Nate Berkus explains his insanely simple 'sushi roll' hack to easily put on a duvet cover

The celebrity interior designer makes making the bed so much easier with this ingenious tip

Nate Berkus
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Anyone who has made a bed before knows the frustration of a comforter slipping down in a duvet. It can feel nearly impossible to match the corners and align the lines. As per usual, Nate Berkus has a solution for that. The celebrity interior designer took to Instagram to share his latest method for putting a duvet cover on, and it's brilliant (and so easy).

'I have watched this video 55 times. It's the sushi roll method for how to put a duvet cover on your bed easily,' says Nate, holding up his phone. 'It feels like I'm cheating at Algebra right now, but I'm going to give it a try.' Here are the steps he follows to accomplish this clever bedroom trend.

Step 1: Turn your duvet cover inside out

This step feels counter-intuitive to any other methods we've ever used to stuff a duvet, but since Nate swears by it, we know it has to be good.

Step 2: Lay your comforter on top of the cover

For this step you must understand the difference between a comforter and a duvet. In the video, Nate is sure to align the edges. He also adds, 'If your duvet cover has ties to keep in place, tie them now.'

Step 3: Roll

This is the fun part. Nate says, 'Starting at the end closest to you, roll the duvet cover and comforter. Keep rolling until you reach the cover's opening'

Step 4: Insert the Roll

Nate states: 'Separate both sides of the opening [of the duvet] and stretch them over the "roll," encasing it. Button the duvet cover so the "roll" is inside it.'

Step 5: Unroll

Nate finishes: 'Unroll the duvet and comforter- the duvet cover should now appear right side out.' Voila!

'Wow,' says Nate. 'The bottom is actually at the bottom,' double checking the comforter to be sure he can believe his eyes. 'Mind blown, its in. All I have to do is button it,' he continues, buttoning the duvet cover as he goes. 'There's apparently not a hack about the buttons, you have to do the buttons,' jokes Nate. 'I did it. The sushi roll, it actually works.' 

Making a bed the right way just got a lot easier. 

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