5 welcoming summer bedroom ideas to help you refresh your space for warmer weather

Embrace a sunnier disposition in your home with these expert-approved ways to create a breezier bedroom this summer

summer bedroom ideas
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A summer bedroom should be one of two things: beautiful and breezy. You want to feel both inspired by the design and comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep. So it's important to do a few (quick and budget-friendly, might I add) tweaks to get your bedrooms ready for the warmer months.

Your bedroom should feel like a breath of fresh air, offering comfort while celebrating the beauty of the new season. From light airy textiles to refreshing color palettes, there are numerous ways to create a more summery feel with new bedroom ideas.

Here's how to bring a little seasonal style to your bedroom, with 5 summer bedroom ideas to refresh your space – as told by the experts.

5 Summer Bedroom Ideas To Refresh Your Sleep Space

summer pastel bedroom with red and blue bed and floral curtains

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Getting your bedroom summer-ready isn't a necessity as such, but is certainly a lovely way to give your space a small 'tweakment' that makes you feel as if you have an entirely new sleep space.

Whether you have a small bedroom or a vast main bedroom to revamp, these 5 summer bedroom ideas from interior designers are sure to inspire.

1. Switch out soft furnishings for something sunnier

bedroom with yellow striped wallpaper and light pink bed with a window seat

(Image credit: Vaughan Design & Development / Photography Chris Snook)

One of the most impactful ways to transform a space is to switch out the soft furnishings. Take stock of all the textures, fabrics, and drapes in your bedroom and look to change them for something airy for the summer if they're looking a little heavy.

'We like to design spaces that feel light and joyful all year round,' says Holly Vaughan of Vaughan Design & Development. 'However, if you fancy adding in extra pattern and bursts of color that are nostalgic of the summer months, we would keep it simple and switch up the soft furnishings with something softer and sunnier.'

For example, thick curtains can be replaced with sheer fabrics like linen or cheesecloth to allow natural light to filter through, creating a more open atmosphere. If you have an upholstered headboard and bed skirt, consider if these might benefit from a warm weather upgrade to a color or texture more suitable to the season. Bright, cheerful colors and bold patterns can instantly inject a sense of summer into your space, and be don't be afraid to mix and match.

2. Reach for lighter linens

layered linen bedding in a wooden bed with organic feel

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Of course, a really quick and easy swap is your bed linens. Start by swapping heavy winter blankets and dark-colored bedding for lighter, more breathable materials. Opt for linen or cotton sheets in light, airy colors like white, pale blue, or soft pink. These materials are not only comfortable but are cooler to the touch so you can ensure a more comfortable sleep during those warmer nights.

'I always like to do a mini refresh in my bedroom for the summer months,' says renowned interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'It feels so nice to have summer-weight sheets and to swap out my cashmere throw blankets for lighter cotton ones. I also switch up my decorative pillows and shams for the summer, and always love a vase of fresh, summery flowers on my nightstand to really savor the best elements of the season.'

Linen has a beautiful, relaxed texture that adds a laid-back elegance. Its ability to keep you cool in the summer is unparalleled and it tends to become softer with each wash. 'Linen bedding is a great addition to a summer bedroom,' adds Shelby Van Daley of Daley Home. 'I love the look of layered linens on a bed. I also love a creamy linen drapery to brighten and soften a room.'

3. Update with a lighter, brighter color palette

blue summer bedroom with red striped headboard and rattan detail wardrobes

(Image credit: Vaughan Design & Development / Photography Chris Snook)

'Light color palettes with fun patterns are wonderful elements to the perfect summer bedroom,' notes Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design. And we couldn't agree more. But this doesn't mean you have to think vibrant.

Summer is synonymous with light and cheerful colors. Adopting a new color scheme can instantly uplift the space and create a more inviting and relaxed ambiance. A fresh coat of paint in a soft, sunny shade like soft blues, pastel pinks, and light yellows can completely transform the mood of your bedroom.

Needing inspiration? Turn to nature. Think about the colors you see at the beach or in a summer garden: soft sandy neutrals, ocean blues, leafy greens, and floral tones. Using these colors on walls, bedding, and accessories can create a cohesive look that celebrates the essence of summer.

4. Lighten up your artwork and decor

pastel pink bedroom with twin beds and red headboards with antique art

(Image credit: Heather Peterson Design / Kim Cornelison)

By now you've probably already completed your bedroom spring clean, and for summer, we're suggesting you take that idea further and give your bedroom even more breathing space with a de-clutter.

Now, we're not talking junk and clothing here, but instead looking to pare back bolder, brighter decor pieces in favor of a more relaxing space. 'In the summer it's nice to have less stuff, more ease,' explains Heather Peterson of Heather Peterson Design.

'This may sound weird, but in addition to swapping in summer bedding, consider removing or lightening up your art,' says Heather. If your bedroom walls are heavy with collected artwork and pieces, it might be time to consider if that really feels conducive to a calm space designed for sleep. Particularly if they have quite dark color palettes or subject matters! Perhaps some of the pieces could be relocated to other rooms of the home?

'I have also been known to lay a room-sized sisal or jute rug and layer a patterned wool one on top only as the season calls for,' she adds.

5. Include natural materials

blue and white summer bedroom with natural furniture and woven accessories

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When you think of summer, a balmy beachside escape tends to spring to mind. So look to achieve this feeling at home with natural materials reminiscent of a vacation, coastal bedroom.

'Natural materials like marble and rattan will instill cozy, earthy vibes,' says Mara Rypacek Miller, managing director and founder of Industville. 'Together, these elements create a bedroom that is not only a place to sleep but a tailor-made retreat reflecting individuality and lifestyle.'

Whether you are keen to replace the bigger ticket bedroom furniture pieces, like your bed and storage solutions, or simply want to switch around some of your decor, woven textures will transport you instantly to a sunshine state of mind. Look to interchange lighting, rugs, picture frames, and accent furniture pieces for something more natural.

'The trend of hanging pendant lights on either side of the bed, or placing traditional oversized table lamps, is gaining popularity for summer 2024,' adds Mara.

Summer is the perfect season to give your bedroom a quick freshen-up. With the warmer weather comes the need to spruce up your space for a better slumber: airy fabrics to let in light and breeze at the windows, new bed linens for cooler sleep, and more relaxing colors to foster relaxation.

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