that you can keep one pillow to meet every guest's sleep needs. In terms of style, you're looking for neutral hues to complement any color scheme and reversible prints to make quick changes.

Where can I buy effortless bedding?

It depends exactly what you want. If you're shopping for enhanced elastic and high-tech designs, I recommend shopping at BEDGEAR. I've been testing their Dri-Tec Sheet Set for weeks now and it hasn't budged, no matter how much I toss and turn.

Brooklinen has the best range of effortless bedding. Between their sheet sets, duvet covers, and cozy throws, you could dress your whole bed at their one-stop shop. Their simple, no-frills designs would fit right into a minimalist bedroom.

Final thoughts

Once you've bought a set of the best bedding, it's important to take good care of it. Make sure to avoid these bedding laundry mistakes for a clean night's sleep.

If you're shopping for brand new bedding, and you'd like to save a little time and money, then you're in luck: I've rounded up the best bedding sales and put them all in one place. You'll find deep discounts from specialist sleep stores, such as Brooklinen, Sijo, and Cozy Earth.

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