Layla Hybrid Mattress – a super-soft mid-range mattress

The Layla Hybrid Mattress offers flexibility for sleepers for a middle-of-the-road price

A Layla Hybrid Mattress in a contemporary bedroom
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Homes & Gardens Verdict

The Layla Hybrid Mattress offers flexibility if you’re looking for a double-sided mattress, though it’s better for people looking for a softer mattress and sleeping on their side or back. Plus, its low motion transfer is ideal for those who share a bed.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Flippable design with soft and firm side

  • +

    4-month trial period and 10 year warranty

  • +

    Low motion transfer

  • +

    Low heat retention

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    High cost

  • -

    Not ideal for people looking for firmer mattresses

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When you sleep next to a loved one, it can be hard to find a compromise on a mattress to suit both of you.  

That’s why I was excited to discover the Layla Hybrid Mattress, which offers a flippable design with a soft and firm side.  

I tested the Layla Hybrid for more than a month, and found a soft, comfortable bed. There's definitely cheaper mattresses out there, and it won't work if you need something firm, but I think it's a perfect bed for back and side sleepers. 

Product specifications

The layers of the Layla Hybrid Mattress

(Image credit: Layla)
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SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cali King
Fabric:63% Polyester, 26% Rayon, 6% Viscose, and 5% Poly/Lycra
Foam:Copper Gel Infused Memory Foam, Poly Foam (Airflow-soft side), Poly Foam (Airflow-firm side)
Warranty:10 year warranty
Trial:120 day money back guarantee

Who will the Layla Hybrid Mattress suit?

The Layla Hybrid Mattress is ideal for side and stomach sleepers who appreciate the flexibility of a soft and firm mattress. Layla scores the soft side as a 4 out of 10 (with 10 being the softest) and a 7 out of 10 on the firm side, though I felt the firmness was more like a 6 since it still sinks and springs back when I lie down on it. 

It’s also great for those who share a bed with a loved one or pet because of its low motion transfer. In other words, if you have a partner who comes into the bed later than you or gets up earlier, you’re less likely to be disturbed by the motion of them getting up or tossing and turning. 

You can also use the mattress with a number of setups including a traditional bed frame or box frame, which gives you options in how you set up your bed. 

Delivery and setting up

Setting up the Layla Hybrid Mattress

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The Layla Hybrid Mattress, along with two Layla Memory Foam Pillows, arrived rolled up in a large cardboard box. This was my first time moving a mattress up the stairs, and it required at least two people to move because of its weight, which clocks in around 120 pounds for a king mattress. A majority of that weight comes from the copper-infused memory foam, and I recommend enlisting some help to move it.

Once we were able to move the box and open the mattress, it took about a day to fully expand to its full size so you may want to put it on your frame or box spring to fully inflate. In hindsight, it might be more manageable to move the mattress in its inflated form instead of in the box, though I’d assess how far you need to move it and how much space you have first. We found that our mattress was sinking in certain spots in our bed frame, so we unzipped the cover and smoothed out the mattress base. From there, we were ready to go. 

Design and Construction

The Layla Hybrid Mattress is made with copper-infused memory foam, a design that provides more support than traditional foam. The soft side is 4.5 in thick and the firm side is 2.5 inch thick, and both sides do a great job at not retaining heat. There’s a transition layer between the thicker and softer side, and this mattress is best suited for a sturdy base.

Flippable design

Close up of the Layla Hybrid mattress, with the flippable sides indicates on the label

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Flipping the mattress was also easy thanks to the handles, which made it relatively easy to switch between the soft and firm side. Given the weight of the mattress, it didn’t make sense to flip the mattress regularly, so we picked the firm side as our preference and left it on that side for most of the testing. However, it’s recommended to flip your mattress every few months, so that’s always an option if you’re open to shifting between the soft and firm sides.

My partner and I are both side and stomach sleepers and found that the firm side of the mattress supported us by molding to our body shape without making us feel like we’re sinking. However, if you’re looking for a truly firm mattress, you may want to look elsewhere. 


The copper-infused foam made me feel really supported by this mattress, all without feeling like I was sinking. This was the case even when I slept near the edge of the bed, which is something I didn’t experience with my previous mattress.  

Cooling features

Layla Hybrid Mattress on a bed

(Image credit: Future)

The copper-infused foam is also designed to keep you relatively cool by transferring heat away from the body, which was definitely the case for us to the point that we relied less on having the fan on every night. However, we tested this mattress during winter and the Layla Hybrid Mattress isn’t designed to be a cooling mattress so if that’s an important factor, you may want to consider something else. 

Motion transfer

The Layla Hybrid Mattress had low motion transfer, which is movement detected from one side of the bed to the other. This meant that when my partner or I got up from this bed in the morning or middle of the night, the other person didn’t feel it, which was a welcome change from our old mattress. This makes this mattress a great pick for someone who shares their bed with a loved one or pet.  

Edge support

 Thanks to the layers of foam and coils, Layla Hybrid has great edge support. I felt supposed while sitting and sleeping on the edge of the bed and didn’t notice any sagging when doing so. 


Cleaning your mattress can extend its life for up to 12 years, so it’s worth investing in a mattress protector to protect it from dirt and stains. According to Layla, you can remove small stains with a mild cleaning solution - just make sure you use small circular motions and allow the mattress to fully dry before replacing the sheets. 

Warranty and trial period

 The mattress comes with a 4-month trial and money back guarantee, which is helpful to give you time to decide if the mattress is right for you. If not, all you have to do is fill out a return form, and your mattress will be picked up, no repackaging required. If you’re based in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, the shipping costs are non-refundable.

If you decide to keep it, the mattress has a 10-year warranty that covers damage like seams coming apart, sagging over an inch, loss of shape of more than an inch, splitting or cracking of the foam, and over an inch in loss of mattress height. This warranty does cover changes in personal preferences, so ensure that you take advantage of the 4-month trial period if you’re on the fence. 

How Does the Layla Hybrid Mattress Compare?

The Layla Hybrid Mattress is highly rated for its versatility as a flippable mattress, low motion transfer, and coolness. It’s middle-of-the-road in terms of price so there are more cost-effective and luxury options on the market.

If you’re willing to shell out for a bed that keeps you much cooler, check out the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress. If you want a more cost-effective option and you’re willing to compromise on motion transfer, consider the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. Another good budget option that’s good for stomach sleepers is the Siena Memory Foam Mattress. And for an even softer mattress with a year-long sleep trial period, your best bet is the Nectar Premiere Hybrid Mattress

Should you buy the Layla Hybrid Mattress?

The Layla Hybrid Mattress is a mid-range mattress, and the flippable design allows for versatility without compromising quality. The 10-year warranty offers peace of mind that your mattress will continue to be a part of your sleep routine. If you prefer a softer mattress that still makes you feel supported, this mattress is one to consider. Plus, the copper-infused foam make it pretty cooling, supportive, and responsiveness. 

How we test mattresses

There are a lot of steps to how we test mattresses. Frist, we thoroughly research the market, and find the mattresses that are consistently pulling in top reviews, or have a unique selling point. Once we've found a mattress, we get it sent to us to test, just like our readers would. We can then assess the delivery, any white glove service, and how easy the mattress is to set up. 

Once this is done, we then test the mattress by sleeping on it for a minimum of a month to see how it performs over time. Most of our mattress testers keep their mattress, so we can return to them months – and in some cases, years – later. This means we can see how a mattress holds up over time, and how comfortable it is during cold snaps and heatwaves. 

We judge mattresses on their comfort, their breathability, their coolness, their edge support and motion transfer. First of all, a mattress should be comfortable, offering softness and support for your back and joints. It should be breathable, so you don't feel clammy, and cool, so that you don't overheat in the night. Edge support means that the mattress isn't mushy at the edges – a common problem with memory foam mattresses. We also assess motion transfer, so we know if a mattress will work for light sleepers. 

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