F1 driver Carlos Sainz's 'invisible kitchen' is proof that this subtle, minimalist trend is taking over in 2024

Sleek, practical and like a trick of the eye, invisible kitchens are changing the way we design and use the kitchen

Carlos Sainz
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F1 driver Carlos Sainz spends just as much time on the race track as he does in his kitchen, so when he shared a video of himself cooking pancakes, we noted his 'invisible' minimalist kitchen – a trend that has risen in popularity in 2024. 

The minimalist kitchen aesthetic has been around for a while. Still, invisible kitchens take this one step further, intending to conceal as much of your kitchenware and appliances as possible to create a streamlined, ‘barely there’ finish. Wonderfully discreet, invisible kitchen ideas are all about hiding away the conventional parts of a cooking space to let the fabulous parts shine.

But what exactly does this subtle kitchen trend involve, and how do you take the best elements of it for your home? Below, experts share how to replicate Carlos Sainz's invisible kitchen.

'Invisible' spaces remain as functional as a conventional kitchen – but with one key exception – they are more discreet and perfect for small kitchens, or ultra-modern homes. 

In Carlos Sainz's home, modern kitchen ideas and design are at the forefront. Recessed or push-touch opening mechanisms allow cabinets to blend into the background. 

‘Handleless kitchen design provides a unique opportunity to create simple furniture language without the competing complexities of additional materiality that handles present,’ says Alex Beaugeard, creative director at Lanserring. Lean towards matt finishes, as Carlos has done, to help limit the visibility of fingerprints on cabinetry.

Keith Atkins of Design Space London, agrees: ‘Minimalist kitchen ideas are becoming more obviously functional – with little or no decorative detailing. Instead, their style derives from simple, architectural lines, the sheer quality of the engineering, and the materials used.’ 

Minimalist kitchen ideas with white cabinetry and wood floor

Similar kitchen

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Another sleek statement is the kitchen color scheming. Minimalist, invisible design and white kitchen ideas go hand-in-hand, so it pays to keep your color choices simple, understated and fuss-free. 

There’s nothing cleaner or crisper than decorating with white; whether that’s a modern kitchen design or a traditional scheme, it’s a look that lasts, no matter what the latest interior design trend might be. If you’re minimalist at heart and love clutter-free design then this is the look for you.

It is important to bear in mind that while an all-white kitchen will look ultra-stylish, it can also appear too stark and clinical. Replace at least one or two elements with color and texture. Walls can be colorful – and changed yearly if necessary, for the price of a few liters of paint. 

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