Spring tablescaping – 9 show-stopping seasonable table ideas

Create your own joyful tablescape for spring and get ready to entertain friends and family

pattern clash spring tablescape
(Image credit: Tori Murphy)

Inspiration is all around, especially when spring has sprung. Decorating a home for the coming season is an effective way of breathing new life into your interiors through subtle changes. 

One of the simple pleasures of spring is hosting friends and family and treating them to a springtime feast and all the uplifting spring decor that goes along with that. To set the tone for the occasion, create a spring-themed tablescape that boasts color and creativity without feeling too obvious or themed. 

Struggling to come up with unique ideas to make your tablescape stand out from the rest? We consulted the experts who offered their advice on how to curate a stylish and elegant tablescape for spring. 

9 spring tablescaping ideas to try this season 

Firstly, just to briefly cover what actually is tablescaping? ‘Tablescaping’ has become a buzzword in the world of interiors. It simply refers to the process of designing and decorating a table to create a desired effect. Tablescaping is often done for special occasions or for a seasonal event. Like spring! So here are plenty of refreshing ideas to try over the warmer months. 

1. Start with a statement tablecloth

yellow and white themed spring dining table

(Image credit: Kelling Home)

Rather than trying to envisage the end result of a spring tablescape, collate a few reference points for inspiration. This could be anything from a particular color, texture, or a decorative item that you can build the rest of your scheme around.

If you’re not sure where to start, then it’s always a good idea to begin with the foundation. This could be a tablecloth or a runner that you’re going to use as the base for your tablescape. Depending on what look you’d like to go for, a statement stripe is timeless but picking a bright spring color such as sunshine yellow will give it a modern feel. 

2. Display mismatched vases

formal dining table with floral chairs and vases

(Image credit: Michelle Gage)

Avoid a spring tablescape looking too uniform and choose mismatched vases to add color and personality. Vases are great for adding varying height and texture to a table, without mentioning the beautiful blooms you’re going to display in them. 

Interior Designer Sarah Rosenhaus explains ‘I look to nature for inspiration and ways to incorporate subtle layers of natural texture. My approach for spring this year is to keep it simple while incorporating elements we all associate with spring in fresh ways.' 

'I always love a tulip, a quintessential spring flower, and creating an arrangement of tulips paired with leafy greens feels modern and sophisticated’. Pair tulips with other spring flowers such as ranunculus, daffodils, and hyacinths to display in your collection of vases.

3. Ditch pastels and go for vibrant pops of color

spring dining table with rattan chairs

(Image credit: Mitchell Hill)

Pastel decor is synonymous with spring but this doesn’t mean you are obliged to incorporate them into a tablescape design. Instead, using colors that bring you joy and express your own personal design style should be a priority.

Designer Rebecca Udall looks at different ways to add vibrancy to a spring table. ‘Color doesn’t need to only come from your linens, pops of brighter shades can be added through using bright candles, fun ceramics, and seasonal flowers. Spring florals border on being cliche for a reason – after the long slog of winter it’s nice to have playful prints and colors that bring joy.' 

4. Be brave and pattern clash

bold floral spring table

(Image credit: Tori Murphy)

Florals for spring are an undeniable staple but try not to confine yourself to using one particular pattern for your table design. Gingham is set to be going nowhere, and is a huge pattern trend for 2024 and would look beautiful paired with ditsy or large print florals.

Interior Designer Michelle Gage says ‘It’s all about the mix! Pair heirloom pieces with newer items. I don’t love a formal table, I love one that feels curated over time. I might pick up vintage silver salt and pepper shakers, pair them with printed plates from Anthropologie, and throw that all over a patterned artisan tablecloth. There’s no formula – just have fun with it!'

This free-spirited approach will ultimately create a spring table that you’re going to have a connection with as it’ll be a curation of things that you love brought together in one setting. If you’re afraid that it could end up looking chaotic, choose an overarching theme such as ‘pastels’ or ‘botanicals’ to give you something to stick to. 

5. Layered place settings

formal spring dining set up

(Image credit: Image credit: Lance Gerber. Design: Joshua Smith)

Elevate your regular dining set up to a spring tablescape by designing well-thought-out place settings. Think about what you're going to host, is it a casual brunch or perhaps a more formal supper? Decide what kind of dinnerware you’re going to need and go from there.

A decorative placemat is a stylish starting point and for an extra layer of elegance, a charger plate will look fabulous sitting on top of it. ‘My favorite way to create spring tablescapes is to focus on organic textures and select natural elements such as rattan chargers or linen napkins to add warmth and texture’, explains Interior Designer Marie Flanigan

Marie goes on to suggest ‘mix and match ceramic or stoneware dishes with artisanal glassware to add depth and visual interest to a tablescape while maintaining an earthy feel. Of course, if you have beautiful floral-patterned china, this is the season to use it and layer with more subtle pieces!' 

6. Create a hanging floral installation

spring table with hanging floral installation

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Rather than just decorating your table for spring you may want to add some wow factor. If this is the case, using flowers and foliage to create a hanging installation above your table will definitely be a talking point. Start with a simple frame such as a hula hoop of a wooden lattice, to which you can attach your greenery. 

Secure the greenery to the frame using floristry wire until you’re happy with the result. Our main advice for this is to not make it look too ‘perfect’. Use both foliage and flowers to create a balance and adopt a more relaxed approach for that wild garden look. Use a hook that’s attached to the ceiling to hang it from.

7. Arrange flowers in bud vases

traditional spring table with flowers in bud vases

(Image credit: Rebecca Udall)

Opt for a more understated aesthetic and use flowers displayed in bud vases to dot around your spring table. This way, you aren’t relying on one main centerpiece to do all of the talking. This will also encourage you to look for inspiration in your own backyard – there’s something utterly charming about using freshly cut spring blooms on a themed table.

‘Intersperse bud vases with seasonal foliage along the length of the table. You can get creative here by snipping longer stems and experimenting with different blooms that complement your color palette’, suggests Rebecca. 

Look for small vessels that you already have that you can use as bud vases instead of going out and buying new. A mismatched feel is bang on trend for this spring. 

8. Use seasonal food as decoration

neutral spring tablescape

(Image credit: Sarah Rosenhaus)

Look to nature for your spring table decor (and this isn’t limited to just flowers)! Seasonal fruit and veg makes for wonderful decorations and of course, is a sustainable option. Get creative and paint your fruit or veg in funky colors and patterns or if you’re taking more of a minimalist style approach then leave it in its raw state. 

‘I love a minimal table and when you have interesting textural elements like stone earthenware and vintage silver, you don’t need to do much more. A pretty linen napkin with a tiny embellishment and some fresh fruits and veggies strewn about the table add that effortless natural texture’, explains Sarah Rosenhaus. 

9. Prepare a dried centrepiece

neutral spring table with dried floral centrepiece

(Image credit: OKA)

Pastel spring blooms don’t coincide with everyone’s interior design style and if you prefer a more neutral and textural look then putting together a dried centerpiece could be a key element of your spring tablescape. 

‘I love to bring seasonal elements of nature onto my table settings. One of my favorite tricks for a spring table is to secure willow branches with chicken wire in the bottom of a large vase or urn,' says Rebecca. 

Alternatively, you can use flowers and foliage that you’ve found in the garden and dry them out yourself, this process usually takes between two to three weeks. A vase full of dried stems will long outlive a bouquet of fresh blooms and you can use it all year round. 

Creating a tablescape for spring should be a joyful process that sparks your creativity. Add your own personality and sense of style to your spring table, whilst keeping in mind some of the themed elements that you can incorporate into your design. Whether it’s displaying an array of spring blooms or creating personalized table settings, take time to create a table that’s going to make you and your guests smile. 

Becca Cullum-Green

Becca Cullum-Green is a freelance interiors content creator and stylist. She fell in love with interiors when she landed her first job as an editorial assistant at a leading UK homes magazine fresh out of university. You can find her renovating her 19th-century cottage in the Suffolk countryside, consciously trying not to paint every wall with Farrow and Ball’s ‘Pitch Black’. Her signature style is a mix of modern design with traditional characteristics. She has previously worked for House Beautiful, Grand Designs, Good Housekeeping, Red, Good Homes and more.