How to organize a modern bathroom – 5 tricks to match storage to the aesthetic

These quick organizing tricks will keep your bathroom storage in keeping with its modern design

All white bathroom with a curved free standing tub in an alcove
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Storage is paramount when you design a modern bathroom, not only does it make the space functional but keeps it sleek and ensures the final look matches up with your initial plans. 

From picking the perfect organizers to laying out storage solutions to minimize clutter and encourage minimalism, there are several ways you can approach organizing a bathroom without the end result feeling cold or soulless. 

This is how to organize a modern bathroom so your style and storage stay harmonious.

How to organize a modern bathroom

While it is possible to organize a bathroom with too much stuff, a modern bathroom should be an efficient one – sleek and paired back for the perfect, stress-free morning routine. 

This is how to achieve the look and the functionality. 

1. Opt for minimalist organizers

Several acrylic bathroom drawer organizers

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When shopping for your bathroom storage ideas, a professional organizer Jackie Pittman, owner of Chez Nous Organizing, suggests opting for minimalist organizers that match the overall aesthetic of your modern bathroom. Think clear acrylics, sleek metals, and all in neutral colors, she says. 

‘These not only keep your essentials tidy (and hidden) but also add a touch of modern elegance.’

2. Make your storage match

A white and cream bathroom with natural lighting and a large vanity mirror

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It is also helpful to pick out bathroom organizers that all match for the clean, clutter-free look, adds Amélie Saint-Jaques, professional organizer, Kon-Mari consultant, and owner of Amélie Organizes:

‘I would suggest decanting bathroom products into matching containers. This is not for everybody, as it requires some extra effort, but it helps give the bathroom a much more calming visual appearance by removing labels and disparate colors from the packaging.’

Decanting bathroom items can also help you divide them among family members, ensuring everyone has exactly what they need in their storage baskets—perfect for organizing a bathroom for a better morning routine.  

3. Keep things off counters

minimalist white bathroom

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For a truly modern-looking bathroom space, you need to keep bathroom countertops clear and embrace the minimalist look, suggests Elizabeth Lulu Miranda, professional organizer and owner of Mercury Organizing. This means limiting the number of items you keep on the countertop and using trays or baskets to hold those essential items and put things back in their spot every day,’ she explains. 

‘Finding a place for everything is the next step. This is where it gets challenging,’ Elizabeth continues. ‘It all depends on the available storage space in your bathroom. To maximize storage space, you can add shelves inside the cabinets and use drawer dividers and small containers to hold everything in drawers. Drawer organizers help separate smaller items like makeup, toiletries, and grooming tools. This way, you will find what you need when you need it.’

4. Declutter and deplete backstock

Bathroom storage with fitted storage and marble surface

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Another great way to maintain this modern minimalist appeal is to deplete your backstock and empty out cabinets, whittling items down to only what you need before you buy anything else, continues Audra George, professional home organizer and owner of Pretty Neat: An Organizational Solution, Oklahoma. 

‘Keep only the essentials that are needed for day-to-day use,’ she urges. ‘If you like to keep a backstock of products you use, consider storing these in a closet, or organize a linen closet, out of the way but still nearby so that restocking isn’t impractical.’

5. Make your storage work harder

If you can’t cut back on your backstock, are trying to organize a bathroom with no storage, or have a lot of products for different tasks or people, then it's time to make your available space work harder through specialist organizers, such as using vertical storage.

‘When it comes to built-in storage, consider a mix of options for versatility. Cabinets under the sink are great for hiding away cleaning supplies and extra toiletries, while open shelving can showcase decorative items like folded towels or stylish containers for everyday essentials – making some modern/minimalist decor out of practical everyday items,’ suggests Jackie Pittman, professional organizer. ‘Don't forget other hidden opportunities like a medicine cabinet or behind the door – I love the Elfa Door Rack from The Container Store. It can be customized for so many uses and slides neatly behind almost any door, making it ideal for any bathroom space.’  


How do I make my bathroom look modern? 

For a modern bathroom, you will want to take a sleek, almost minimalist approach. Think clean lines, bright colors with the occasional dark wood accent to prevent the room from looking or feeling too sterile, geometric shapes and patterns in tiles, and bright fixtures such as chrome or silver. Everything in a modern space should look clean and be well organized. Clutter should be removed or contained in drawers and cabinets.  

How do I start organizing my bathroom?  

When starting out organizing your bathroom, start by decluttering old products or items you don’t like to make more room to store the items you do love. Doing this first will help you get a better understanding of which storage products you need for the most efficient use of space. 

Then, work one area at a time, starting somewhere obvious such as a vanity or shelving around a sink, and storing products that you use there regularly away. Then move around the bathroom. Anything left over at the end can then be found a home, or decluttered if you realize you don’t use it as often as you thought. 

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