Inside Martyn Lawrence Bullard's 'weekend pad' – a love letter to Palm Springs' 'dramatic' style

The celebrity interior designer's 'weekend pad' built by James McNaughton was once home to Roger Moore and Hugh Hefner

Martyn Lawrence Bullard
(Image credit: Courtesy of Martyn Lawrence Bullard)

Martyn Lawrence Bullard's designs epitomize California style, so it makes sense that the designer's home would also embody this look. 

Recently, the celebrity decorator, who has worked on the Hollywood homes of the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cher, took to Instagram to give fans a glimpse inside his 'weekend pad' in Palm Springs. Martyn took us through each room in the home, pointing out the notable features of each. Overarchingly, the theme of the home celebrates the 'dramatic' style of Palm Springs.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard starts the video outside his brilliantly decorated home, the 'Villa Grigio.' Martyn states: 'This is my special weekend pad. Designed in 1962 by James McNaughton and [one-time] home to Roger Moore, the famous amazing actor who played James Bond, and also in the 1970s to Hugh Hefner. God only knows what went on in this pool,' he jokes.

Martyn continues motioning to the white arches of his pool area design: 'As you can see, the architecture here is wonderfully theatrical. McNaughton was known for creating these really wild, very theatrical, very grand, very movie-set-like homes. And why? Because he was once a Hollywood movie set designer and producer. He created these Hollywood movie sets with the stars of the day to star upon, and that is exactly what he's done here with this incredible house.'

Entering the home, Martyn first goes over his dining room and living room area, which includes black and white zebra rugs and hot pink velvet sofas. He states on the dining room decor, 'It's sunken with these dramatic steps and these beautiful terrazzo floors, but I really love it because I get to display my photography and art collection.' 

He details how he wanted to choose art that felt like the perfect fit for this home. He continues, 'Imagery from the 60s and 70s mixed with a little bit of pop art. A little Keith Haring, there's a little bit of Andy Warhol, and then there are some fantastic moments just to add a little bit of a bang like this great Damien Hirst pill piece,' he says, referencing a bright pink photograph with a pill printed on it. 'A little bit of pink matching with the pink sofas tying it all in.'

Of the living room decor Martyn says: 'One of the things that is so amazing about my living room is this, the amazing sunken conversation pit. This is really a signature of 1960s living, and it's so Palm Springs-centric. You can just imagine the Rat Pack sitting in here around what is a firepit in the middle.' He continues, 'I love it; it's really given character to this house and makes it feel so special and so dramatic.'

Moving on to the black and white kitchen Martyn tells the audience: 'I love this space, even though anyone who watches me will know, I don't cook.' He says, 'I put in this amazing white kitchen which allows for a modernity to the space that feels really fresh but really honors the mid-century quality to the house,' he states opening up the sliding cabinets. 'It's very Palm Springs,' he adds.

Martyn's favorite spot in the house is his media room, which features emerald green walls and a sculptural gray sofa with a black and white geometric wallpapered ceiling. It includes art and photographs that are a tribute to Hollywood.

In the main bedroom, Martyn states: 'My bedroom continues the signatures of Macnaughton's style with the colonnade that wraps through the outside to the inside into the primary suite, ' he says, referencing the white arches that run through the bedroom. 'I like to decorate a bedroom with books. I think books are so calming to be surrounded by, and somehow they kind of make me relax just looking at them.'

The guest bedroom is another stunning feature of the home. One which Bullard refers to as 'the palm room' has a fabulous white and green Schumacher palm wallpaper. 'I love to put books or little fun accessories, little smacks, little bathroom things, so they feel like they're spending the weekend in a hotel.'

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