Things to organize in June – 7 mini-missions to set up a successful summer

Have you got any of these seven things lying around?

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By the time June rolls around, it is really starting to feel like summer. The days are warm, the sun is out for longer than the rest of the year, and our energy has usually been revitalized thanks to spring sunshine.

This makes it the perfect time to get going with some home organization to get your home in order now that school is out and the hosting season truly begins.

Professional home organizers suggest starting with these seven things to organize in June to set yourself up for a successful summer season.

Things to organize in June

If you have kept up with the things you need to organize in May, June will be a great time to double-check your organizing systems are working, and tidy up anything that has slipped under the radar ready for summer.

1. Organize and assemble summer clothing

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Although we seem to organize clothes every month, staying on top of your closet is essential for a smoother running day. When June rolls around, it's the perfect time to assemble all of your summer essentials in one spot – including niche clothing categories such as your swimwear, says Amélie Saint-Jacques, professional organizer and certified KonMari consultant, founder of Amélie Organizes:

‘Check to see that you (and your children) have appropriate summer clothes, including footwear and swimsuits; get rid of anything that no longer fits or suits you (and get rid of any colder weather clothes that you just didn't wear).’

2. Streamline your entryways

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June is also a great time to organize an entryway in readiness for an onslaught of summer guests and day trips out in the sun, continues Amanda Scott, professional home organizer and owner of Amanda Scott Home.

‘The spot just inside your front door is your transition zone for moving in and out of the house. I recommend updating your entryway for summer with a basket that includes hats, sunglasses, and water bottles,’ she recommends. ‘Swap out your rain boots and Uggs for sandals, sneakers, and flip flops and keep a bin of sunscreen – a variety of SPFs – being sure to check expiration dates, tossing expired products and replacing them.

‘A kid bag that is beach/pool ready with a towel, swimwear, sunscreen, goggles (swim diapers if needed), and snacks are also a great idea, so packing up for the beach/pool is easy and stress-free.’

3. Fetch out lighter linens

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If you haven’t swapped over the lighter linens and comforters yet, the start of June is the best time, says Amélie Saint-Jacques, professional organizer. ‘Take a look and organize a linen closet to make sure you have light cotton blankets, and put away comforters; refresh your pool towels as needed.’

4. Set up outdoor hosting essentials

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Organizing a yard for summer is one of the bigger home organizing tasks for June, but it is essential if you want a smooth sailing season, urges Meaghan Kessman, professional organizer:

‘With the onset of summer, these areas will see increased use. Organizing them now ensures you can fully enjoy the season without last-minute scrambling. Organize outdoor kitchens, patios, and seating areas to ensure they are ready for use. Store away any winter items and make sure grilling tools, outdoor furniture, and decorative elements are clean and well-arranged.

‘I always recommend using weather-resistant storage solutions such as deck storage boxes that also provide outdoor bench seating,’ she adds.

5. Check the garage one last time

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The beginning of June is the end of cooler weather for the next few months, so it is the perfect time to take one last look in your garage, suggests Amélie Saint-Jacques, professional organizer.

‘Pick a day that's not too hot to organize your garage, making sure that items like pool toys, gardening tools, and camping gear are in good working order and accessible and you have plenty of safe space to put away winter equipment.’

6. Freshen up home bars

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Whether you organize a bar cart, or have a built-in home bar to tackle, dealing with these popular hosting essentials is a must before big holidays such as 4th July.

‘With summer parties on the horizon, now is the time to get your bar and hosting areas in order. Arrange your glassware, stock up on your favorite drinks, and create a space that makes hosting a breeze,’ recommends Tina Priestly, the organizational expert behind Ready, Set, Refresh.

7. Tackle the home office

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June officially marks the middle of the year. Making it the perfect time to do an interim once over of your home office spaces, suggests Meaghan Kessman, professional organizer:

‘As we approach the midpoint of the year, it’s a good time to refresh and organize your home office. Organize paperwork, declutter your desk, and ensure your workspace is efficient and inspiring. As you do so, I suggest incorporating a few plants into your workspace. They not only improve air quality but also enhance mood and productivity. I recommend low-maintenance options like succulents,’ Meaghan adds.

When organizing and decluttering in June, remember that not everything has to be done at once. To prevent feeling overwhelmed and still have time to relax, set up a home organizing plan and break things down into daily, weekly, and monthly home organizing tasks. Remember that you can always encourage your family to declutter and organize alongside you.

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