9 New Year table decor ideas to create a magical setting

Set the scene for a joyful celebration with these new year table decor ideas

New year table decor ideas
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New Year table decor ideas are the perfect way to transform an ordinary dining setting into a magical space for merriment and celebration.

For Christmas lunch, many of us stick to our traditional Christmas table decor, but New Year's dinner parties can be a wonderful opportunity to get creative and explore a variety of fun styling themes. The first thing to think about with New Year decoration ideas for entertaining is the tone and formality of the event – tablescaping ideas for a glitzy New Year's Eve party will call for a different approach to a quiet New Year's Day gathering. 

Whether you're planning a themed party to see in the New Year, a quiet family affair, or are still wondering how to celebrate the New Year at home this year, these New Year table decor ideas are guaranteed to get you inspired.

10 New Year table decor ideas

When it comes to New Year table decor ideas the options are endless, so it can be daunting to know where to begin. The key is to style the table to match the atmosphere you want to create.

If you're planning to host a large New Year's Eve party don't be afraid to go all out with dinner party themes suggests Olivia Alers-Hankey, founder of Candle Flair. 'The more elaborate the tablescape, the better!' she says. 'End the year with a bang by creating a dramatic setting that everyone will remember and that will set the scene for the celebrations ahead.'

Alternatively, if you are planning a quiet New Year's Day meal then something more calming and pared back may be called for after the frivolities of the festive season and the night before. For many new year is a time for reflection, but also to look forward with hope and optimism, and this can be a great source of inspiration for table settings – think rejuvenating green tones, crisp whites or bright, joyful colors.

Alongside a beautifully laid table it's a good idea to style up a sideboard for a home bar, or, alternatively, you could invest in a handy bar cart that can be moved from the dining space into the living room to serve after-dinner treats or drinks.

1. Choose a fresh floral centerpiece

New Year table decor with fresh flowers by Philippa Craddock

(Image credit: Philippa Craddock)

Set your New Year table decor apart from the traditional pine and holly-based Christmas table decor embellished with dried fruit and baubles and instead opt for a fresher, more delicate arrangement featuring white and frosty green tones along with plenty of feathery flowers and foliage.

For this New Year centerpiece floral designer Philippa Craddock has used pine and eucalyptus Christmas foliage as a base, but has added wax flowers and skimma for a fresh feel, along with potted white cyclamen. With its delicate blush tones the skimmia works beautifully with the dusky pink crockery and taper candles.

'I love combining floral centerpieces with tall, elegant tapered candles and cut glass votives that glimmer and reflect across the crystal and cutlery,' says Philippa Craddock. 'Petite bottles and bud vases add delicate beauty and can extend the design to add effortless grace and fluidity.'

'Make sure that wreaths, trees, fresh garlands and flowers are still looking reasonably fresh. If not, discard them and replace them with something a little less Christmassy,' suggests Simon Temprell, interior design manager at Neptune.

2. Display an elegant winter bouquet

neutral dining room with a fresh winter bouquet

(Image credit: Adam Carter)

After the busy period of Christmas, why not go for a calming, pared-back dining scheme of white peppered with hints of blue and green? If you don't have time to make a centerpiece, a winter bouquet in a lovely vase will work just as well, though it may need to be moved to a side table during meal times to prevent it from getting in the way of conversation. 

Again, reuse any Christmas foliage you have left over that still looks fresh, and then add in some brighter shades to make it feel less... Christmassy and lighter for the New Year.

3. Channel a glamorous celestial scheme

New Year table decor with blue tablecloth and gold cutlery

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

For a New Year's Eve celebration, what could be a more fitting table palette than celestial navy mixed in with metallics as you count down to midnight?

Layer a deep blue tablecloth with blue tableware, and pair with gold cutlery and brass napkin rings. Topping each setting with foraged leaves sprayed gold makes for a pretty final flourish. For a centerpiece simply dot about Mercury glass baubles which will glimmer in candlelight and weave through LED table lights to allude to the theme of a starry night sky. 

4. Add sparkle with metallics

New Year place setting with silver theme

(Image credit: Neptune)

New Year’s Eve can be slightly more sophisticated than Christmas so subtle changes can help create a scene that is a bit more grown-up suggests Simon Temprell.

'The table should look grown-up and sparkly. This is a time for metallics, and you can mix several if you wish: Gold, silver, and copper mix beautifully. Simple table centerpieces made from tall cylinder vases filled with colored Christmas baubles (one silver, one gold, one copper?) and fill the vase with water so that you can use a floating candle in each one.'

'Dot some succulents amongst your glass cylinders to introduce a natural element.  Intersperse gold and silver votive holders for added sparkle. Avoid metallic confetti as it makes the table look messy and it gets everywhere!'

5. Spark joy with bold colors

Colorful New Year table idea

(Image credit: Future)

'New Year’s Eve is the occasion to go all out; the evening is all about looking to the future with positivity so why not add plenty of color and drama?' suggests Sam Hood, co-founder and chief creative officer at Amara. 'Use bright flowers interspersed with candlesticks at different heights, and why not add different colored candles too for that extra layer of flamboyant glamor?'

6. Create a natural Nordic look

A simple rustic dining table with green garland and candlesticks

(Image credit: AMARA)

If you're not a fan of glitz and glamor why not embrace Scandi decor and go for a calm and chic table? 'Combine neutral tones with natural materials; plenty of greenery especially scented stems like eucalyptus and pine to bring this Nordic aesthetic that we all love into your home this New Year,' suggests Sam Hood.

Cover bench seating with sheepskins to bring a relaxed and cozy hygge atmosphere and style up side tables with simple bowls filled with pine cone decorations

7. Create a magical atmosphere with candlelight

dining table with long candles, red striped tablecloth and rattan pendant light fixture

(Image credit: Future)

If there's one thing no New Year's table should be without it's candles say the experts. 'I like to use as many candles across the table in bold colors – think burgundy, cobalt blue, or black, to pack a punch. I also like to layer a mix of taper candles in various heights with swirl, twist, and spiral candles to add to the drama and fun,' says Olivia Alers-Hankey. When the night settles in and the flicker of the candles floods the table with an ambient glow, you’ll be enveloped in a magical setting to ring the new year in!' 

'New Year is a very twinkly time falling as it does between Christmas and Epiphany, so keep the festive magic going with lots of cream or white tea lights in clear glass holders clustered at the center of your table,' adds Sarah Davies-Bennion, senior designer at Kate Guinness. 'You can use almost anything for this – your best cut-glass wine glasses, pleasingly-shaped old jam/condiment jars, old scented candle jars… even old pudding pots.'

The secret is a mix of different shapes and sizes and plentifulness. This will give a feeling of abundance and warmth appropriate for New Year but will also be an antidote to the Christmas riot of color.' 

8. Use potted bulbs for a centerpiece

grape hyacinth bulbs for a New Year table

(Image credit: Future)

The time between Christmas and New Year is a busy and valuable time for catching up with friends and family, so it's a good idea to prepare your New Year table decor in advance. A lovely centerpiece idea for New Year's Day, potted bulbs will bring a wonderfully fresh, hopeful feel to a dining table and will remind guests that spring is on the way. 

The great thing about using bulbs is they can be potted up in advance and brought into the house a week or so before where the warmth will bring them into flower. Before you start check out our guide on how to force bulbs.

'Flower wise there isn’t a huge amount to choose from so I would go for indoor bulbs such as hyacinths and narcissi, along with colorful glasses and napkins,' says Speronella Marsh founder of Hare’s Tail Printing. Amaryllis would also work well. 

9. Style a side table

White Company side table laid with food for a dinner party

(Image credit: The White Company)

Having a console or side table in the dining room is handy for easing the pressure off the dining table and can be used as a serving station for food or for storing bulky items like large ice buckets for wine and champagne which can get in the way of conversations across the table. Alternatively, if you're wondering how to host a cocktail party, they are a perfect place to create a home bar. 

If you are planning to use your console as a serving station be sure to lay a tablecloth or platter to protect it and set the tone. For the food choose an array of serving platters at different heights so that the table has depth and interest, this can also be a clever tip for saving space. To ensure the food is the star of the show keep decorations limited to simple dinner candles in glass holders and to finish even just a few sculptural steams of foraged foliage are all you need to bring the table to life. Alternatively, if space on the table is tight try hanging a beautiful sparkly wreath above.

What do you put on a New Year's table?

What do you put on a New Year's table?

What you put on a New Year's table will depend on the formality of the occasion – are you looking to style a Glitzy New Year's Eve dinner table or a relaxed setting for New Year's Day with the family? For a sit-down evening meal, set the tone with a crisply laundered tablecloth and lay up the appropriate crockery, cutlery, and napkins. For glassware, be sure to set out wine, water, and champagne glasses for when the clock strikes midnight. 

In terms of new year table decor ideas, 'the first step to creating a beautifully laid table is to choose a color palette and theme,' suggests Sam Hood, co-founder and chief creative officer of Amara. From large centerpiece ideas to simple clusters of candles, the options for styling the table are endless and the key is to have fun. Choosing decor ideas to complement your dining room decor is always effective, or you could go for a wild and whimsical theme. 

Whatever you choose be sure to tailor it to the tone of the occasion. For a sophisticated, elegant scheme you can't go wrong with white and silver, or deep colors with metallics, but with the new year being the time for optimism bright colors could also work well or for a calm table perfect for quiet reflection try a pared-back scheme with plenty of fresh greenery.

How can I make my New Year's table look beautiful?

Adding a decorative fresh floral centerpiece or a table garland interspersed with candles is an easy way to make a New Year's table look beautiful and is guaranteed to bring a sense of occasion to dinner parties.

'Centerpieces of flowers and foliage add elegance and the feeling of luxury to any table. If you want to make your own table centerpiece, look for spruce and pine, climbing ivy, holly, and a touch of bay for fragrance,' advises Asta Foufas, head of product at Arena Flowers. 'Silvery white senecio from the garden adds gorgeous variety to the texture and color too. Be sure to keep the height low, as you want your guests to be able to see each other over it.'

'For a more sustainable centerpiece, opt for rolled-up chicken wire in your base instead of floral foam – you’ll be able to clean and reuse it. Check your water level every couple of days and top up as needed to stop your stems from drying out,' adds Asta Foufas. 

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