Makeup room ideas: 10 wonderful ways with makeup room decor

Tired of trying to put on your makeup in the bathroom? You need our fabulous makeup room ideas

Makeup room ideas
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Makeup room decor is something of a luxury talking point, we agree. But we also believe that it’s essential to have a space where you can perfect your eyeliner and keep all your makeup ship shape. 

It might be that there’s only a space for a vanity in the corner of your bedroom, or you may have a spare room that can be converted. Either way, we have plenty of makeup room ideas so you can create a luxurious space that's fit for purpose. 

Makeup room ideas

Even if you’re sharing your makeup room with your bedroom ideas or walk-in closet ideas, there's still space to max out your options. We’ve put together 10 makeup room ideas to help inspire you to create the space you deserve – plus our expert advice will guide you whatever configuration you are dealing with.

1. Steal a corner of the bathroom

make up room with acid yellow vanity, tiled floor, sideboard, shiplap walls next to bathroom

(Image credit: Kim Armstrong Interior Design/Michael Hunter))

This makeup room designed by Texas based Kim Armstrong Interior Design combines and takes advantage of dressing table ideas to maximize an otherwise unused corner that leads off a wet room. 

‘With plain walls, it would still look fabulous, but we feel it looks even more stylish with the shiplap walls because it adds depth and charm. The shiplap in this room was used in order to elevate the architecture of the room,’ says Kim.

‘I really wanted the antiques to shine together – especially the acid yellow vanity – with the lighting, mirrors and the grey and white floor. I wanted the walls to be crisp white, but I wanted something with more depth, and visually stronger than just painted sheetrock.’

2. When trad meets the '70s

neutral and pink dressing room with bespoke wardrobes and vanity, 70s style furniture

(Image credit: Gunter & Co/Mary Wadsworth/styled by Hannah Franklin)

This stunning dedicated makeup room idea was combined with dressing room ideas – and designed by Irene Gunter, co-founder of interior design studio, Gunter & Co.

'The homeowners Snowy and Barry are a dynamic couple who work as a fashion designer and entrepreneur respectively. Snowy’s go-to interiors palette is predominantly pale but I encouraged her to embrace subtle touches of color: golds and pink, complemented with accents of warm antiques bronze,' explains Irene.

'The entire first floor forms an indulgent master suite which includes a his and hers dressing room.'

3. A little elegance goes a long way 

wood panelled bedroom with gold dressing table green throw, green rug and green curtains

(Image credit: Trilbey Gordon)

We asked London based interior designer, Trilbey Gordon, how she set about designing this fabulous makeup space in Chapter House:

'How I like to dress is how I design. Something old and something new-new spirit, old spirit. That combination is timeless. If you buy everything new, it has a date on it; using a mix of vintage and contemporary is a great way to materialize your vision and the story you want to tell.

'A comfortable place to sit while you get ready instantly makes a dressing area feel more luxe. I used a favorite velvet fringed stool by Lorenza Bozzoli and a minimalistic marble and brass dressing table by Swoon Editions. I liked this table because it has a chic little marble shelf, where you can display your prettiest perfume bottles, as well as having a contemporary round mirror.

'I also felt it could double up as a desk if needed. I love the perfume bottles by Aerin Lauder as they have the most beautiful tops, and I found a vintage malachite Fornasetti pin dish to throw jewellery in. Abigail Ahern do the best faux grasses to put into the vases that I found in H&M Home.'

4. Choose a glam antique to use as a vanity

vintage dressing table in bedroom with green wallpaper and view of bathroom

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson)

Bedroom storage ideas should always be bought for character, and not just practicalities. When your makeup space is alongside a wall in a bedroom, make it stand out by choosing a stunning vanity, as interior designer Matthew Williamson advises:

‘When looking for furniture for the home, my first port of call is antiques. They can add character and more interesting layers to a space. This Spanish antique dresser was perfect for this bedroom –  dramatic and decadent yet practical with the long mirror, marble tops and drawers for storage, and ideal for a makeup room.’

5. Use an alcove to create a cozy makeup space

dressing table set in an alcove, neutral scheme , bespoke vanity and large mirror

(Image credit: Sara Cosgrove)

Always work with the natural architectural elements of your home as they can lend themselves well to a bespoke vanity and three quarter length mirror. 

This smart bespoke corner has beautiful neutral tones that add a luxurious feel. Tactile elements like the carpet, wallcoverings with the panels and bouclé chair all create this elegant makeup space. Gold elements add a further dimension – and there are some curves to soften the lines of the mirror and wall details. The globe lamp, circular door handles and curvy back chair all contrast against these linear aspects. 

6. Position your vanity in front of a window

black dressing table in front of window, bed in foreground, window blind

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

There’s nothing worse than trying to put your makeup on in bad light – we all know from experience, right? The best light is natural light, so if you can, place your vanity directly in front of your window and have a mirror slightly to the side.

When Irene Gunter, co-founder of Gunter & Co, designed this room, the focus was on highlighting the original features and giving the room a tactile feel:

'This is a bespoke dressing table in the master bedroom of a property in Chelsea. We used a lovely woollen carpet underfoot, and a beautiful deconstructed linen fabric to create the relaxed Roman blinds.'

7. Keep your makeup room organized with compartments

detail of dressing table with compartments and mirrors

(Image credit: Louise Bradley)

‘Natural light, the use of mirrors, and storage are all essential when designing make-up rooms,’ says London based interior designer Louise Bradley.

‘It is important to make the space work for you as each person’s routine varies; you can transform a smaller space with cleverly positioned mirrors and hidden compartments. 

The bespoke vanity mirror closes to conceal the make-up storage ensuring the space can be kept calm and clean when not in use.’

8. Combine a makeup room with a walk-in closet

bespoke dressing room with curvy furniture, fitted wardrobes behind

(Image credit: Scarlet Splendour)

This stunning makeup room idea featuring furniture designed by Scarlet Splendour ticks all of our interior design boxes – marble floor, a velvet backed chair, curvy corners, a huge mirror and fabulous lighting. There’s really so much to love!

With all of the above it’s easy to forgive the fact that you’re sharing the space with a wardrobe, albeit a beautifully crafted one, but it also makes sense – you can dress in there as well as use it for your makeup essentials, which can be stored in the best makeup organizers.

9. Create an impact with a bold wallcovering

detail of rose wallpaper and dressing table top

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

Your makeup room is your own, so if you want that bold and beautiful wallcovering that you’ve been coveting for the last year, then this is the space to have it in. 

We adore Cole & Son’s Hampton Roses wallpaper, vibrant yet light, it’s the perfect design to create a statement wall that looks great with crisp white as you can see here. It has the glamor of days gone by and will certainly lift your spirits first thing in the morning. 

10. Go bespoke and have a built in makeup space – with doors

dressing room enclosed in bespoke wardrobes

(Image credit: Ina Rinderknecht)

We love this makeup room idea, it’s super neat and oh-so-clever. Being able to hide away all of your makeup, perfume and accessories is a good thing especially if you have small children.
Compact and stylish, the stool slides underneath perfectly and the mirror is a good size – always a key ingredient for a makeup room, as are the task lights, proving that they can be both practical and designer.

What do I need for my makeup room?

Whether you’re having a bespoke makeup room or using an existing space, the essentials are a vanity, mirror, stool and good lighting. 

The vanity can double as your storage too if you can find one with drawers, it’s also good to have a jewellry stand and a fragrance tray. Keeping accessories grouped together will make it much easier to store and find them in those valuable morning moments. 

What are the best interior styles for a makeup room?

This really depends on your own style and if you want your makeup room to have its own unique style or for it to flow visually with the rest of your house’s scheme. 

If your makeup room is also the bedroom then that will dictate, so it can be an extension of what you already love. 

Sophie Warren-Smith
Contributing Editor

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 20 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time, both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor for indie magazine, 91, she trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for modern weddings and events. For H&G, she writes features about interior design – and is known for having an eye for a beautiful room.