How do you decorate empty corners? An interior designer explains the simplest approach to transforming an unused space

There's no need for bland, empty corners in the home with these super simple expert ideas from designer Jordan Samson

corners of different rooms in the home
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Figuring out what to do with empty corners in the home can be a challenge; an especially difficult challenge if you have corners that have sloped ceilings or alcoves, making them tricky to style as you would the rest of the room.

So, if you're struggling to know how to fix dead space, then look no further as expert interior designer Jordan Samson has the solution. Taking to Instagram, Jordan shared a video explaining how to transform blank and redundant spaces in the home into corners that add visual interest, while ensuring no space is wasted. 

Here, we round up Jordan's three top tips to help you elevate empty corners in your home – which can be applied to any room in the home. 

1. Create an 'independent moment'

corner of a room with armchair and art piece on wall

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'No matter the size space you’re trying to fill, look at it as though you’re creating another little independent moment within your home,' Jordan explains. 

If you begin with this perspective, it will allow the empty space to act as a separate nook that serves its own purpose in the home, whether a reading nook or a space decorated with art. Not only does this improve functionality, but visually it adds depth to the room and creates a more considered, cohesive look.

2. Add functional furniture items

wooden chest of drawers with armchair

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Jordan recommends beginning by adding a large piece of furniture which will help you shape the rest of the space. 'I like to start with adding your larger functional pieces first to reduce that wall area. Like a storage cabinet, a bookcase, or an oversized floor-length mirror', he says. 

Consider what type of furniture will add value to the space – if you need more storage ideas then opt for a chest of drawers, whereas if you want another place in the home to work at then consider adding a small desk. 

3. Incorporate a standout accent

corner with armchair and lamp and artwork with olive green walls

(Image credit: Future)

'With our anchor, we can then add elements to draw the eye like art, lighting, and some form of occasional seating like a stool or a sculptural accent chair,' Jordan continues. As seen in this cozy living room, opting to incorporate a decorative piece, such as artwork, will complete the look and ensure the corner looks like a finished space rather than an afterthought. 

'If you’re dealing with a really tight space, the same idea applies but keep it simple with a piece of art or a mirror, some lighting, and some form of seating to ground everything,' concludes Jordan. 

We've rounded up some stylish items that you can shop to make a start with elevating empty corners in your home decor, whether you want to add large furniture items or make a statement with artwork. 

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