Ooni vs Solo Stove: which pizza oven is best in 2024?

I put Ooni vs Solo Stove in a head-to-head to see which pizza oven brand comes out on top

A split panel image demonstrating Ooni vs Solo Stove; an Ooni Fyra making a cheese pizza and a Solo Stove making a pepperoni pizza
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There's no pizza oven brand in the world as big as Ooni, and I'm still yet to find anything as good. After years of trying to find the best Ooni alternatives, I'm yet to find an oven that can compete with the iconic brand.

However, Solo Stove's Pi oven is increasingly popular. It was one of Oprah's favorite things a few years ago, and many people swear by the cheaper brand.

I've tested the best pizza ovens for years, so I know exactly which brand is best. In this head-to-head, I found that Ooni is still the champion, but there's a lot to recommend about Solo Stove.

Ooni vs Solo : which is best?

Ooni Volt 12 on a countertop, ready to bake a cheese pizza

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TLDR: Ooni is the winner. Ooni has a much wider range of pizza ovens to suit different families' needs, and in direct head-to-heads, Ooni pizza ovens are better than Solo Stove. They're faster, burn hotter, and make better pizza.

However, the big caveat with Ooni is that most of their ovens are pretty expensive. A Solo Stove pizza oven is still a good choice if money is tight.

Buy an Ooni if you:

  • Want the very best pizza
  • Want fast pizza

Buy a Solo Stove pizza oven if you:

  • Want something cheap
  • Want something easy to use


Winner: Ooni

The fairest comparison between the two brands is between the Fyra 12 and the Solo Stove Pi. In fact, on, paper, it seems like there's little to separate them. They both make pizzas around 12", both can cook with wood, and the Pi is only $40 more expensive. Until recently, the Pi cost the same as the Fyra, and sometimes you can still find it at that price.

However, the small differences all add up. The Fyra is faster by 30 seconds, and its cooking surface is slightly larger. Though it can only cook with wood, there is a wood-only version of the Solo Stove too, which is more expensive. Because it's faster, and the wood fuel lends pizza a delicious smoky flavor, the pizzas we made in the Ooni were a little better than those in the Solo Stove.

That said, the Solo Stove has a big benefit, which is that it's incredibly easy to use. The Fyra 12 has a little learning curve, but the extra-wide mouth of the Solo Stove Pi and the pizza guard in front of the flame make it much easier to use, at least when you're starting out.

A big drawback with both pizza ovens is that essential equipment like a pizza slice and pizza peel aren't included, and you have to buy them separately or in a bundle deal. At the time of writing, the bundle for the Ooni is slightly cheaper.

All in all, the Ooni is cheaper and makes better pizza, so in a straight head-to-head I choose Ooni over the Solo Stove every time.

Ooni vs Solo Stove: best gas pizza oven


I could almost copy and paste what I wrote about the Fyra and the Pi. The Ooni wins here because it's faster and makes better-tasting pizza. It's lightweight, so it's perfect for taking over to a friend's house or even for camping. The only real drawback with this pizza oven is that unlike the Fyra 12, it doesn't have a door, so it's not as heat-efficient as it could be. However, that's also true of the Pi.

The only place the Pi Prime is better than the Koda 12 is price, as at the time of writing it's $40 cheaper than the Koda 12. If price is most important to you, buy the Pi Prime; if the very best pizza is most important to you, go with the Ooni.

Best indoor pizza oven


This is an easy one for Ooni to win as Solo Stove doesn't make an indoor pizza oven. Ooni do - the Volt 12. It's the only pizza oven in the world to work both indoors and outdoors, so it's an excellent choice if you live somewhere cold, as you can use your oven year-round and not just in summer.

However, the Volt 12 is incredibly expensive, and it's very bulky, so you need to give up a lot of space to use it. Electric ovens like this don't taste as good wood or gas ovens because they don't use open flames, so there's no smokiness. If you have to have an indoor oven, there are cheaper options out there. If you have the choice between an indoor and an outdoor oven, opt for an outdoor oven, as they taste better, and in this case, are a lot cheaper.

Pizza oven FAQ

Which is the best Ooni?

Our tests of the best Oonis have shown that the Ooni Karu 16 is the best. It can use wood or gas and it has a digital thermometer to help you cook.

Which is a the best non-Ooni pizza oven?

Our tests of the best Ooni alternatives found that the Solo Stove Pi is the best alternative to an Ooni.

For more help with pizza ovens, check out my guide to what else you can cook in a pizza oven, and how to clean a pizza oven.

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