Working with a small bedroom? These are some common mistakes to avoid, according to an interior designer

Interior designer Jordan Samson just shared the small bedroom design mistakes he sees most often, and revealed how he'd put a small-scale space together instead

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Living in a small bedroom is practically a rite of passage, but that doesn't make designing these compact spaces any easier. Fitting all the furniture you need into a small space – and making the design scheme look chic at the same time – is far from simple.

That's why interior designer Jordan Samson, who says the topic is 'near and dear to his heart,' just shared his top tips for making the most of a 'pint-size bedroom' – and we're taking notes.

From common mistakes to straightforward advice, Jordan imparted his tried-and-true guidance for small bedroom design schemes. These are the small bedroom design mistakes that are ruining your sleep space, and expert-approved tips for how to fix them, according to Jordan.

How to make the most of a small bedroom design scheme

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With the help of budget-friendly bedroom furniture and design accessories from The Home Depot, Jordan transforms a small bedroom into a cozy oasis, guiding us through the entire process. But before diving into the design scheme, he shares the first small bedroom design mistake he advises staying far away from.

'The first mistake is thinking that white bedding and white walls are the only answer. You can absolutely have color and pattern, just stick to a more limited palette of two to three to avoid the space feeling too busy,' Jordan says in the video.

He presents a calming color combination of warm beige, army green and mustard yellow to make up the room's foundation – a pared-back yet bold color scheme that fits the bill. By sticking with two to three main hues in a room, you'll be left with an elevated look that doesn't take over a less-than-large space.

Small bedroom with close up bedside table and wallpaper in brown tones

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When it comes to decorating with pattern, Jordan says your bed's headboard is an easy place to go bold. But in a small bedroom, a statement headboard can be a bit too much. Instead, in his design plan, he looks to the space behind the army green, velvet headboard in an elegant shape that he's selected.

'We're going to create our own version of this using wallpaper. The wall-to-wall application will also create the illusion of a wider room,' says Jordan, showing a bold red and green wallpaper design from The Home Depot stretched across the wall behind the bed. The paper stops just above the headboard, bringing in pattern without taking over the space.

'Next, we want to draw the eye away from our limited floor space, so instead of a nightstand, we're gonna opt for these beautiful mid-century-inspired floating drawers,' Jordan continues. Floating shelves are an elevated take on the bedside table, freeing up floor space while adding chic charm to the room.

And to free up even more storage, Jordan says to 'skip the table lamps,' instead opting for a 'pendant and a reading light in [a] brass finish instead.' The combination of floating shelves and empty surface space makes this small room look airy and expansive, and the reading light's brass finish adds a complementary decorative hue to the room's sophisticated palette.

small bedroom with green curtains that are hung tall to the ceiling

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'Mirrors are your new best friend,' Jordan says, adding on another tip that's sure to expand the look of a smaller space. 'A large mirror placed across from a window will reflect tons of light and will open up the room.'

Jordan opts for a standing, rounded mirror placed near the far end of the bed to uplift the space and increase natural light. And a final furniture touch creates even more room for storage: a boucle bench placed at the foot of the bed.

'We're going to keep the styling pretty minimal so that we don't overwhelm the space – a textured rug and simple bedding will do the trick. With a little help from The Home Depot, we can transform this tiny bedroom from this to this,' says Jordan, showing off the final space, a chic and stylish bedroom that looks twice its actual size.

Working with a small space doesn't have to mean compromising on style – Jordan's work proves the opposite. With a considered color palette and functional furniture, you'll be left with a space that's fit for all your nighttime needs.

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