Bohemian touches blend beautifully with Arts and Crafts design in this surprisingly warm beachfront home

This modern organic home offers the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience...

Coastal style living room
(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

This French beachfront holiday home owned by a Parisian family is located in Le Cap Ferret, a coveted seafront area near Bordeaux in southwest France.

A chic neighborhood, which offers views onto the famed Dune of Pilat on the other side of Arcachon Bay, Le Cap Ferret boasts casual bars and al fresco seafood restaurants, tranquil roads amid fishermen’s cottages, and quaint ports used for oyster farming.

The house, which is very private and quiet, is situated only a few meters from the beach, found just at the end of the garden.  

swimming pool at beach house in france

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

The home is a Prairie house, inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, it's a style that emerged in Chicago around 1900 from a group of young architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright. They often have flat or minimally-pitched rooflines with overhanging eaves and low-profile exteriors composed of balanced lines. 

They're built with materials rooted in the natural world, such as wood, stucco, stone, and rustic brick.

However, despite the fact that the house looks like it is made of wood, it was entirely built in concrete to make it perfect for all seasons.

Neutral coastal living room in France

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

Theresa Obermoser, the founder of TO Interior Design, was brought in to run the project, with a view to creating 'an invitation to contemplate the changing horizon of the ocean'.

The team worked in a neutral chromatic palette with earthy tones. Theresa says: 'New finds and exciting textures give a beach house feeling while staying sophisticated and cozy, as well as echoing with the wood structure and accents of the architecture of the house. 

'The idea was to create a modern take on a traditional family vacation house with lots of memories, where you would welcome family and friends. Plenty of comfortable chairs and sofas invite you to sit and enjoy the views. 

'The rooms are oriented toward the exterior to make the most of the scenic surroundings.' 

neutral coastal living room in France

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

'We kept a lot of original features like the old colonial fireplace, the bookshelf, and the timber ceiling,' says Obermoser. 

'The client wanted to have some bohemian vibes, as seen in my previous projects, but he also wanted to keep it elegant.'

neutral coastal living room with open shelving in France

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

Natural materials, textures, and fibers like wood, linen, and ceramic were used throughout to achieve a feeling of continuity between indoors and outdoors. 

The look is incorporated in the bedrooms and the living areas to create a curated, laidback yet chic look.

modern rustic bedroom in France

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

The main floor of the house is organized around an open-plan dining room and living room, separated by some open shelves. The space can be fully opened onto the garden and the swimming pool. 

There are terraces on both sides, inviting the sun and the ocean breeze to flow through the space. 

swimming pool in beach house in France

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

As well as the beautiful outside spaces, the home also boasts a cool basement bar and gym.

basement bar in house in France

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

The basement leans toward darker colors, mixing tropical wallpaper and green marble with wood panels and metal accents for a more intimate ambiance. 

basement bar with wood cladding

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons/@vigojansons)

The home gym plays with reflections, having four big mirrors facing the window and reflecting the garden, the beach, the ocean, and the sky. 

The basement room entirely comprises a private cinema, a bar, a fully-equipped game room and lounge, a gym with a direct ocean view, and a sauna for a luxury holiday-at-home experience.

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