6 small bedroom storage mistakes, and how to fix them

'A properly designed storage system not only maintains tidy belongings but also improves how well your bedroom functions'

Small bedroom storage mistakes,
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A bedroom should be the ultimate haven for serenity in your home, however, a room that is often used to store so many personal belongings, work items and clothing can become easily disorganized if your storage is not suitably thought out.

Common bedroom storage mistakes can affect both the visual appeal and the usability of this space. From underutilizing bedroom storage opportunities to choosing inconvenient pieces that undermine your bedroom decor, these errors can be easily avoided with a bit of planning – luckily, you've come to the right place. 

Our experts have explained some small bedroom storage mistakes to avoid and the best solutions to create a more organized space with maximized storage potential.

Small bedroom storage mistakes

'Among the most prevalent errors made is the failure to create storage solutions designed specifically for the given spaces,' says Andy Kolodgie, owner of Property Leads. 'Generic storage solutions create lots of dead space and result in very inefficient organization.' Something that must be avoided when you're limited on square footage.

Neglecting to adequately plan for individual storage needs, including failing to assess the specific items that need to be stored, can result in an inefficient use of space, leading to clutter and disorganization. It's essential to evaluate the types and quantities of items to determine the appropriate storage solutions, whether it's a mix of hanging space, drawers, shelves, or compartments.

1. Ignoring vertical space

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'A common mistake is not making full use of the vertical storage space. Incorporating floor-to-ceiling storage solutions increases capacity and improves the look of the room.' This is also the best way to maximize the available floor space in a room, preventing it from becoming cluttered.

Consider custom shelving solutions to ensure a seamless fit and optimal utilization, such as tailoring shelving units to your bedroom's dimensions to make the most of vertical space.

You could also install floor-to-ceiling cabinets or wardrobes. This not only maximizes storage but also draws the eye upward, creating an illusion of height and spaciousness.

Alternatively, you could embrace vertical storage with floating shelves or wall units to maximize space without crowding the room.

2. Underestimating closet potential

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One mistake when it comes to closet storage is overstuffing them and underutilizing available space. To avoid this, invest in closet organizers, use slim hangers, and declutter seasonally for a well-organized closet.

'Many overlook the storage potential of the inside of closet doors,' says Hayley Rissler, an interior design expert at Hello Hayley. 'Consider placing hooks for mounting accessories and belts or small shelves for out-of-season footwear to utilize this often wasted space.'

You can also use over-the-door organizers for smaller items such as shoes or accessories. This will not only free up space in your closet, but also keep these items easily accessible and visible.

Hayley Rissler
Hayley Rissler

Hayley is a distinguished home decor and interior design expert renowned for her unique blend of farmhouse, industrial, bohemian, and coastal styles. With a specialized certificate in Interior Design and Decoration and an innate flair for transforming spaces, she brings each home's story to life. Based in Arizona, Hayley's approach intertwines casual, artistic aesthetics with practical functionality, resonating deeply in her popular living room designs.

3. Overlooking dual-purpose furniture

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'Most people opt for aesthetic but bulky furniture that lacks storage utility, neglecting furniture with built-in storage solutions,' says Hayley Rissler. 'To add more
storage, prioritize multifunctional pieces such as storage ottomans, bed frames and nightstands over standard furnishings to optimize storage capacity. 

'The functional elements of these types of furniture enable tidy, organized living in a small space. The good thing is that there are plenty of functional but aesthetically pleasing pieces to choose from – select one that works for your space and style.'

Additionally, Karina Newman recommends investing in convertible furniture: 'Explore furniture with multiple functions, such as a desk that transforms into a vanity or a bed with adjustable height for under-bed storage. This ensures that every piece contributes to the room's functionality.

'You can also incorporate technology into furniture where applicable, such as a bedside table with built-in charging ports. This enhances convenience and organization.' We recommend this side table with charging station, from Amazon.

To prevent overcrowding, select furniture that serves a specific purpose in your bedroom.

4. Ignoring the bed's storage potential

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'Many people overlook the potential storage space under their bed. This is often seen as a place for dust bunnies to collect, but with the right organizing tools, it can actually be a great spot for extra storage,' says Warner Quiroga, home renovation expert and founder of Prestige Home Buyers

'Consider investing in under-bed storage containers or drawers and use vacuum-sealed bags to store off-season clothes or linens. This will free up valuable space in your closet and drawers, and keep your items clean and protected.'

Additionally, you can find some bed storage ideas with integrated storage space, such as a lift-up storage bed or one with headboard storage.

5. Disregarding decluttering rituals

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Allowing clutter to accumulate over time can overwhelm your storage space, leading to crowded drawers or a need for more storage items, acting as clutter. Establish regular bedroom decluttering routines to keep the bedroom serene and organized.

'Conduct seasonal assessments of your belongings,' recommends Karina Newman. 'Rotate clothes, accessories, and decor items based on the time of year to keep the space fresh and relevant.

'Practice mindful consumerism. Before acquiring new items, assess whether they align with your needs and style, preventing unnecessary accumulation.'

Another common mistake is using bedside tables or under-bed space as a catch-all for miscellaneous items.

Keep your bedroom organized with designated storage, preventing it from becoming cluttered and overcrowded. Regularly reassess your storage system and declutter and reorganize items. This is also crucial in maintaining an efficient and visually pleasing environment.

6. Lack of balance between open and closed storage


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Striking the right balance between open and closed storage is essential for both functionality and aesthetics and failing to do so can make your bedroom look disjointed.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving, tall dressers, or wall-mounted storage units can effectively maximize this space, providing additional room for organizing items without taking up valuable floor space. However, an excess of closed storage can make the space feel enclosed and lack personality.

Open shelves, however, provide storage without creating a visually heavy atmosphere and allow for easy access to belongings. However, relying solely on open shelves can result in a visually cluttered look and expose items to dust.

Finding the right balance, such as combining closed closets with open shelving, ensures a harmonious and practical storage solution. 


What are the best ways to organize bedroom storage?

By avoiding bedroom storage mistakes and implementing effective storage solutions, you can create a well-organized and functional space that promotes relaxation and reduces clutter.

To do this, ensure that frequently used items are within reach, while seasonal or seldom used items are stored in less accessible areas. This approach can help maintain order and avoid the hassle of constantly moving items.

Designate specific spaces for clothes, accessories, books, and other belongings to ensure everything has its place. 

Use labelled storage bins and baskets with organizing dividers for convenient storage. 'Find a labeling method that works for you. Whether you prefer buying a label maker or simply DIYing your own, what matters is that everything has its designated and labeled space,' says Kerry Sherin at Ownerly.

'Having sufficient storage and an organized setup in your bedroom is crucial for keeping a peaceful and clutter-free space. A properly designed storage system not only maintains tidy belongings but also improves how well your bedroom functions,' says Kerry Sherin.

An organized space promotes a stress-free environment that will help you unwind after a long day.

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