Farmhouse spring decor – 10 fresh ways to decorate, design and layer your home for a new season

Start the season in style and use our farmhouse spring decor ideas to create a fresh and uplifting springtime look in your modern farm-style home

large kitchen with orange range, sage green kitchen island, open door to outside, clear glass pendant lights, charcoal cabinetry, leather armchair, drapes
(Image credit: Neptune)

Spring farmhouse decor embodies a simplistic, rustic elegance that can establish a timeless design in homes both traditional and modern. 

A celebration of natural materials, and rural architectural details defined by a cozy and warming atmosphere, this farmhouse decor trend can feel well-balanced, serene, and full of character. 

We've selected the essential aspects of spring farmhouse decor, from the practical to the decorative as well with many expert-approved tips, so you can recreate this look with ease in your own home.

Spring farmhouse decor ideas

We've spoken to the experts for their top interior design tips for bringing a springtime feel to your modern farmhouse decor. From introducing simple spring colors to transforming a feature wall, start your interior seasonal shift with our collection of spring decor ideas

1. Refresh a sunroom for spring

sunroom with shiplap ceiling and fan, coral armchairs, floral armchairs, glass and brass coffee table, stripe rug, fireplace to right

(Image credit: Caroline Bracket Studio of Design/Emily Bolt)

Take the rustic elements of classic farmhouse style and give it a spring lift with floral upholstered armchairs teamed with plain coral designs for balance. Caroline Brackett of Caroline Brackett Studio of Design adds:

'I prefer the look of a European farmhouse to that of the new modern American style. I love mixing so many found objects, using original materials, and not overthinking the design; layering, lots of antiques, pattern plays, and wood. I love antiques and am filling my farmhouse with them. They bring so much warmth and charm to a house. A must for this project was the colorful sunroom off the primary bedroom. The client wanted lots of pops of color, which is seen throughout the home.

2. Choose a pretty spring hue in an entryway

blue painted entryway with terracotta tiles, staircase, vintage armchair, sideboard with paint effect, red living room view through doorway

(Image credit: Ana Engelhorn Interior Design/Francesca's Paints)

'Giorgio's Wisteria from Francesca's Paints, with its mood-lifting blue-sky spring vibe, envelopes you on entry into this country farmhouse,' says interior designer Ana Engelhorn

'Winter can be dreary, and a soft, welcoming vibe was particularly important with the low ceilings which lent themselves to the same light blue as the walls. While in a different location or style of home, I might have used a bright yellow or dark blue, here in this roomy entrance hall, I wanted to create a light, fresh feel, so in addition to the light blue paint, I added an antique green blue cupboard and light brown armchair. The worn 17th Century red tiles on the floor and the hessian rug complement the décor.'

'For this farmhouse, it was ideal to use a lighter spring-like touch overall with bolts of contrast for added appeal. For example, as a dramatic contrast, I specified a vibrant red in the adjoining dining room, which can be seen through the doorway, drawing the eye in.'

'Clients don’t come to me for white walls! It’s my love of bold colors – and striking, perhaps daring combinations that attracts them. And for vibrant hues, and natural textures and materials, this farmhouse interior doesn’t disappoint.'

3. Update your farmhouse kitchen island with a spring-like green 

large kitchen with orange range, sage green kitchen island, open door to outside, clear glass pendant lights, charcoal cabinetry, leather armchair, drapes

(Image credit: Neptune)

'After the drab days of winter, we can bring back some positive energy, open the windows and bring in the colors of spring. A simple vase of daffodils or tulips can brighten any day, but they’re awkward to arrange, so buy several bunches and place them en masse in a large, flared hurricane vase for an indulgent, generous display.

A farmhouse kitchen island is a perfect way to inject some color into a neutral kitchen and it can be re-painted whenever you are inspired by a new favorite color. Neptune Quince is a zingy yellow-green color that looks spectacular in a bright, south-facing kitchen. Alternatively, consider Flax Blue, a warm, powdery shade that looks fresh against the white cabinetry and work surfaces.

Change any seat pads or cushions to lighter, more summery fabrics.  If you have open shelves, move your displays around and make them seasonal with the addition of plants, picture frames, and candles,' says Simon Temprell, interior design manager at Neptune.

4. Refresh your living room layout 

ochre living room with two emerald green armchairs, red and lilac rug, red table lamp, glass and wood coffee table, blue vase with cosmos on side table, traditional shutters on windows

(Image credit: OKA)

‘Come springtime, we all like to freshen up our homes a little, whether it’s a paint refresh, adding new furniture, or simply switching up your existing pieces,' says Sue Jones, co-founder of OKA. 'If you’re lucky enough to have lovely big windows in your farmhouse living room, you could reposition an armchair or two next to them to make the most of the incoming longer days – it’s the perfect excuse to settle in for an extra hour of reading.'

'We spend a lot of time cozied up in our living rooms during the colder months, so by the time spring arrives I often feel a little tired of looking at the same colors or patterns. A great way to overcome this is by swapping out a rug from one room for one from another, especially if the rug covers a large surface area; it completely changes the look and feel of a space. Similarly, one of my favorite ways to bring new life to a room is to change the chair pillows; it’s a really easy yet effective way of giving a couch or chair a totally new look.'

5. Invest in new accessories to brighten up a tired bathroom

neutral bathroom farmhouse style with textured rug, walnut double vanity, black faucets, black matching mirrors, wall lights, bath tub, shower on right, marble stool

(Image credit: Lindsay Chambers Interior Design/Roger Davies)

You can extend your farmhouse spring decor to the bathroom, too. A fresh coat of paint to lighten and brighten, fresh towels, new soap, and a large vase of fresh seasonal flowers will lift the space.

'This farmhouse bathroom is of the modern genre,' says Lindsay Chambers, principal of Lindsay Chambers Interior Design. 'The thick bathroom countertops, rustic modern industrial Watermark faucets, urban electric lights, and Danish black chairs all enhance the modern farmhouse feel. To keep it feeling fresh for spring, I put in various plants, linen blinds, and a soft cream rug.'


6. Put the focus on the smaller details in a dining room 

farmhouse spring decor idea with yellow gingham table cloth with frills, yellow stripe bench seats and matching blind, fisherman style pendant lights, beams, artwork, plates and cake stand on table

(Image credit: Tori Murphy)

You can't beat gingham and stripes when embracing farmhouse spring decor, and if they're in a mustard yellow complete with frills you can't go wrong. 

'When I think of farmhouse spring decor, I think of natural materials – wood, stone, cotton, linen, wool – materials which are in keeping with their surroundings,' says Tori Murphy, designer and founder of Tori Murphy.

'Choose fabrics with texture and kitchen textiles with character, made in England to stand the test of time. Having a family gathering around your kitchen table, set simply with a cotton tablecloth in warm and welcoming spring colors, is a great place to start with evoking farmhouse style.'

7. Take your spring florals to the ceiling 

farmhouse style bedroom with beams, chandelier, pink floral wallpaper, white painted wooden floor, blush pink bedding

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

'This tired old farmhouse cottage has been totally transformed by opening up the ceiling to expose the original wooden beams,' says Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages.

'Using wallpaper in unexpected places like on the ceiling is guaranteed to create maximum impact and here, owner Lexi Dart went all out with powerful pattern courtesy of our bold floral  wallpaper – Bloomin’ Marvellous in Duchess Pink. We love how the spring blooms trail up into the roof space above making a beautiful feature of the beams.'

8. Combine patterns in seasonal shades

Floral curtains, artwork on wall, yellow stripe couch, with frill edged pillow, hardwood floor, view to the garden through double doors

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

'I can express myself using pattern and color much more easily than I can with words and, through the art of block print, I have found I can add personal and seasonal touches to my home too,' says Molly Mahon, textile designer, and block printer at Molly Mahon.  'From the art on the walls to soft furnishings, each element in its own quiet way enhances my home and creates a welcoming and happy environment.'

'Investing well in good quality drapes is a must for me and 100% linen is ideal for springtime as it's just light enough to blow gently in the breeze near frequently open windows. I was dazzled by this revered and iconic image of the poppy, originally created by the Mughals, which I have re-imagined in mustard and sky blue, it sings gently against the pale yellows of the upholstery.' 

'I am rather partial to a simple stripe – bright, bold, and perfectly imperfect a stripe sits so well alongside the softer floaty florals of spring. I have learned too over the years that a geometric really helps balance a floral print in a room scheme.  Something solid and bold grounds the more free pattern of a floral repeat. Both stripes and checks are very useful to use in interiors, as there is no start or finish, flowing fluidly across pillows or over a chair.' 

9. Add color and vibrancy with a mural 

dining space with rustic farmhouse style chairs, black circular table, glass, turquoise and black chandelier, large floral mural

(Image credit: Courtney B. Smith/David Duncan Livingston)

If you don't fancy a total refurb then consider a mural instead, here, this bold spring design is placed in the center of a wall with the vintage farmhouse dining chairs and table in front of it. 

'I love the focus on nature and saturated color but also gives the sense that these pieces have been collected over time during wonderful adventures,' says Courtney B. Smith of Courtney B. Smith Interiors. 'I loved the use of spring color here in the dining room; lots of aqua blue and pattern.'

'I also used a heavy dose of vintage in the dining room; like the dining room table and lamps. I mixed the dining room table and lamps with punchy colors and some more modern touches.'

10. Give your floor a bold color update

farmhouse cottage style dining area with blue stripe rug, floral vintage bench, white vintage table, modern black wire chair, retro pendant light, stone flooring

(Image credit: Alternative Flooring)

We still need some cozy aspects during the transition from winter to spring like rugs on the floor for example. But you can change up the textures and prints to invoke spring whilst still retaining the practical element as Lorna Haigh, creative director at Alternative Flooring explains:

'Refresh country style with colorful stripes for spring. A stripy rug is a great way to cheer up a room and soften a traditional farmhouse stone floor. Chunky wool and natural fiber such as jute and sisal are great choices for flooring in farmhouses, adding softness and textures as rugs and runners on stone or wooden floors.'

'If you love mixing prints, then combine crisp stripes on floors with fresh florals on cushions for bright spring schemes. Mr. Blue Sky will cheer up your home whatever the weather.' 

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