Gwyneth Paltrow's closet masters this key storage solution – and it has surprising Feng Shui benefits

We should be taking notes from Gwyneth's closet in ways beyond fashion. Here's what professional organizers want us to replicate

Gwyneth Paltrow
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We're not the first to take notes from Gwyneth Paltrow's closet, but this time, it goes beyond its contents. While the lifestyle guru is no stranger to setting standards in the fashion industry, professional organizers say we should also steal inspiration from the storage system in her Montecito home.

'I heard you want a little tour of my closet – is that true?' Gwyneth asks as she opens the door to the unsurprisingly expansive space. And yes, the rumors are true; we very much wanted a tour. 

There is, naturally, lots to discuss when it comes to Gwyneth's closet organization, most specifically the way in which she hangs longer garments. However, H&G's Interiors Therapist, Suzanne Roynon, notes that the closet also has a surprising Feng Shui benefit.

Firstly, Suzanne notes the floral wall art seen behind Gwyneth as she introduces us inside her closet. 

'Blossom is one of those incredibly inspiring subjects; in Feng Shui, it is regarded as a representation of abundance because of the myriad of petals and the promise of a fruitful harvest to come,' she notes. 'The only way the image could be improved is to have the branches' growing' upwards rather than drooping towards the ground.' 

Once inside the main section of the closet, the lessons on organizing clothes begin, starting with the garments that are often hard to master: dresses. 'Gwyneth explains this section is all about her dresses, and it's evident this compact area is only a small fraction of a much larger dressing room space,' Suzanne says.

'The elements we can all learn from are to hang items of the same type together, so it's easy to locate a particular dress, skirt, or combo set. This is exactly what Gwyneth does, and you'll notice all of her shirt-dresses are located on the same hanging rail while her jumpsuits have a specific niche where they can hang to their full length without becoming crumpled.'

Suzanne Roynon
Suzanne Roynon

Suzanne is a specialist Interiors Therapy Expert and author of Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationshipavailable on Amazon. She has spent more than 25 years in corporate and charity roles, using her ability as a therapist and public speaker to help people understand their relationship with their homes and possessions.

Clothes aside, Suzanne says we can also learn from Gwyneth's accessory storage.

'Notice also the way Gwyneth's purses are stored carefully in a way that is easy to access; in particular, the clutches are placed neatly in a row so she can spot exactly the purse she wants at a glance,' she notes. 'Plus, because the walk-in closet has doors, there's less risk of anything in the space becoming dusty, which is certainly something to be aware of in a larger, more open space.'

While we can't all have a closet as expansive as Gwyneth's, the basis of these lessons converts to spaces of all sizes – but no element is quite as accessible as her hangers.

Gwyneth has chosen to use wooden hangers, and where hanging space is not an issue, these can be a good choice, especially if they are made of moth-repellent cedar wood,' Suzanne notes.

However, in especially small bedrooms, we should also consider velvet-covered hangers (such as these from Amazon) that are slimmer and consequently more compact. 

Whether we follow Gwyneth's unexpected lesson in Feng Shui or focus more on her storage solutions, there's much more to this closet than the garments that hang inside. Though, of course, it also never hurts to admire a Birkin bag from time to time.

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