This is how I prepare my kitchen for spring in 5 simple steps

Welcome spring into your kitchen to prepare for the new season ahead

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Welcoming spring into your kitchen is all about refreshing and revitalizing the space. It is a great reason to clean, reorganize, and redecorate for the upcoming year.

With the return of spring comes a new sense of opportunity marked by new scents, colors, and trends. You do not need to completely redesign your entire kitchen, but make small changes to uplift and rejuvenate the room for you and your guests. 

The kitchen is the heart of a home (at least, so they say), so it's an expert's favorite room to start with when welcoming spring. Here are their thoughts: 

Declutter First

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When you’re decluttering a kitchen or pantry, take out all the items and give them a quick check for expiration dates. Toss out anything expired and keep a bin nearby so you don't have to walk back and forth to throw away your trash constantly. 

When sorting through the items you want to keep, try grouping similar items together. For instance, you could keep all your condiment bottles in one place. This will make it easier to put everything back in an organized way. Try using storage solutions like bins, baskets, shelves, or drawer dividers. When reorganizing my kitchen, I like to use these Vtopmart 6 Pack Clear Stackable Storage Bins with Lids from Amazon, as they are incredibly easy to use and clearly display my different item groups. Remember to label everything, too, so you can easily find what you’re looking for later. 

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I use a handy portable label maker like this one. It's available in 5 different colors and can be connected to your smartphone via an app. 

Clean all cabinets & appliances

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When cleaning cabinets and appliances, start by disposing of or removing the cabinet liners. Spray some MRS. MEYER'S CLEAN DAY Vinegar Gel Cleaning Spray from Amazon on a clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe the cabinet, especially the corners and crevices. On a second clean, go over it once again with a moist, lint-free cloth and then wait for it to dry completely. 

'Never drench your cabinets in liquid, as too much water can be problematic and can cause warping or damage to the finish,' says Melanie Summers, professional organizer and Founder of I Speak Organized. 'If you have high-gloss cabinets, do not be tempted to use wax,' she adds. 'While wax might seem like a quick fix for shine, it can actually lead to a build-up that dims the gloss over time.' 

Keep things simple and opt for cabinet-friendly cleaning methods instead. Dry them off quickly with the doors open to avoid any musty cupboard smells, mold growth, or water spots. Once they’re dry, you can put a clean cabinet liner inside and put all of your items back in place. If you notice that the soft-close mechanisms aren't working properly, you can check and lubricate them as needed.

Melanie Summers
Melanie Summers

Melanie is a Professional Organizer, Decluttering Expert, and ADHD Organizing Specialist. She likes to 'speak organized' to give clients the tools to conquer their clutter, live with more purpose, and learn about the business of tidying.

Apply the same process for your appliances. To clean a refrigerator, take out everything, wash the removable parts with warm, soapy water, and then clean the interior surfaces with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar or a mild detergent. To clean the exterior, just use a damp cloth or sponge. 

To clean an oven and stovetop, take out the racks and soak them in warm, soapy water. Use a non-abrasive oven cleaner or a paste made from baking soda and water for the oven and degreaser or baking soda and water for the stovetop. 

Your dishwasher might be creating some less-than-pleasant smells. Leftover food bits can hang around, turning the filter into a bacteria hotspot. To clean a dishwasher filter, let it soak in soapy water for 15-30 minutes, give it a rinse, and put it back as per the manual's instructions. Finish by running an empty cycle. It's not the most thrilling task, but it helps your kitchen stay clean and your dishwasher stay happy for years. 

Add Some Color

in a Georgian home

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One of the easiest ways to welcome spring into your kitchen is by adding some color to your spring tablescape. Use vibrant placemats, colorful napkins, and fresh flowers as a centerpiece to brighten up your dining space.

Introduce flowers or plants into your kitchen to breathe life into the space. Try adding tulip-themed decor, or simply use tulips in a vase as charming centerpieces for your counter. Additionally, consider hanging plants or placing potted plants by the windows to enhance the greenery ambiance.

One of my favorite styling tricks is putting a potted herb or small flower arrangement on the kitchen windowsill, effectively creating an indoor herb garden. It brings life into the room. I also recommend essential oil diffusers - lemon or grapefruit oils say "spring". By all means, these smells tell us that life is just around the corner and that we're very clean and ready for it

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Create a Seasonal Items Zone

Dedicate a section of your kitchen or pantry for seasonal items. Rotate these items based on the time of year, keeping spring-related items like picnic supplies or gardening tools accessible during the season.

‘I would embrace the beauty of nature by incorporating natural elements,’ says experienced kitchen designer Niki Tashe.  A potted herb garden on the windowsill not only adds greenery but also provides fresh ingredients for cooking. Woven baskets or wooden cutting boards can bring warmth and texture to the space.

Niki Tashe
Niki Tashe

Niki Tashe is from the USA and is an experienced Kitchen designer from a Kitchen renovation company. His company loves making spaces feel cozy and welcoming, especially for spring. 

Add Personalized Touches

eat-in kitchen with banquette and matching window treatment

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Lastly, a personalized touch can really transform your kitchen from winter to spring-ready. These small details can create a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere reflective of spring’s essence, whether introducing colorful, seasonal dish towels or displaying a bowl of fresh, seasonal fruits. 

Refreshing your kitchenware can also have a big impact. Consider swapping out old sponges, dishrags, and even dated utensils with new, bright, and possibly spring-themed alternatives. This renewal can not only uplift the aesthetic of your kitchen but also improve hygiene.

With these 5 simple steps, you can easily bring the freshness and lightness of spring into your kitchen. With a tiny little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can refresh your kitchen from dreary and stagnant to light-filled and invigorating with all it has to offer. 

Seraphina Di Mizzurati
Contributing Editor

Seraphina is a contributing editor at Homes & Gardens, writing Solved features on organizing and storage. She loves to decorate and also grow her own produce from her home in London. Her previous experience includes working at Women's Health and Fabulous Magazine.