5 designer Amazon storefronts that make shopping for stylish homeware so much easier

Struggling to shop on Amazon? These interior designers have curated lists of their favorite products – and we're adding loads to our carts

Three Amazon products featured in interior designers' Amazon storefronts
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Amazon has quickly become one of our favorite places to shop home decor, but the site isn't always the easiest to navigate. With so many products from so many vendors, the list of table lamps or vanity mirrors can easily become overwhelming.

Luckily, interior designers have spent some time navigating the marketplace themselves, and some have listed the best Amazon home decor products under their Amazon storefronts – curated selections of their prized picks, from furniture to floor lamps. 

We took a look through our favorite designers' storefronts, and picked out a few favorites ourselves – and let's just say our baskets are full to the brim. These are five interior designer-run storefronts to check out now if you want to make your Amazon shopping experience a breeze.

5 designer storefronts to visit for stress-free shopping on Amazon

Let your hours of browsing on Amazon turn into minutes by taking a quick look through these interior designers' product selections. You can't go wrong by taking armchair advice from Bobby Berk or a side table suggestion from Kelly Wearstler, after all.

Bobby Berk

Former Queer Eye star Bobby Berk is one of our most-trusted sources when it comes to home decor, so it's no surprise that we're loving his Amazon storefront. With curated folders from 'Kitchen & Dining' to 'TikTok Made Me Buy It,' there's no shortage of high-quality, stylish finds to be discovered.

Bobby's signature aesthetic comes through in these selections, with an eclectic mix of traditional and modern style points. Mid-century modern chairs and sculptural light fixtures are just the beginning of this treasure trove of ideas.

Kelly Wearstler

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler blends luxurious materials and natural influences into a West Coast-inspired aesthetic that's just the right level of bold and daring. In her Amazon storefront, too, she's gathered a collection of iconic items that are sure to endure past interior design trends. From a sculptural side table to classic ceramics, there's no end to the design inspiration found in Kelly's curation.

Becki Owens

Becki Owens is a renowned interior designer based in Southern California, and her aesthetic exudes modern, streamlined style. Showcasing a collection she put out with rug company Surya, along with a wide selection of other home decor stars, Becki has curated an excellent selection of furniture and design accessories.

Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia, led by designer Julia Marcum, has also taken to their Amazon storefront, sharing their favorite shopping finds and the products they've used in their own home. With folders ranging from 'Top Requested Links' to 'Chris' Favorite Tools,' there's a little bit of everything.

The home decor in particular makes up a classic, timeless style that we can't help but get behind. Statement gold bar stools and practical kitchen essentials are just the start of our favorite CLJ picks.

House of Hive

House of Hive Design Co., comprised of designers Kailee Blalock and Taylor Troia, is fairly new on the interior design scene, but they've already made quite the impression. 

Making the 'bookshelf wealth' trend gain mass popularity, and sharing their sometimes-obscure interior design trends on TikTok, House of Hive has also taken to their Amazon storefront to reveal their top product picks.

House of Hive's aesthetic is a stunning blend of California casual and mid-century modern, and their selections on Amazon are carefully curated. These are a few of our favorites from the bunch.

Shopping Amazon has never been easier, and we're looking forward to decorating our whole homes with these designer-approved picks. From House of Hive's eclectic allure to Bobby's timeless style, these curated collections have something for everyone.

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