Why do we spring clean? Professional cleaners say it could make you happier

This spring tradition is good for more than just your home – it could make you happier

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Our minds don’t always connect cleaning with happiness – it is a tedious task, after all. That being said, spring cleaning could make us happier and help us shake off the winter blues, according to professional cleaners.

Given that working through a spring cleaning checklist is often exhausting, it prompts the question: why do we spring clean in the first place? Forcing ourselves through this annual trial seems counterintuitive when we are looking to perk up after a period of wintery low moods and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

This is why we spring clean and how it can boost your mood for the season ahead. 

Why do we spring clean?

'Spring is synonymous with rejuvenation and renewal, making it the perfect time to change up our homes and renew our properties,' begin the cleaning experts at Method and Ecover. From decluttering to getting rid of dust, spring is the best time to ‘give our home the love and attention it needs at the start of a new season.’  

Cleaning & Chore Planner View at Etsy

Cleaning & Chore Planner View at Etsy
It is important to plan out your spring cleaning tasks to remain organized and prevent being overwhelmed when tackling a whole house deep clean, even when starting early. it can also help to break up and designate tasks to family members to get everything done even quicker. 

1. We have new motivation after low-energy seasons

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'It can be hard to get motivated to clean, but the fresh spring air and bright sunshine can be a great trigger to get you going,' says Laura Christian, cleaning expert at All Star Cleaning of Fort Collins, 'especially if you deal with seasonal affective disorder in winter and didn't have the energy to keep up with general household maintenance.' 

‘Even those without the disorder find the shorter days make it feel like you have less time to get things done,’ she adds. ‘When the sun starts to come out and sticks around for longer, we often find that we have more time and energy to conquer that to-do list.’

2. It dedicates time to tackling tasks you neglect the rest of the year

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Spring cleaning usually means deep cleaning – giving you a chance to tackle the most forgotten spring cleaning dirt spots for an immaculate home, suggests Bonnie Tomlinson, professional organizer and author of Stop Buying Bins, at Amazon:

‘Spring Cleaning in my house is reserved for washing windows and installing screens, changing out heavy linens for lighter ones, and changing over closets for more seasonally appropriate clothes while dry cleaning or washing winter ones to put away. Once that's finished, I want to be outside focusing on my garden.’ 

3. Spring offers a quiet period after a busy few months

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'November through to December are some of the busiest times of the year, coupled with short days and low mood, and you often find you have less time to tackle all your normal cleaning jobs,' says the director at Nationwide Cleaning. He suggests that spring cleaning is the ideal time to catch up after the prolonged festive period, with fewer holidays to get in the way of decluttering and putting things back in order. 

4. The sun shows up winter dirt

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Unless you have mastered the art of preventing dust, then the springtime sun will show up the layers of dust and grime that have gathered over winter when the doors and windows have been shut up. While this is annoying to look at, it provides you with the perfect opportunity to clean it all away without missing spots, says Laura Christian, cleaning expert. 


Why do we call it spring cleaning? 

The most obvious answer to why we call it spring cleaning is because we do it in spring. This deep cleaning ritual is thought to have begun in the 19th century when people would take advantage of the fresh, warm spring air to help blow the dust and musty air out of their homes after winter.  

Do people still spring clean?  

Although deep cleaning is carried out regularly throughout the year, people still take advantage of the spring cleaning period to knock out some of the less frequent tasks, such as shampooing carpets, cleaning mattresses, etc. Recent studies have shown that around 86% of adults in the US use the start of spring as motivation to clean and freshen up their homes.  

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be limited to dusting and degreasing your home. It is also the best time to tackle some home maintenance and prepare your home for spring, adds the experts at Method and Ecover. ‘After you have tackled those cluttered corners and disorganized drawers, making it feel more inviting and calmer living space, it’s the ideal time to spot and fix any little issues before they turn into big problems, helping to maintain your home all year round.’

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