10 Art Deco bathrooms that are filled with decadent character

These sumptuous Art Deco bathrooms show how to bring an iconic and historic style into the modern home, effortlessly

Trio of art deco bathrooms with mustard tile, black marble and geometric walk in shower space
(Image credit: Michael Clifford / ©STEPHAN JULLIARD./ Life Created Photography)

As with all iconic interior design styles, they never really go away. Occasionally, however, they will surface with more prominence and excitement in the decor world. Stemming from the French 'Arts décoratifs,' Art Deco, was born in Paris, emerging around 1910 as somewhat of a metaphor for new life following World War I. 

Defined by geometric lines and symmetry – quite a different look to the sinuous and nature-inspired aesthetic of its predecessor, Art Nouveau – Art Deco decor is filled with theatre and symphony. 

Synonymous with luxurious hotels and Parisian-style interiors, it is no wonder this style is sought after to elevate bathroom ideas. Defining shapes, gold tones, and drama, we explore how best to translate the timeless appeal of Art Deco in a bathroom setting.

Art Deco bathroom ideas that are timeless and inspiring

Since Art Deco is having a moment, we sought inspiration from those who know this interior design style best. Here are some bathroom looks to covet:

1. Combine sumptuous paneling and marble

Green marble bathroom with fluted wood paneling and earthy pink floor tile surrounding corner tub

© STEPHAN JULLIARD / HUGO TORO: Parisian apartment 'Saints -Pères'


Since the Art Deco movement began in France, who better to introduce us to a modern style Art Deco bathroom than interior designer Hugo Toro

Hugo talks us through the Art Deco features in this Appartement Saints-Pères project in Paris. 'The use of green marble and dark wood offers a rich and elegant contrast, typical of the Art Deco style. Clean yet strong lines, and the emphasis on angles, especially with a bathtub positioned at a 45-degree angle, reflect the geometry and symmetry favored by Art Deco.'

The space is rich in shapes, arresting materials, and texture, and the trio color palette is luxurious in every sense of the word too – symbolic of the daringness this era had to offer. 'The emerald green color of the marble directly references the bold and luxurious color choices of Art Deco,' Hugo shares with me.

'The theatricality of the space, including the presence of a step, evokes the importance of staging and theatrics in Art Deco design.'

Hugo has included Lalique-signed fixtures in this bathroom space and it is these fine details of sophistication and craftsmanship that nod to the iconic interior design style in a timeless yet modern way.

Hugo Toro designer profile image in office wearing purple suit
Hugo Toro

Hugo Toro is an architect and interior architect from eastern France. He graduated top of his class from the Penninghen school in Paris and Hugo's effervescent energy for high design is unmatched. Hugo's sensibility towards sumptuous colors and materials allows him to realize bold and unique projects in Paris, London, Dubai, and further afield.

2. Give the space warmth with intriguing colors and pattern

Vintage bathroom with mustard wall paneling, geometric floor tile and brass fixtures for art deco feel

Courtesy of Michael Clifford Photography / Designed by Pierce and Ward for @joshbrolin @kathrynbrolin

(Image credit: Courtesy of Michael Clifford Photography / Designed by Pierce and Ward)

From the brass fixtures, to the small frame adorning the characterful bathroom mirror, there is so much to love in this bathroom space that plays hommage to Art Deco in a subtle fashion. Designed by Pierce and Ward for @joshbrolin @kathrynbrolin, it is a bathroom design that is unique, and full of personality.

'We love tile and small spaces so bathrooms are always really fun for us to create,' says Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce. 'For this Malibu project, the house is so open with such beautiful natural light so we wanted to take advantage and use pattern and color to embrace the coziness but still have them feel fun and interesting,

'We don't call out styles like Art Deco when we are working but it's one of our favorites and we are always so happy when people connect that.'

Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce on an armchair
Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce

L.A. and Nashville-based Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce are the founders of Pierce and Ward, and trailblazers of the interior design world, bringing one-of-a-kind, eclectic, and luxurious looks to the homes of A-listers including Leonardo DiCaprio,  Kate Hudson, and more recently, Josh and Kathryn Brolin.

3. Nod to the charm of the time with a chandelier

Master ensuite bath with gold and crystal chandelier wooden vanities and geometric black and white flooring

(Image credit: Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio)

Lighting can give a bathroom edge, as Maestri Studio proves in this space which is infused with all the Gatsby-style luxury of the Art Deco era.

The gold chandelier and trio of sconces elevate the luxury bathroom scheme by bringing detailed shapes and dimensions to the ensuite. When it comes to choosing fixtures, consider fluted designs, frosted bulbs, crystal, and gilded detail for your bathroom to feel luxurious.

4. Include playful detail for theatre

Tile bathroom walls in salmon and black with vintage red sink and brass exposed piping

(Image credit: Michael Clifford Photography / Designed by Pierce and Ward)

Vintage pieces can always have a place in a modern setting, as we can see here in Josh and Kathyrn Brolin's bathroom, also designed by Pierce and Ward. This space proves how bathroom tiles can be loud and unapologetic, bringing all of the flair you would expect of the Art Deco era. 

The twist with the vintage sink, is that it has its own high heels, of course. But this is not the only design talking point. Shapely sconces, exposed pipework, and artwork are all reflective of the exciting scene. 

5. Employ a black and white tile color palette

Living with Lolo Fairway credit Life Created black geometric tile in showe

(Image credit: Life Created Photography for Living with Lolo)

For those who like monochromatic drama, Lauren Lerner of Living with Lolo shows us how to make an Art Deco statement with a head-to-toe tiled walk-in. 

'To infuse this bathroom with Art Deco charm, I highlighted bold contrasts and geometric patterns,' Lauren tells me. A contrast of strong repeat patterns makes this space sing and it is the ultimate demonstration of charisma.

6. Bring life with brighter hues

Blue geometric blinds in art deco style bathroom with teal tub, black and white star geometric square floor tile

(Image credit: Life Created Photography for Living with Lolo)

This is not to say that brighter, more dopamine-filled colors have no place. Printed turquoise blue blinds work particularly well as a bathroom window treatment in this space. Brights can bring the effervescence of Art Deco to a bathroom, especially when paired with more demure materials as Lauren Lerner of Living with Lolo has done here.

'Employing a color palette of black and white, accentuated by a splash of color and hints of brass, the space exudes a sophisticated allure. Geometric tiles and sleek chrome fixtures contribute to the Art Deco aesthetic,' Lauren shares with me.

'Statement mirrors and ornate lighting with angular designs were incorporated, complemented by accessories and a distinctive wood and resin side table, resulting in a refined yet timeless ambiance.'

7. Make it zen and lofty

White marble bathroom vanity positioned near window with view, with small round black-framed mirror above

(Image credit: ©RETO GUNTLI & AGI SIMOES / Ina Rinderknecht)

Born in a period of enlightenment, a spa-like bathroom finish can pair well with notions of Art Deco, as designer Ina Rinderknecht shows here. The soft veining in the marble basin, light gloss tile, and frosted finish of the sconces marry together for a charming finish.

Use neutral beige bathroom tones and layer patterns to infuse the charm of Art Deco in an understated and chic way,

8. Let gold finishes define the design

Bathroom basin with dark brass fixtures and oval mirror

(Image credit: ©RETO GUNTLI & AGI SIMOES / Ina Rinderknecht)

From the reflective gold tones to the circular mirrors, this bathroom is full of intrigue and design aspects. Much like in Art Deco living room ideas, bronze can work hard alone, or be used to accentuate other more prominent features in this style of interiors.

9. Punctuate the canvas with geometric lines

White bathroom with two vanities and matching mirrors

(Image credit: Ripples)

For Art Deco appeal in plain and beautiful sight, accent a neutral bathroom with clean geometric lines. 'The Art Deco style harks back to the 1920s and 30s and is characterized by geometric shapes, rich colors, and luxury finishes. Despite taking inspiration from over 100 years ago, the Art Deco look has a timeless quality which is sure to stand the test of time,' says Joanne Sangster, Senior Designer Ripples London. 

'A monochrome scheme is always a good place to start when creating an Art Deco-inspired bathroom and can be incorporated in a number of interesting ways,' continues Joanne Sangster of Ripples. In this gorgeous design, black framed mirrors add impact and define the space, without dominating.

10. Lean into curves and arch details


(Image credit: Courtesy of Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio)

To bring the shape of the Art Deco movement into the architectural detail, we love the metro tile arch in this bathroom by Maestri Studio. The matte black shower fixtures teamed with a patterned floor tile add further depth, and make a striking canvas that is simply elevated by gold detail.


What are the best colors to use in an Art Deco bathroom?

A rich color palette that exudes glamour deserves a place in an Art Deco bathroom, just as a black and white, or more monochrome scheme also lends itself to this style. 

'I love using white metro tiles with black grouting to create a striking contrast. These can then be paired with pops of colors such as rich blues, deep greens and even mustard yellows,' says Joanne Sangster of Ripples. Use artwork, tile, and fixtures as an opportunity to introduce different hues and luxurious finishes.

'Then special finish brassware can be layered on top of this to bring that element of luxury that characterized Art Deco design. 'Elsewhere in the scheme, you can incorporate patterns, through wallpaper, accessories or even a modesty panel. A scallop, diamond or fan design works really well to channel the glamour of the era, and can be made as bold or as subtle as you like.'

If you were wondering whether Art Decor is back on trend? We think all these bathrooms prove this classic style will always be on trend...

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