You need to organize these 5 things in April – for smooth sailing in spring and summer

Prepare ahead for the spring and summer months with these warm-weather organizing tips

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With the last of the cold weather and icy blasts behind us, April finally feels like the right time to get excited about long evenings spent outdoors and getting back to spending time with friends and family. 

After a long winter with little motivation to organize, however, our homes are often looking a little worse for wear and need some home organization tips to get us ready for busier schedules and spring break days out. 

We asked professional home organizers for their thoughts on the most important things to organize in April – and these are the five areas they are itching to get organized now. 

Things to organize in April

If you already started with things to organize in March, then you will be well on your way to a relaxed living space to make the most of spring. Add these five areas to your to-do list now for a bulletproof system that ensures your downtime is spent relaxing, not desperately decluttering.  

1. Address your planner

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Personalised Dream Plan Do Life Planner

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If you are looking to make your to-do list less overwhelming, the first place to organize in April should be your planner, suggests  Laura DeJohn, professional home organizer and owner of All Checked Off - Professional Organizing:

‘Before you know it, summer will be here. Now is the time to get organized for all things summer. Whether you have a trip planned, spend weekends at the beach or lake, or have a lot of birthdays to plan for, getting ahead of the game will save you once you’re in the throws of sunshine and outdoor summer nights. 

‘If birthdays are on the list of plans, pick those themes and get to planning now. Create a bin or tote to gather your supplies, and don’t forget the gifts.’

2. Stow away winter tools

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With snow and ice a thing of the past (for another year, at least) April is a great time to stow your winter tools away to keep them safe for fall, says Beth Lennon, professional organizer and owner of Destination Decluttered

‘Each season has its accessories and areas of the home that tend to be a focus. Now is the time to organize your winter gear for storage – snow shovels, ice scrapers, and making a space to store them so they won’t get in your way.’

We recommend tucking them away when organizing a garage so they are in easy reach come fall, or even in backyard storage if it is weatherproof and will keep tools free from rust during April showers.  

Sttoraboks Garden Tool Organizer | View at Walmart

Sttoraboks Garden Tool Organizer | View at Walmart
This standing tool organizer is a great space saver for any garage or shed  

3. Organize a beach to-go bag

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It never hurts to be over-prepared. With improving weather and spring break on the horizon, professional organizer Laura DeJohn always keeps a beach to-go bag ready in the trunk of her car so the family never misses out on the fun: 

‘Pack a beach or pool bag with towels, a dry bag for wet swimwear, sunscreen (replace if needed), a nice hat, goggles, and beach or pool toys. I suggest keeping the bag in your trunk so you’re always ready, especially if you have younger kids. 

‘If a trip is in the works, plan now for any purchases you’ll need to make - water shoes, a special bag or purse, gear, etc. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to return and replace if needed,’ she adds. There are some great ways to fold clothes for packing that reduce wrinkles and damage, too – so it is never too early to start.  

Morris large leather-trimmed raffia tote | View at Net-A-Porter

Morris large leather-trimmed raffia tote | View at Net-A-Porter
This large tote is equally suited for the beach and city. It is Woven from raffia and has a spacious interior and two leather top handles. Keep small items secure in the zipped pouch.

4. Prepare for Easter feasts with a pantry restock

Devol Classic English kitchen with bespoke alcove shelving and pantry

(Image credit: deVOL Classic English kitchen)

With al-fresco dining and the start of spring barbecues now an option in warmer states and Easter festivities just around the corner, April is a great time to organize a pantry for hosting friends and family. 

‘Take everything out, check expiration dates, and wipe down shelves. (You can also do these tasks in smaller chunks of time instead of one-go if needed.),’ begins Katy Wells, home organizer, Founder of Clutter Cure Club, and host of The Maximized Minimalist podcast

‘As you put things back, group like-items together: baking supplies, snacks, canned goods, etc. This makes finding things easier and helps in meal planning and grocery shopping. Utilize storage solutions like clear containers for bulk items or baskets for grouping small packets.’

5. Freshen up your car for road trips

Bifold garage

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‘Often overlooked, cars can accumulate a lot of clutter and dirt over the winter months,’ reminds Katy Wells, home organizer. ‘Take some time in April to do a thorough clean-out of the car, both interior and exterior. This could include organizing the glove compartment, and trunk, and getting rid of any unnecessary items like old receipts that have been piling up.’

This way, you are ready to get up and go on any spring road trips, or days out when nice weather strikes.


Is it a good idea to declutter every month? 

It can be a good idea to perform small, seasonal decluttering and home-organizing sessions every month, but it is important not to take it too far and stress yourself out. When decluttering monthly, focus on key areas to that time of year – decluttering and organizing tax files in April, for instance, or decluttering a summer closet in September when the weather begins to turn. This is a great way to stay on top of clutter without committing to lengthy and exhausting decluttering challenges. 

Organizing and decluttering in April is also one of the best ways to set yourself up for successful spring cleaning, helping to clear out clutter that might otherwise get in the way when trying to freshen up your home after winter.  

Chiana Dickson

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