These interior designers just shared the 'obscure' decor trends they want to see more of in 2024 – and we are on board

Kailee Blalock and Taylor Troia of San Diego-based House of Hive have their eyes on these four out-of-the-box decor trends for 2024

Three rooms showing underrated trends for 2024
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Spring is nearly upon us, and chances are your home could use a seasonal spruce-up. And while a fresh coat of paint or a thorough declutter both go a long way, this just might be the year to think outside the box. 

Luckily, Kailee Blalock and Taylor Troia – co-founders of San Diego-based House of Hive – just took to TikTok to share 'an obscure list' of design features they want to see more of in 2024.

From artistic lampshades to statement ceilings, the quick list is full of gems –  unique ideas that are sure to carry your home straight into spring. These are the four interior design trends House of Hive hopes to see more of in 2024, and beyond.


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4 'obscure' design features to look out for in 2024

From shower curtains and ceilings to bathroom storage, these design trends cover the whole home. This is the rundown of four unique features Kailee and Taylor can't wait to see more of in interior design.

1. Decorative ceilings

Ceiling ideas with mottled painted ceiling

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'I've been saying this for a while, but decorative ceilings are seriously overlooked,' Kailee says in the TikTok. Showing off images of one ceiling decked out in stunning red stripes, one with a subtle wrap-around stripe in a striking blue hue, and others with playful colors in between ceiling beams, she notes the impact a bit of added ceiling interest can have on a whole space.

'Enhancing ceilings with accents provides a simple yet effective means to infuse character into any room. For transitional areas such as hallways, or smaller spaces like dining rooms or offices, opting for a statement ceiling can make a notable difference,' Kailee tells Homes & Gardens.

Taylor adds that these accents – already becoming a standout trend for 2024 – work best in rooms with higher ceilings, as lower decorated ceilings 'may create a sense of confinement.' But when the space is right, statement ceilings add quite a bit of character to an otherwise predictable room.

'These statement ceilings contribute depth, visual allure, and personality to a space, filling in color gaps where needed,' says Taylor.

Kailee and Taylor say designs that get creative with crown molding and 'unique antiquing applications' have caught their attention as of late. They also hope to see more designs that make use of wood beams, paneling, and wallpaper, as well as those with creative painted patterns.

House of Hive
Kailee Blalock and Taylor Troia

Co-founders of House of Hive Design Co., Kailee and Taylor launched their San Diego-based interior design firm in 2023. With a combined experience that spans over a decade, they specialize in highly custom interior design for luxury clients, with a signature style that holds a traditional foundation. Renowned for coining the term "Bookshelf Wealth," House of Hive Design Co. embraces the use of collected and thrifted items to create personalized, story-telling spaces. 

2. Using art to hide storage

Storage hidden behind artwork in a living room

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The next feature on House of Hive's list is a clever storage solution that adds function and visual interest to any room of the house. Kailee says that framed artwork used to hide storage alcoves are catching her eye in 2024. 

In the video, Kailee references a bathroom where art has been used to 'forego a traditional medicine cabinet,' hiding bathroom goods away. She also mentions a bar setup with hidden storage nestled behind a colorful piece of art: 'We all have a lot of stuff, but concealing it is key,' she says.

Taylor adds that this hidden storage solution can be used to stylishly hide a TV within a living room – the screen can be accessed when you like, but won't take away from the overall design scheme.

'This concept is also well-suited for entryways or mudroom areas. We recommend using art to conceal a "drop zone" cabinet where you can hide items like keys and umbrellas. It's crucial to consider the home's framing when integrating inset elements to ensure a structurally sound outcome,' Taylor tells H&G.

3. Artistic lampshades

A green room with a tall artistic lamp

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In 2024, House of Hive also wants to see 'very artistic lampshades,' Kailee says. Though she shows off light fixtures that sport very intricate painted designs in the video, she adds that 'just swapping out a lampshade' lends 'such a unique look' to a space.

When incorporating expressive lampshades into your own home, Taylor suggests keeping balance in mind, and 'maintaining consistent color tones' with the rest of the room. You'll want to pull interest without overwhelming the rest of the space.

'It's essential for the lampshade's artistic design to align with the overall style of the home. For instance, in a transitional home, we recommend selecting a lampshade that features traditional elements to harmonize with the design aesthetic,' she says.

4. Nontraditional shower curtains

white bathroom with floral fabric shower curtain and shower over tub, blue vintage storage unit, plants, wooden floor, stool, round coir rug

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The shower curtain may be the last design feature you think of when considering a bathroom update, but a refreshed shade can make a real difference. 

Kailee notes the 'superb' layering of white and yellow shower curtains in a bathroom designed by Linda Ha Studio, and a Roman curtain-inspired look in a room designed by Benjamin Dhong Interiors. She adds that simply investing in a patterned shower curtain, or one with bright or unexpected hues, levels up a space in an instant.

'I, like everybody else, always buy white shower curtains, but doing a pattern just looks so much better,' says Kailee. Taylor adds that 'your choice of a shower curtain can reveal a lot about your personality,' suggesting a matching, monochromatic look for the bathroom.

'Shower curtains are a great way to experiment with different textures and colors since they're easy to change. Lately, we've been into the idea of layering curtains, adding valances over tubs for a framed look, and embracing cool textures like ruffles and lace,' says Taylor.

It's clear that House of Hive is looking for expressive, artistic, and unexpected design features in 2024 – and these ideas are well-suited to just about any style. From the living room to the dining room ceiling, your home is set to look stunning for the rest of the year with the help of these clever updates.

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