5 Best under-desk storage ideas – maximize space with these office additions

Make the most of this often underutilized space to create a more organized office

Under desk storage
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In smaller office spaces, the strategic use of vertical storage can be a game-changer. If you have a small home office with limited square footage, or simply have more items than storage space, then utilizing your under-desk space for storage can be a way to maximize space in your home office

These additions can keep essential office items on hand and off your worktop, helping you to keep your desk organized. You can customize these storage ideas to your needs, space requirements, and mobility needs, freeing up floor or desk space.

Don't let a cluttered desk space hinder your productivity, our experts have explained the top five under-desk storage ideas.

Best under desk storage ideas

Under-desk storage, when thoughtfully incorporated into your home office or bedroom, can result in a more organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment that positively influences your productivity and reduces stress.

1. Sliding shelves and organizing trays

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Under-desk sliding shelves are a game-changer for those looking to maximize available space efficiently, helping you to free up desk space. These can be installed to make the most of the vertical space under your desk, and can be chosen in various sizes and installed at customizable heights to ensure you have ample space for storing printers, scanners, keyboards, or small stationery boxes.

We recommend floating wall shelves, such as theseBAYKA shelves, from Amazon, or free-standing pull-out shelves.

'If your desk doesn’t come with its own set of drawers, or there’s no flat space underneath the surface, consider adding an organizing tray that will slide in and out as needed,' advises Zlatka Dimitrova, an interior and organizing expert at Fantastic Services.

'These items are designed specifically for desks and come in a variety of styles and finishes. Some require drilling into the bottom of the desk, while others stick to it. On them, an under-desk keyboard can be slid back under your desk when not in use, providing handy out-of-sight storage for your keyboard and mouse.'

You can find shelves to attach to your desk base, such as this under-desk drawer organizer clamp, from Amazon.

This home office storage idea can ensure items are kept within arms reach and can be tucked away easily, giving us the best of both worlds.

2. Under desk cable management

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Tangled cables undermine the visual appeal of your workspace and don't particularly encourage productivity, not to mention they can be a safety hazard.

Under-desk cable organizers can be an effective solution, keeping wires organized and out of the way, including power cords, USB cables, and other electronic connections. Not only do they declutter the workspace, but they also facilitate easy maintenance and significantly reduce the risk of tripping hazards, thus promoting a safer work environment. 

You can route the cable through these trays and add desk cable holders to keep them on hand. We recommend this under-desk cable management tray, from Amazon, and this SOULWIT cable holder clip.

3. Rolling file pedestal or tiered rolling cart

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To keep items neatly organized, consider a rolling file pedestal or tiered rolling cart. This mobile storage container can be placed under your desk, providing extra storage for files and office essentials.

These can slide conveniently under your desk and provides storage for important documents, while also serving as an additional surface that can be easily relocated.

With their segmented compartments, these are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide array of office supplies, files, and even smaller storage boxes, creating a well-structured, clutter-free environment that promotes productivity.

These come in varying styles and shapes, so find one that accommodates your office storage needs and according to your under desk space. 

These can be labelled for convenience or organized with drawer dividers to make locating items easier.

4. Peg or magnet board


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Attach a pegboard or magnet board under your desk for a customizable storage solution. You can attach hooks, pegboard or magnetic trays and baskets to hold items like pens, notepads, and more, making the most of this often underutilized space. This can be a versatile alternative to under desk shelves.

This can be a particularly useful solution underneath floating desks. We recommend this modular organization pegboard, from Target.

5. Desk chair with storage

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Multifunctional furniture is always a winner when it comes to maximizing storage space, and the office is no exception. While desks with ample storage can be highly beneficial, for those who don't have the space or budget to invest in a large desk with plenty of storage, a chair with storage can keep an abundance of office supplies neatly tucked away.


How can I keep an office desk decluttered?

Regularly declutter and organize your storage units to prevent them from becoming chaotic. Utilize desk organizers such as drawer dividers, file folders, and cable management solutions to keep items neatly arranged.

Labeling or color-coding storage areas can also help you quickly locate what you need.

Stacking open front bins is another storage solution that makes use of the space under a desk.

Remember to organize your under-desk storage with convenience in mind, placing frequently accessed items within arm's reach to minimize the need for constant bending or stretching. 

Finally, ensure that your under-desk storage solutions do not compromise your ergonomic setup. Consider storage units that allow for easy mobility and leave you plenty of legroom, allowing you to reposition them as needed without strain.

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