Halloween trends 2023 – 6 terrifyingly tasteful takes for your home

Experts offer their insights into the latest Halloween trends for those that want to be spooktacularly stylish

Halloween trends
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Every year, as the cold October air sweeps in, the only chills we feel are of excitement for decorating with all the latest Halloween trends.

As the new seasons roll in, new interior design trends emerge, and Halloween is without doubt the one that's the most fun. In 2023, interior designers are incorporating a whole new style of Halloween decoration ideas into their homes to get into the spooky spirit. The good news? They're so much more stylish than ever before.

Here, experts have offered their insight into the top Halloween trends for 2023 that can inspire you to decorate tastefully for Halloween.

From Halloween decor ideas trending on social media, to designers and trends analysts sharing their top picks for Halloween 2023 trends, we've picked our favorites. Infuse your home with Halloween opulence by decorating with trending statement features and design hacks.

1. Sophisticated Halloween color palettes

Halloween table decor with basket full of gourds, berries and green candles, blue patterned plates with rattan placemats, berry coloured glassware

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One emerging trend that has gained popularity is the use of non-traditional colors for Halloween. 

'People are moving away from the traditional orange and black color palette and are experimenting with a more sophisticated palette,' says Jacky Chou, Principal and Director at Archute.

Interior designers are embracing emerald greens, deep purples, midnight blues and rich burgundy to create a more sophisticated and elegant Halloween ambiance. However you wish to decorate for Halloween, by painting walls or simply finding smaller decorative items, why not incorporate these colors?

These unconventional Halloween color choices can provide refreshing twist on stereotypical Halloween decor, setting your home apart from the rest.

Jacky Chou
Jacky Chou

Jacky Chou is the Principal and Director at Laurel & Wolf online interior design agency. Jacky is also Principal and Director at Archute, an editorial magazine about architecture, home and garden. They have been referenced by The New York Times, Bustle, House & Home, Bloomberg, and Angi.

2. Floating lights

Fall table decor

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An inventive way to orchestrate an elegant but spooky display is to create the illusion of floating candles. This Harry Potter-esque set up can work in any room in your home, but one creator on TikTok displayed the candles around their dining room light feature, which looks great (see below). Alternatively, you can feature the candles above a staircase or lining an arch in your home. 

To create this effect you can use LED candle sticks with invisible thread tactically stuck to the candles and then attached to your ceiling. Create depth by hanging the candles with thread of different lengths, so the candles hang at varying heights.

You can find Led Battery Operated Flameless Taper Candles on Amazon, and to hang them up, we recommend this Gutermann Invisible Thread, also from Amazon.


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3. Macabre minimalism

halloween front porch decor

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'Macabre minimalism is gaining popularity among those who prefer a more understated approach to Halloween decor,' comments Maria Velniceriu, founder of MissMV. 'This trend embraces the beauty of simplicity and focuses on bold, graphic elements such as black and white prints, geometric shapes, and minimalist Halloween-themed artwork. 

'By using clean lines and a limited color palette, this trend allows the Halloween spirit to shine through without overwhelming the space.' 

Instead of randomly decorating areas in your home with Halloween decor, find well-chosen statement pieces and create various focus points to make a modern and eye-catching display.

Below are some of our favorite Anthropologie Halloween decorations, and we've also covered the most popular Halloween decorations.

4. Natural gothic elements

Easy no-carve pumpkin ideas with faux pumpkins lining the steps of a garden

(Image credit: Grandin Road)

Another Halloween trend that is gaining popularity is the use of natural materials to create a rustic and organic Halloween look. 

Classic fall decor, such as incorporating elements such as dried branches, grapevine wreaths, fall foliage and decorating with dried flowers can bring a touch of nature indoors and is a beautiful alternative to plastic, artificial-looking products. Use dried flowers that play into the gothic Halloween themes, such as roses or thistles, and even leaves such as eucalyptus, to create a macabre bouquet.

Another exciting natural option to bring an eerie Halloween theme into your home is is glow-in-the-dark plants. 'Plants like the Autumn Fern or the Black Scallop Bugleweed can naturally glow under the right light. Integrate these into your garden or indoor plant collection. Use black lights in strategic garden spots or inside to make these plants glow, creating a natural, eerie garden glow,' suggests Mohammad Ahmed, an Interior Designer Founder of The Home Guidance Blog. 

Featuring real pumpkins in a whole host of colors is also an ever present but increasingly popular option that is a beautiful alternative to plastic pumpkins that can look a bit tacky. 

Besides the beauty of these natural Halloween decor options, Clay Cary, consumer trends analyst at Coupon Follow comments on the other reason for their popularity: 'The year 2023 has seen the rise of the sustainable and eco-friendly Halloween. Our homes can reflect this commitment by using biodegradable decorations and ethically sourced materials. Forget plastic and create centerpieces from natural materials that won't harm the planet.'  

5. The fireplace display

Halloween table decor

(Image credit: Unsplash/Debby Hudson)

For those with out-of-action fireplaces, this has become the perfect centerpiece in a living room to display a range of pumpkins, gourds and candles. 

As the center of most living rooms, a fireplace can be an eye-catching space to create a Halloween display, but instead of the standard mantelpiece display, people with disused fireplaces are using this opportunity to fill the space with a cleverly constructed display.

Layer taller candles or candles on large candlesticks, such as this Large Swirl Candle Stick from Walmart, and larger pumpkins towards the back, and smaller ones towards the front. You can even integrate some fall flowers, white wheat and other decorations to create a captivating Halloween display. 

You can use these BASK Mottled Pillar Candles, or for a LED option, we recommend these Vinkor Flameless Candles from Amazon.

6. Vintage decor


(Image credit: Future)

Gothic and vintage finds are an elegant and subtle on-trend way to create a Halloween theme in your home.

'Think Victorian!' says Mohammad Ahmed. 'Use vintage candleholders, dark lace, and antique furniture.' Ornate candelabras, vintage-style mirrors and portraits and dramatic velvet drapes can be dramatic additions to your home, enhance the Halloween theme. 

More gorgeous finds below.


What are the Halloween table display trends in 2023?

First step is to find a table runner with Halloween themes and colors, such as this pumpkin table runner from Anthropologie. You can also use a table runner with a subtle Halloween undertone. Next, create a harvest centerpiece to display on the table runner, including plenty of pumpkins and gourds, wheat, dried flowers, and candles on gothic candlesticks.

Halloween trends aren't all about dark colors, for some Halloween party decoration ideas you can also incorporate coloful elements and intricate patterns from the Day of the Dead celebration. Elements such as vibrant skull decorations and marigold garlands can be a festive and respectful homage to this seasonal celebration.

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