Drake's home bar utilizes this atmospheric lighting technique to create the ultimate entertaining space

The Toronto rapper's home bar is a highlight of his manor, and experts say that the trend is highly adaptable

drake under a red light
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In the realm of celebrity homes, Drake's manor is something of a piece de resistance. Opulent and extravagant, the rapper and infamous Raptors fan's Toronto estate (dubbed 'The Embassy' spans 50,000 square feet and includes an NBA-size basketball court. 

While certain rooms in his property, such as his luxe master bedroom and exquisite entryway, have been well-document, a recent video posted by the home's designer, Ferris Rafauli, gives an inside look at new corners of the home, most notably, the lavish and atmospheric home bar, designed by Ferris Rafauli.

Champagne Papi's home bar is fully stocked with libations (and drink-making accessories), but what takes it to the next level is the deep purple mood lighting. 

'Wherever you set up a home bar, consider the lighting, which is key to creating an atmosphere in any room in the house,' says Clara Ewart, Head of Design at Kitesgrove. 'A small table lamp will help bring a club-like feel, or simply light a candle to bring it to life. '

Clara Ewart
Clara Ewart

As the head of design at London studio Kitesgrove, Clara brings her understanding of the architectural complexities of a project to every brief and is equally confident designing the interior architecture and flow of a building as she is selecting an artwork or perfect fabric for a client.

The revival of the home bar came around the time of the pandemic when many were left to their own devices at home rather than their local watering holes. However, the home entertaining trend seems like it's here to stay due to its accessible yet mysterious aesthetic – and curated lighting, much like Drake's, is the key to sucsess. But what else do we need to know to follow suit?

'It doesn’t matter how much, or how little, space you have available, you can create a bar anywhere,' Simon Temprell, Interior Design Lead at Neptune, states. 'The design possibilities are endless, and you can choose from a large range of colors, work surfaces, and hardware.'

Though Drake's version of the home bar leans more into club territory, those with extra space and a penchant for mixed drinks can personalize a bar space to fit into their own home's style, whether that's minimalist and modern or vintage-inspired.

'Creating a home bar can be as simple as setting up a beautiful tray with a small selection of favorite bottles, glasses, and accessories,' Clara says. 

'This can be easily incorporated into an existing joinery unit or bookcase or simply placed on top of a kitchen worktop. Bar carts are a convenient and stylish addition to any quiet corner with the added benefit that they can be tucked away when not in use. Antique bar carts,, in particular,, will help to add character and personality to a space, creating an inviting ambiance when entertaining.' 

Take some inspiration from Drake with some home bar essentials below.

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