Mariah Carey's lounge chair location offers a modern twist on conventional patio furniture styling – and it's perfect for small spaces

The singer placed her lounge seat indoors, proving that hybrid furniture is very much on-trend for the season – and experts agree

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We're heading into peak patio season, which means dusting off our outdoor furniture and placing pieces in our backyards for a few months. While some may keep their patio furniture in a garage during the winter months, it's becoming increasingly popular to purchase hybrid pieces – that is, furniture that can seamlessly transition from inside the home to outside.

Mariah Carey is showing us how it's done with her latest Instagram post. The pop diva posted photos of her sitting on a wicker lounge seat adorned with a white cushion. The piece could just as easily be spotted poolside, but the dark woven details of the seat make the Fantasy singer's chair look just as natural inside.

Experts say that transitioning indoor furniture outdoors is not only a space-saving and cost-effective method but can be a stylish home choice.

'The lines between indoor and outdoor spaces are increasingly blurred in modern home design,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'Hybrid indoor-outdoor furniture, designed to transition from the comfort of your living room to the tranquility of your backyard, offers both versatility and elegance. This trend not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also maximizes the utility of your furnishings.'

With an often drastic difference in environments (and therefore, elements), it is crucial to select furniture that will thrive in both indoor and outdoor atmospheres. This comes down to materials, which should be carefully chosen.

'Opt for furniture made from materials like teak, wicker, and metal with weather-resistant finishes,' Lichtenstein says. 'These materials are robust enough to withstand outdoor elements while still looking chic indoors. Use cushions and upholstery made from outdoor-grade, UV-resistant, and water-repellent fabrics. These can easily handle exposure to sunlight and moisture. For a simultaneous indoor look, select fabrics that feel as comfortable as traditional indoor textiles.'

Finally, maintenance is required to ensure that furniture is both indoor- and outdoor-ready. Lichtenstein says that general cleaning rules apply, with a couple of caveats.

'Regularly clean your furniture to remove dust, pollen, and dirt. Use mild soap and water for most materials,' she says. 'For tougher stains, specialized cleaners designed for outdoor furniture can be used. Wooden furniture, such as teak, may need periodic re-treating with oil or sealant to maintain its resistance to moisture and UV rays. This not only keeps the wood looking fresh but also prevents cracking and fading.'

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