Jennifer Connelly's bedroom paint color scheme is both uplifting and fun, and experts say we should all be using it in 2024

Known for its timeless and harmonious qualities, teal is the color we predict will reign supreme in 2024

Jennifer Connelly
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The color you choose for your bedroom might just be one of the most important decisions you make when re-decorating your home. Color can soothe, warm, or nurture, and in doing so bring better sleep, make you feel more energized, or promote well-being.

Don't be afraid to introduce a strong bedroom color scheme with a rich teal, similar to the one used in actress Jennifer Connelly's bedroom. Cyan shades are having a moment, and teal can add a retro edge to other traditional interiors.

The mood-boosting yet serene teal is an interesting contradiction, blurring the boundaries between blue and green, and equally between elegance and playfulness when added to an interior scheme. 

Situated between blue and green on the color wheel, the teal shade is made up of an equal amount of both colors, which makes it a tertiary color (an equal mix of primary and secondary colors). 

The attention-grabbing shades have been used in our interiors for centuries. ‘Pale teals, such as Light Teal and Birds Egg, are decorating classics we have used in homes since the Georgian period. We love this color because it works so beautifully in our northern light,’ says Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux.

The color teal continues to be part of the public’s consciousness in more ways than one, according to Helen Shaw from Benjamin Moore. ‘In 1987, teal cemented its place in design history by becoming one of the first 16 original web colors. 

In terms of interior design, it is one of those “perfect” colors: said to heighten both creativity and sensitivity, it has a reliable and calm appeal, making it ever popular.’

The color teal is regarded to ignite feelings of balance, calm, and tranquility, which is so popular in interior design as these sentiments are for many what we associate with home. 

The most relaxing color for a bedroom is down to personal preference, but teal blue has been proven to induce a calming effect on the brain and is therefore an enduring favorite in the bedroom.

For paint expert Benjamin Moore, ‘Aegean Teal’ was chosen as the Benjamin Moore color of the year 2021, with the shade recently being disclosed as one of Benjamin Moore's best-selling paint colors. However, this bedroom color trend is still thriving – even three years later.

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