How to put on a duvet cover – 5 expert methods for an easy bed change

With these expert-approved hacks, you'll have your bed made in no time

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Changing the bed sheets is a chore I've come to dread. Yes, the feeling of fresh sheets is unmatched, but the ordeal of stripping the bed, washing the sheets, stretching the fitted sheet across each corner of the mattress, and stuffing the duvet into its cover is less pleasing – especially when it doesn't sit correctly, and ends up in a lump.

How do the hotels do it? Turns out, there are easier ways of putting on a duvet cover than fighting with your bedspread. From the burrito hack that went viral on Tik Tok, to using a clothesline and a pool noodle, there are plenty of ways to put a duvet cover on that won't feel like a workout. 

I've spoken to the experts to get their tips and tricks for inserting a duvet into its cover struggle-free. Trust me, these helpful hacks will change your life, or at least how you feel about changing the bed

5 ways to put a duvet cover on

Blue bedroom with duvet cover, throw and pillows styled on bed

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1. Turn the cover inside out

One of the simplest ways to put a duvet cover on is by using the inside-out trick. It's my go-to method and is ideal if you're a smaller person, and don't have someone else to hand. I'll talk you through the steps, as I do them: 

1. Place your duvet/comforter on top of the bed as it would be when made.
2. Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on top of the cover on the bed.
3. Reach inside the duvet cover and grab both of the top corners.
4. While keeping a hold of the corners, grab the corresponding corners of your comforter.
5. Stand up and shake the cover over the insert, making sure not to let go of all corners in the process.
6. Shake a few more times to make ensure there is no bunching.
7. Lay the duvet and cover back down on the bed.
8. Pull the bottom corners in place and button/zip up your duvet cover.

You can make this method even more convenient by washing your bed sheets and duvet cover inside out. You can strip the bed, leave the sheets inside out and put them in the washer without thought. Once dry, it'll be ready to go. 

2. The burrito method

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The bedding burrito hack was found circling online as a super quick way of dressing your bed. In five steps, you can have your bed made, without having to break a sweat. Sleep specialist, Dr Walt Pickut adds, 'While it may seem a bit unusual, this "burrito method" is surprisingly effective. It's a real game-changer that can turn a frustrating chore into a quick and simple task.' 

Dr Walt Pickut headshot
Dr Walt Pickut

Dr Walt Pickut holds a Master of Science degree in medical physiology, board registry in polysomnographic technology (RPSGT), and registry as a sleep disorder specialist (RRT-SDS) awarded by NBRC, with seven years of experience in hospital-based sleep labs. In addition, while serving as director of education for the Anesthesiology Department at Jersey City Medical Center early in my career, he completed all hospital-based clinical rotations in Clinical Diagnosis through New Jersey College of Medicine.

Jessica Hanley, founder of luxury bedding brand Piglet in Bed, explains how to do it: 

1. 'Start by laying the duvet cover inside out with your insert on top of your bed, lining up each edge and corner,' she says. Make sure 'the opening of the cover is at the bottom of the bed and is left undone'.
2. 'Then, starting from the top of the duvet, begin to roll the duvet cover inside the duvet and roll all the way to the end just like a "burrito" shape,' explains Jessica.
3. Now, reach into the opening and grab one bottom corner, and pull the cover over the end of the roll. Do this to the other side and your duvet should be neatly rolled inside the cover.
4. 'Button up the bottom of the duvet to prevent the insert from escaping,' adds Jessica.
5. Finally, unroll the burrito to the top of your bed towards your pillows. 'Hold onto the bottom corners and shake out any lumps, 'and you're done'.

Jessica Hanley
Jessica Hanley

Jessica Hanley founded Piglet in Bed in 2017, and the company has since expanded to the US. Their collection of low-maintenance 100% stonewashed linen bedding is created for timeless spaces, keeping cozy, and styling beds sustainably. 

3. Use a clothesline

If you have an outside space and a clothesline, then this step could revolutionize your bed-changing routine. Martin Seeley, founder and CEO of MattressNextDay recommends this method especially in the summer if you've already had your bed sheets hanging outside to dry. You won't need to take them down, rather put the duvet cover on while taking down the rest of your washing. Alternatively, you can use the curtain rod if you're able to reach it. He breaks down the steps below:

1. 'Hang the duvet cover on a clothes rod, leaving the opening at the top open'.
2. You should then shake out your duvet insert or comforter holding the corresponding corners at the top of the cover.
3. Then insert the duvet into the cover, pushing the duvet corners you were holding to the bottom of the cover. 'The momentum and gravity will guide the duvet inside'.
4. Lastly, take the duvet off the line and shake it to rid any bunches. 

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Martin Seeley

The founder and CEO of MattressNextDay, Martin Seeley has been in the sleep industry since the 80s. Having started out working with his Dad, mattresses are in Martin’s blood, and he loves providing customers with any help possible to get the best night’s sleep. A prominent figure in the bed world, Martin knows how to overcome any sleep-related problem, offering you the most expert advice and information on a range of health and lifestyle matters. He has been featured in renowned publications such as Men’s Health, Forbes and GQ, as well as ITV’s This Morning.

4. Attach clips or rubber bands

Some bedding companies have noticed the struggle that comes with putting a duvet cover on, and have added ties to the inside corners of their covers. If your cover has these ties then you can follow these same steps, without having to use or purchase any clips or bands. If not, then using four rubber bands (you can get these from any store – these best-selling bands from Amazon would work well) and binder clips, like these Amazon basics binder clips, will do the same job. 

Martin Seely explains you can insert your duvet into its cover as you regularly would (we recommend laying the cover flat on the bed and pushing the duvet inside. The trick is, as you match each corner you can tie a band over both the insert and cover to keep it in place. Then, 'secure binder clips along the edge of the duvet and cover. This will help to keep each section aligned and prevent the duvet from shifting as you insert it.' After it's all in place, you can shake it before removing the clips and bands one by one. 

These are some of my favorite duvet covers that come with handy ties inside that attach to your duvet: 

5. The pool noodle trick

This method seems a little niche. But if you do have kids at home – or a pool – it's likely you have a pool noodle laying around. If not, you can pick one up from most retailers. This pool noodle float from Amazon is less than $5. You can also use something of a similar shape and size, as long as it isn't longer than the width of your duvet cover. When you've got your noodle to hand, follow Martins Seeley's steps below for bed dressing, made easy: 

1. 'Insert a pool noodle or long cylindrical object into the duvet cover' and lay it at the top side, each side meeting the corners of your cover.
2. Roll the duvet and noodle together, similar to the burrito method.
3. Once you reach the bottom, this should've created a tunnel for you to slide the duvet into.
Unroll the duvet and remove the noodle – your bed should be made. 


What is the easiest way to put a duvet cover on a duvet?

The easiest way to put a duvet cover on will depend on your covers, and you. If you're a relatively tall person, the inside-out and shake method should be quite easy, as you have enough length and strength to shake the duvet into place while holding each corner. Generally, though, the easiest hack is the burrito method, where you can lie the duvet and its cover together flat on the bed. If your bed sheets have built-in ties or loops to keep the insert secure, the general tie method will be the best suited. My advice? Try all five, and decide which way is easiest for you. 

Do you tuck duvets in?

In the US a duvet isn't always used. During summertime, a flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet may be just enough to keep you snug. If you do use a duvet, the way to dress is it generally layered over the top of the flat sheet, and let it hang over the sides for an effortless look. An oversized duvet will also help to conceal any unattractive side of your box spring or bed frame or any underbed storage.

Just like these simple techniques for putting a duvet cover on are incredibly useful, learning how to wash your bedding properly can save you a lot of unnecessary stress. No more having to leave your duvet out for hours to dry, or ruining your favorite pillow for the sake of the wrong washing machine spin.

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