Hailey Bieber just made a case for a bold-colored bathroom – and experts approve

Hailey Bieber’s recent Instagram post celebrates a bold and playful color choice in the bathroom, a trend design experts are loving this season

Headshot of Hailey Bieber
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Model and founder of skincare brand Rhode, Hailey Bieber has shared a carousel of candid summer snapshots on her Instagram, and we couldn’t help but notice one standout interior design trend.

Pictured in the back of the first photo, a mirror selfie, are wall tiles in the shower area in a bold cobalt blue. The rest of the interior appears to be pared-back, with simple and understated silver hardware and a minimally framed glass shower screen.

The tiles are a clear example of monochromatic color, a trend that has been increasing in popularity recently. Monochromatic color, where one solid tone of color is used in a room to create a full statement look, is a trend we’re seeing a lot of this year, thanks to its modern approach. 

We spoke to interior design expert Artem Kropovinsky, founder of NYC-based interior design studio Arsight, who shares insight into why bold room color ideas are rising in popularity. ‘Bursting with vibrancy, bright-colored bathroom tiles are becoming a cherished trend, rejuvenating the typical washroom. The choice is a compelling divergence from the standard whites and grays.’

‘These vivid hues energize the room, establishing an enticing ambiance that enhances morning rituals.’

While neutral bathrooms have been a hugely popular choice in recent years, most likely for the relaxing atmosphere a stripped-back color palette promotes, opting instead for a colorful bathroom is a way to inject personality into the space, a room that can often be designed in a purely functional manner.

Artem agrees, explaining: ‘Bright tiles also pave the way for personal expression. The bathroom evolves from being purely functional to a canvas for one's personality. Choose the colors that speak to your soul, be it a refreshing teal, an energizing orange, or a dreamy lavender. Each choice tells a unique story, making your space truly your own.’

As with any color trend, it’s important to take a holistic view to ensure any bold choices are balanced out with more restrained design elements. Artem goes on to say: ‘Remember, restraint is vital. Balance vibrant tiles with subdued elements to avoid a visual overload.'

Headshot of Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York, NY. 

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If you’re feeling inspired to give your bathroom a playful refresh, whether you’re ready to go full-on cobalt blue or instead fancy a more subtle nod to the joyful trend, why not try the tiles below to liven up your home?

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