Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's guest room is proof that this 'dated' color scheme is still a firm favorite – here's how to get it right

White guest rooms are timeless – add color and texture with your decorating choices for a sophisticated scheme

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
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White is the simplest of colors but, as anyone who has set off on the quest for the perfect white can attest, also one of the trickiest to get right. This is especially true for one of the most important rooms in the home – the bedroom.

Whether you have a second bedroom ready-prepared for surprise drop-ins, or a multifunctional space that doubles as a guest room, having a welcoming space to host friends and family is a wonderful addition if you love to entertain. With this in mind, choosing a bedroom color scheme is vital to getting it right.

Color theory in its entirety can be complicated but there are a few basic principles to help steer you in the right direction, explains Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball. ‘White represents purity, calm, and new beginnings, as well as cleanliness and clarity,' he says. 'It can be used everywhere in the home but is very successful in the bathroom and any room where you want to create order and with little distraction. It is also an ideal foil for a well-curated room of art, furniture, and bold furnishings.’

This versatile neutral is one of the most popular paint ideas for interiors, and it is easy to see why designer Ray Booth of Ray Booth Interior Design, chose this decorator-favorite hue in Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's guest bedroom in the Bahamas.

Decorating with white offers a blank canvas that illuminates dark spaces and can make even small guest bedrooms feel spacious, light and bright. 

Despite its cold and clinical attributes, white bedroom ideas can still be inspiring and have depth. It’s important to consider texture, whether it’s a pattern, such as a jacquard fabric, or through mixing finishes, like a matt wall with gloss paint on the ceiling. These elements create interest that will make the monochromatic white room sing.

'If someone wants a bedroom that’s very calming, I would say stay completely in the neutral world with a more monochromatic look,' says interior designer Kelly Wearstler. 'However, if you want a splash of energy, then include one incredible piece of art or a colorful rug to create interest and personality.'

In Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Bahamian home, designer Ray Booth has used colors, such as cyan and teal, that represent the Caribbean Sea to beautifully enhance the space. 

The uplifting yet serene teal is an interesting contradiction, blurring the boundaries between blue and green, and equally between fun and sophisticated when added as an accent color to a predominantly white interior scheme.

‘Teal is a member of the cyan, or green-blue group, and is widely associated with positivity, happiness, and stability,’ explains Helen Shaw, director of marketing at Benjamin Moore.

But why does teal uplift and calm in equal measure? Tobias Lewis, head of brand at Valspar, has a theory that links to the shades found in the natural world and the recent global pandemic. ‘Colors that have a biophilic nature, such as blue and green, evoke a stress-relieving and mood-boosting atmosphere. This makes teal – a deep, cyan-green shade – ideal for rooms to wind down in, including the bedroom.

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