5 of the best Benjamin Moore white paints – classic shades that experts always use in interior projects

We've rounded up interior designers' favorite white paints from Benjamin Moore

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Choosing the right shade of white paint can often be a lengthier process than you might first expect. Within the realm of white paints, the options are seemingly endless, varying in brightness and levels of either warm tones or cool tones.

To help you navigate the complex world of white paints, we're taking a closer look at the best available from Benjamin Moore – used repeatedly by interior designers across projects. If you're on the lookout for the best white paints, these should certainly be on your radar.

Whether you're looking for a crisp white paint or a more nuanced warm white, these Benjamin Moore options cater to various lighting conditions and decorating styles.

5 best Benjamin Moore white paints

From cool-toned to warm-toned, the following Benjamin Moore white paints are some of their most popular, used time after time by interior designers to create fresh and neutral backdrops in homes.

1. White Dove

modern living room with neutral furniture

(Image credit: BZ Interiors, photography Kiely Ramos)

Of all of Benjamin Moore's white paints, White Dove stands out as one of the most popular and is officially the brand's most sampled shade. Described by the brand as a 'clean and classic white' White Dove is a go-to for good reason.

'We like that it is clean without feeling jarring, cold, or sterile,' explain designers Kyle O'Donnell and Christopher Sale of Gramercy Design. 'We use it frequently on trim and cabinetry, but also on the walls and trim in large open spaces to emphasize an open, airy, and bright feeling.'

Interior designer Joshua Smith, founder of Joshua Smith Inc also enjoys decorating with Benjamin Moore's White Dove and tells us that he has used it more than any other paint color over the past ten years.

'In a flat finish, it can lean a tinge towards cream in sunlight, but as a satin on the trim or the ceiling, it’s the perfect shade to give a little age in the best way,' explains Joshua.

'If you want a shade a bit more off-white than White Dove, pair it with Cloud Cover for a layered effect. For example, the trim may be the lighter White Dove shade, but then the fireplace or cabinetry gets the shade darker and richer to add depth and dimension while staying within the white family.'

2. Chantilly Lace

bedroom with white walls, wooden dresser and wooden ceiling beam

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Much like White Dove, Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace is another classic white paint yet with slightly cooler tones which give it a fresh look and feel.

Chantilly White is a favorite white paint for designer Eugenia Triandos, principal designer at Hibou Design & Co., who explains that it's 'pure and bright, ideal for creating a minimalist contemporary look.'

As Eugenia suggests, this white paint works best in modern decorating ideas and aids in creating an open and bright feel. 'Think art gallery walls or an ideal color to apply on trims, ceilings, and cabinets to create a clean, polished finish,' continues Eugenia.

3. Simply White

white bedroom with panelled walls and striped headboard

(Image credit: Knight Varga Interiors, photography Janis Nicolay)

'There are so many great whites from Benjamin Moore but one of our favorites is Simply White,' says designer Trish Knight of Knight Varga Interiors.

'It is warmer than Chantilly Lace but not as yellow as Cloud White – it is the perfect neutral for both contemporary and traditional homes, always feeling fresh. We will specify this in a matte finish for walls and use the same for the ceiling; and in a low sheen for cabinetry like kitchen and bathroom cabinets.'

Simply White is also a favorite for designer Ines Kelly Mazzotta, Principal Designer at Kelly Hopter Interiors, who describes it as the perfect white paint: 'Benjamin Moore's Simply White is the perfect white in my books and my all-time favorite. I use it all the time in client projects and I've never had a client who didn't like it. It’s modern, crisp, and bright but decidedly warm and will not feel sterile.'

Ines recommends using Simply White across 'walls and your trim to create a cohesive white envelope', crucially avoiding 'the risk of mixing whites with competing undertones.'

4. Super White

white open plan living space with modern fireplace and pendant light

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

If you're looking for a white paint with a cool undertone, Benjamin Moore's Super White is recommended highly by designers. Soledad Alzaga enjoys using this paint for its crisp look and versatility: 'I love using Benjamin Moore's Super White for painting interiors because it’s a clean finish that works in any space. It’s a bright white with a cool undertone that complements any decor style, from modern to traditional.'

'I use it in all different finishes depending on the space. Semigloss for doors, trims, bathrooms, and kitchens, and flat on walls and ceilings. It’s an easy color to touch up if you get scuffs or marks.'

5. Swiss Coffee

neutral panelled wall with console table

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

In north-facing rooms with limited amounts of natural light, warm white paints can do wonders in warming up the space, and Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee is one of the best warm whites. This paint color adds a subtle amount of warmth when used across the walls, creating a cozy atmosphere.

This is a favorite white paint for interior designer Kathy Kuo, who describes it as an 'off-white with undertones of gray, yellow, and green that combine to give a warm and inviting effect' and adds that it works seamlessly across many different styles of decorating.

Interior designer Sarah Latham of Latham Interiors is also a fan of decorating with Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee, adding that 'it's a warm neutral white that looks good with older or newer interiors.'

These white paints by Benjamin Moore are popular for good reason, catering to both modern and traditional decorating styles. If you're in need of some more guidance, we've explained how to choose the best white paint for your space.

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