How do you add a TV to a traditional living room? This interior designer's space offers the perfect hidden storage solution

Hiding the TV can be key to a living room feeling chic, but disguising tech is even more important in a traditional space - here's how one designer overcomes the problem

living room shelves with tvs
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While TVs often form a central part of the living room, it's well known that they're not always the most aesthetic of items. There are many factors that play into how well your TV integrates into your living room, such as how large it is in comparison to your space and where it is positioned.

However, there are larger design changes you can make to stylishly hide your TV from sight, whilst ensuring it remains easily accessible for when you wish to use it.

Taking inspiration from interior design studio Alice Grace Interiors, who shared an example of disguising a TV in a traditional living room by integrating it behind custom shelving of a dividing wall, we spoke to interior design experts to get their thoughts on this stylish and practical design concept.

'It is always challenging to balance the living room design aesthetics with functionality,' explains Chelsea Potthast, Principal at Potthast Design. 'This is true especially when the living room includes a potential eyesore – the television.'

'Concealing the TV with custom shelving is probably the best answer for several reasons. The TV is easily accessible and visible only when in use, providing a seamless look to the cabinetry. It also maximizes storage space, which is always a premium.'

Robin Aebischer, co-founder of home decor brand BUYnBLUE also says that concealing the TV within living room shelving ideas is a good design choice, creating a more seamless look throughout the room: 'Concealing the TV behind shelving in the living room is a smart design choice for several reasons. It allows for a clean and uncluttered look, reducing the visual dominance of the TV in the space. It also provides an opportunity to integrate the TV into the overall decor, making it part of a cohesive design rather than a standalone electronic appliance.'

If you're feeling inspired to create a similar look in your own home by disguising the TV, there are a few key things to consider. First, it's best to go for a bespoke option to create custom shelving to best suit your room's proportions. 'Invest in custom-built shelving that can accommodate your TV and match the room's design aesthetics,' advises Robin.

Robin adds: 'Ensure proper cable management within the shelving to keep the area neat and organized,' and lastly, it's important to consider the living room lighting ideas. You will want to have lighting within the shelving that can set the ideal cozy atmosphere for watching TV in the evening. 'Incorporate subtle lighting within the shelving to highlight decor items and create a cozy ambiance,' concludes Robin. 

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While hiding the TV through shelving can be a costly bespoke design choice, there are of course other ways you can hide the TV without making such an investment. We have lots more living room TV ideas to help give you some more inspiration, whether you're looking to make the TV the focal point of the room or cleverly conceal it amongst other pieces. 

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