HGTV's Egypt Sherrod shares the stunning trend dominating real estate in 2024 – and the simple way to replicate it in your home

In our exclusive interview, the famed real estate broker and designer explained the 2024 trend defining the market

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Egypt Sherrod, the famed TV and Radio personality turned real estate broker, is all about making buying property easy. Throughout her tenure on HGTV's Property Virgins and Married to Real Estate, she has made it her mission to empower first-time home buyers.

Part of that empowerment is understanding the market, and one huge way to do that is through analyzing real estate trends. In our exclusive interview with Sherrod in partnership with Air Wick and 1-800 Flowers she shares that nature-oriented features are dominating trends in 2024.

Egypt Sherrod tells Homes & Gardens: 'After COVID, life changed for everybody - I think we can all agree. Being shut in for many, many months, and in some cases, almost two years, people just wanted to break out! They want to feel in touch with nature. They want florals and “smell goods.” They also want to feel grounded and just feel like they're part of nature.' This has led to a boom in nature-inspired decor.

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Egypt Sherrod helps to unlock your home’s signature scent with Air Wick fragrances

(Image credit: Michael Simon)

Sherrod continues: 'I'm noticing in real estate that the outdoors have become extremely important. I've been in real estate for over 20 years and yes, people cared about having an outdoor area, but not as much as they care now about bringing the outdoors inside. It’s almost always on the priority list. As a result, we're seeing the panoramic doors, really huge windows, and organic luxe is the new aesthetic that has become very popular.' This organic modern look can be conveyed both through decor and built-in features.

Luckily, replicating the trend in your own home doesn't require an entire overhaul. Sherrod recommends that one easy way to bring the outdoors in to your home (especially if you are thinking about selling) is through a naturally inspired home fragrance. She states: 'We're seeing a lot of homeowners, but even hotels and stores, unlock their own signature scent.' This choice can increase your enjoyment of your own home, and help buyers imagine living there if you are selling.

'It’s such a popular design trend, because when you think about it from a real estate perspective and a design perspective, people tour homes with all of their senses, not just our eyes, but our sense of smell and touch, as well,' says Sherrod. She continues, 'It does make sense that organically, we're evolving to this space where people recognize that.'

On the topic of the best scents for your space Sherrod adds: 'One of my favorites is the Air Wick Vibrant Lavender & Waterlily Scented Oil. I plugged it into the foyer and when you come into my house, it makes you want to leave all your baggage at the door, it's long-lasting and creates a welcoming space.' Sherrod's partnership with 1-800 Flowers and Air Wick aims to make naturally-inspired fragrances easy by pairing fragrances with beautiful bouquets styles, allowing homeowners to bring organic touches into their homes through both flowers and scent. This is an easy way to embrace the natural trend with a low commitment.

As real estate continues to evolve, so will the tactics that homeowners use to keep prospective buyers interested. A signature scent is a great place to start.

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