9 of the biggest spring decor trends to try in 2024

Update your home with these fresh new looks for the spring season

pink bedroom with wood ceiling and checked floors
(Image credit: Champalimaud Design)

Out-sized florals, bold color combos, and high-shine surfaces are just some of the hottest Spring décor trends for 2024. Heralding new beginnings and sunny days ahead, spring is always a great time to update your décor.

While 2024 has its fair share of micro interior design trends – those style moments that can be mixed up and spread around the home with ease – perhaps the biggest, most influential decor trend of the season must be natural materials. Yes, again. From unpainted kitchen cabinets to 2024’s colors of the year, Mother Nature’s influence is all-encompassing.

Kajsa Krause, Principal and Director of Strategy at Champalimaud Design believes the enduring appeal of nature-led design lies in its comforting familiarity. ‘Natural materials such as wood, real stone, and natural fibers in fabric create a sense of “high touch” to the hand while also promoting feelings of comfort and relaxation,’ she explains.

Shake off winter’s apathy, and let’s see some enthusiasm for spring decor trends 2024.

1. Primary colors

blue sofa with orange cushion and flower prints above

(Image credit: Ash NYC/Colin Miller)

Brace yourself, one of the hottest new trends for spring is the introduction of primary colors, like bold blues, reds and yellows, into neutral residences, offering a unique and unexpected shift away from pastels and muted hue.

‘The coming of spring marks a euphoric period of rebirth not unlike the historic transition from black and white to color in television broadcast: rapidly, everything we surround ourselves with begins to saturate. To celebrate that, we love to infuse vivid hues -- particularly in upholstery and textiles, which echoes that spirit indoors,’ says Andrew Bowen of Ash Staging. Get those sunglasses ready.

Andrew Bowen
Andrew Bowen

Andrew is partner of Ash hotels, and Head of Ash Staging. In this latter role, he oversees design and operations, completing more than 1,000 staging projects across the country over the past decade. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Urban Design and Architecture. 

2. High-shine gloss

side table cube shape with chair

(Image credit: Studio Atkinson)

Flat matt finishes are old news, say hello to high gloss – the shinier the better! Glossy finishes offer a touch of modernism and luxury to any room and is forecast to grow in popularity as we move through 2024. We’re talking lacquered furniture, gloss-painted walls, and polished stones. Glossy surfaces reflect light, making objects appear more prominent and more interesting to look at. Not limited to a specific color, high-shine gloss has a place in every home.

‘Glossy furniture is particularly effective for adding a sense of bold elegance to any space, and I love incorporating this element for spring especially. The polished, smooth surfaces give a room a bit of modernism and lightness while creating contrast with upholstered furniture,’ says interior designer, Susie Atkinson, whose Buffed Up Lacquer Collection nails the trend.  ‘Glossy pieces work in traditional and contemporary homes, adding texture and color to any design scheme – they are sleek and understated and seamlessly complement and add personality.’


Expert Image
Susie Atkinson

Susie Atkinson has worked on high profile commercial and private residential projects all over the world, including the Caribbean, Majorca, Greece, Scotland and Germany. Susie’s use of colour, combined with her passion for natural materials and different textures bring to life the interiors of private houses, hotels, clubs or boats. 

3. Contrast coving

four poster bed with modern pink light above

(Image credit: Dekay & Tate)

You’ve done color-drenching, where all the millwork, walls, and coving are coated in the same color, now it’s time for a return to definition. But make it colorful. Contrasting coving and other architectural woodwork is coming back this spring and we’re celebrating.

‘The colored coving trend adds personality and warmth to any space. The pink trim here is especially suited to spring, and complements the white walls for a fresh, feminine touch without a loud pop of color making the bedroom overwhelming,’ says Eleanor Tate Trepte from Dekay & Tate. ‘It creates a happy atmosphere for rest and relaxation.’

Eleanor Tate Trepte
Eleanor Tate Trepte

Eleanor, known as Ellie, is a graduate from New York Institute of Art & Design and worked as a gallery director and art dealer before established Dekay & Tate in Palm Beach. Ellie specializes in art curation and selection for clients, alongside the entirety of the design scope. Clients seek out her multidisciplinary knowledge and influential design approach.

4. Global luxe

moroccan style living room with sisal rug and fireplace

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

Just as ethnic influences stole the spring catwalk shows this year, so ethnic textiles are stealing into interiors, but in a stealth-luxe way. Think less Moroccan flea markets, more Park Lane Hotel. 

‘What truly sets 2024 apart is the incorporation of vintage velvet and linen prints with a slightly ethnic global design feel. Inspired by patterns like Kilim and Moroccan designs, these prints add a sense of worldly charm to the modern home,’ says David Harris, design director at Andrew Martin.

The key to adopting this trend is to be subtle about it. Combine with other luxurious textiles and finishes, up-scale furnishings and elegant shapes for a sophisticated look filled with glorious color and texture.

5. Accessories get kooky

banquette with wooden table and vase and flowers

(Image credit: Shiny Shed Collective)

If you’re not ready for a full-on spring reno, get on board the trend for kooky home accessories, the weirder the better! Just one or two completely bonkers items will be enough to elevate your room, and you’ll have a great time seeking them out. Ceramicware, cushions, mirrors, side tables and artwork, as long as it’s off-beat and out-there, you’re bang on trend.

‘This spring we anticipate seeing all sorts of odd shapes in home accessories and décor items. From a funky vase hand selected in Mexico City, to lopsided bowls, we are seeing unexpected shapes popping up more and more in projects as spring approaches,’ confirms Allie Allen, co-founder of Shiny Shed Collective

Allie Allen & Sasha White
Allie Allen & Sasha White

Shiny Shed Collective, a California-based interior design studio, was born from a passion for design and the love of making people feel comfortable in their space. Co-founders and lifelong friends Allie and Sasha love to mix antiques and vintage finds with custom pieces creating a unique feel. The duo believe interior design should be a personal expression of who you are and bring joy to your everyday life. 

6. Checks AND stripes

stripy shower room with pink checked floors

(Image credit: Emma Ainscough/Otto Tiles & Design)

Why limit yourself to one directional pattern when you can have two? This is the thinking behind this season’s hottest pattern pairing and it’s giving us all the beachy feels. Don’t even think about embracing checks and stripes in small doses, the experts are using this cool combo as the start and finish point of their designs.

‘Checks and stripes, to me, are a great base layer to add depth to any space – they can either be used en-mass to add impact to a space, or used alongside more organic, statement patterns to create a sense of contrast,’ says interior designer, Emma Ainscough.

‘Checks and stripes can give a more utilitarian and relatable feel to a space, particularly through the use of fabrics, lending themselves to a more timeless interior. I rarely create a space without the use of a stripe or a check, they’re my neutral to layer up from, an invaluable tool to a designer!’

Emma Ainscough
Emma Ainscough

Trained at the prestigious KLC School of Design, Emma founded her own studio in 2020 and strives to create authentic interiors which provide a playful and stimulating backdrop to everyday life. With a strong belief that our interior spaces can impact how we feel, Emma takes an entirely personal approach to each project, creating inviting yet refined interiors which are enriched by beautiful and interesting one-off pieces wherever possible. 

7. Bold color combos

colourful kitchen in stripes and yellow

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson/Iaia Coco)

Unconventional color combinations are heralding characterful interiors for spring. Are you ready to mix it up? ‘For 2024, I think unusual color combinations will become more commonplace as people strive to create unique homes,’ says interior designer, Matthew Williamson. ‘Color-filled walls can be the single most effective and affordable way to transform and elevate a space.’

Instead of plotting one or two shades on your mood board, next time go for three or four and make them high-impact, dynamic and brave. ‘If finding colors that work well together from scratch feels like a struggle, take pictures on your phone of color combinations you see and think work well together while out and about. I snap palettes and patterns that catch my eye almost every day!’ adds Matthew.

Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson is an award-winning interior designer, renowned for his unique and unrivalled use of pattern and colour. Having begun his illustrious career in fashion under his namesake brand more than 20 years ago, Matthew has drawn on his decades of experience and pivoted seamlessly into the world of interior design. 


8. Flower power

grand living room with floral rug and fireplace and chandelier

(Image credit: The Vawdry House)

Forget ditsy prints, florals are super-charged for spring. Still very pretty, but BIG. Before you hit the shops, note that this flowers-on-steroids trend is actually quite specific. ‘Florals often enjoy a renaissance as spring hits, but this season we are seeing a modern take on classic blooms,’ explains Sophie Chapman, of The Vawdrey House. ‘I’m talking about oversized, vibrant florals that feel modern, but not brazen. Set your sights somewhere between the naturalistic William Morris-influenced florals made popular in the Victorian era, and Mary Quant’s big brash daisies. This spring’s floral influences are softer, and made more feminine and joyful with a loose slightly messy lived-in appearance.'

‘Bold florals work well layered. Don't be afraid to clash them, using strong accent colors to highlight key aspects of the pattern for maximum impact,’ adds Sophie. 

Sophie Chapman portrait
Sophie Chapman

A founding member of The Vawdrey House, Sophie oversees the design team, bringing her energy and creativity to projects. She has a BA in Interior Design & Environmental Architecture. When not curating unique furniture proposals or styling, Sophie loves nothing more than digging for treasure at antiques fairs and French brocantes. 

9. Big frills

pink curtains with rustic chair in front

(Image credit: Meredith Owen/Molly Culver)

Frills and ruffles are the fabulously flouncy interiors trend that may never die, not if we have a choice anyway! This season frills are being wheeled out once again, but, taking lead from the fashion scene, this time the look focuses on deep, flowing frills rather than quaint cottage-style frilly trim. 

Texas-based interior designer Meredith Owen is ahead of the curve in this gorgeous little seating spot, featuring just the one deep frill but it’s artfully executed. Imagine the same space with plain drapes…not nearly as thrilling. 

‘The soft, blush hue of the window treatments stands out against the earthy tones of the vintage weathered bench, drawing attention to both elements,’ she says. ‘The curves and flowing lines of the curtains contrast with the worn appearance of the seat, creating a sense of balance and harmony through opposition.’ We’re sold. 

interior designer Meredith Owen
Meredith Owen

With an interior design degree and several years’ design experience under her belt, Meredith opened her eponymous studio in 2016. Today, Meredith leads her talented design team in all aspects of the design process and works closely with her clients and team to design approachable, yet luxurious homes. 


Spring decor trends for 2024 are all about having fun. Using color and pattern to express the change in season and all the joys that go with that. 

Linda Clayton

Linda graduated from university with a First in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting. Her career began on a trade title for the kitchen and bathroom industry, and she has worked for Homes & Gardens, and sister-brands Livingetc, Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home, since 2006, covering interiors topics, though kitchens and bathrooms are her specialism.