Martha Stewart regrets buying this one kitchen appliance – here's why she's only used it 'once in 20 years'

'I should have put two more burners there,' the lifestyle guru told H&G – experts explain why it almost always leads to buyer's remorse

Martha Stewart
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Designing a kitchen is expensive and time-consuming. To make a re-design or renovation worth it, it's paramount to consider how you will use the space and what appliances work best for you. That's why making single-use appliances a permanent part of your kitchen can be so tricky. No one knows this better than Martha Stewart, who regrets installing a deep frier on her stove.

In our interview with the celebrated guru, she told us about the kitchen idea she wishes she could change. Martha told H&G exclusively: 'I have a stove with ten burners. I have a deep fryer, which I confess I have only used once in 20 years.' She continued, 'I'm not a big fryer. If I fry now, I fry in a pot because it's a lot of oil to fill the deep fryer. I should have put two more burners there.'

While intriguing, Martha's kitchen renovation regret is not uncommon. Kitchen renovation expert Barry Gant, the founder of 7 Day Kitchens, states: 'Fryers aren’t always a favorite in the home kitchen. First, they hog space. Fryers aren't small. They may even take up a good portion of your counter, which is not great, especially in small kitchens.'

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Barry Gant

Barry Gant is the owner of 7 Day Kitchens, a Charlotte, NC-based company specializing in swift kitchen remodeling. Gant attributes their ability to remodel kitchens in just 7 days – a stark contrast to the industry’s standard 6 to 8 weeks –to meticulous planning, unwavering customer commitment, and efficient execution. 

'Many people find that fried food is not cooked that often. So, having this huge machine that sits in the kitchen for fries or fried chicken occasionally can be a waste of precious space,' Barry says. 'Also, keeping the fryer clean is no small task. Fryers can make your whole house smell like a fast food joint if you’re not careful, so friers are best avoided.'

Instead of installing this kitchen upgrade that homeowners always regret, Barry recommends opting for versatility and considering how you most often use the kitchen. He says, 'Figure out what you like to do most in the kitchen. Is it baking bread? Making coffee? Prepping herbs? Create a dedicated space for it. This will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and productive.'

Instead of a deep fryer, try these alternatives

While choosing kitchen appliances is not a one-size-fits-all all process, installing a fryer can be difficult, even for kitchen geniuses like Martha Stewart. Avoid regrets and prioritize functions with multi-use tools.

We interviewed Martha as part of her Don't Do It Yourself Campaign with Pure Leaf Tea.

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