What colors go with olive green? 7 pairings designers recommend for this sophisticated and calming hue

Elevate your olive green interior schemes with these expert-suggested color pairings

(Image credit: Bethany Adams Interiors/J.L. Jordan Photography, Sarah Vaile Design, Alex Yeske Interiors/Jess Isaac)

Olive green is a color that's always in style. Sophisticated and calming, olive green is used widely by designers for its versatility which adds depth and character to any room in the home.

From dark shades of olive green that feel moody to lighter interpretations of this earthy hue that have a relaxing quality, olive green comes in many varieties depending on the look and feel you wish to create.

But when it comes to decorating with green, it's important to get your color pairings right to add more interest and depth to this calming shade. To provide some ideas of what colors go with olive green, we've rounded up interior designers' suggestions below.

What colors go with olive green?

Read on to learn the best olive green color combinations for rooms, from dark and moody to light and neutral.

1. Blush pink

Modern farmhouse kitchen wall decorated with a vintage-style painting

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

'Olive green pairs wonderfully with blush pink,' says Nick Cryer, founder of Berkeley Place. 'This combination blends the earthy tones of olive green with the soft, romantic hues of blush pink, creating a balanced and refreshing aesthetic.'

As Nick explains, this color combination is a great option if you want to impart a more feminine feel amid the dark tones of olive green. In this kitchen by Farrow & Ball, you can see how even the darkest olive color used across the kitchen cabinets works alongside the light pink walls, creating a cozy and welcoming look.

Interior designer Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design also recommends pairing olive green with blush pinks, adding that brass accents will complete the look: 'I love pairing olive green with blush and brass.'

2. Cherry red

olive green wall with two chinoiserie red chairs and framed graphic artwork on the wall

(Image credit: Sarah Vaile Design)

If you want to make a statement, pair olive green with cherry red tones. Sitting opposite each other on the color wheel, green and red create a high-impact, complementary color scheme that will add drama to any space.

Chicago-based designer Sarah Vaile opted for this daring color combination here with dark olive green walls and red chairs. 'We were pleasantly surprised by just how much we all loved this unexpected pairing of cherry red chinoiserie chairs against custom-colored Farrow & Ball olive walls,' explains Sarah.

3. Chocolate brown

home office with white walls, olive green ceiling and dark brown sofa

(Image credit: Alex Yeske Interiors, photography Jess Isaac)

Leaning into olive green's earthy quality by teaming it with dark brown hues is a great way to create a timeless scheme that's rooted in nature.

In the corner of this home office, interior designer Alex Yeske of Alex Yeske Interiors opted for a dark brown sofa to complement the olive green ceiling, alongside an otherwise neutral decor scheme. The result feels calming, organic, and sophisticated.

'I love using olive green as a neutral – it pairs really well with so many colors,' says Alex. 'A favorite combination is to pair it with chocolate brown.'

4. Other shades of green

corner of room with olive green walls, neutral armchair with footstool, mint green abstract artwork on the wall and wooden side table

(Image credit: Carrie Moore Interior Design, photography Lisa Gotwals)

Creating an analogous color scheme is another option when decorating with olive green, where you layer other shades of green rather than introducing entirely new colors.

Interior designer Carrie Moore of Carrie Moore Interior Design opted for this approach in this cozy seating area, pairing light olive green walls with a contrasting mint green through the artwork.

'We like to play around with nuanced hues within the same color family in a single space,' says Carrie. 'In an olive green room, we’ll use other shades of green like jade, forest, or sage to help enhance the wall color. In this project, the art has a cooler, bluer phthalo green background which lends a calming element.'

5. Light neutrals

living room with olive green walls, olive green accent chairs, neutral patterned rug and decor

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

If you're a fan of decorating with neutrals, olive green pairs excellently with light neutrals for a more pared-back, timeless look.

'Olive green is a versatile and earthy color that pairs well with a variety of shades,' says interior designer Cinzia Moretti, Creative Director at Moretti Interior Design, who flags beige and cream colors as go-tos when creating color pairings for olive green.

'These light, neutral tones complement olive green by adding warmth and softness, creating a balanced and natural palette.'

6. Brass

powder room with dark olive green walls, marble countertops and brass mirror and wall sconce

(Image credit: Willow Designs by Bridget, photography Charlotte Lea)

When creating color pairings, it's just as important to consider the color of fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. These can act as your secondary color when you use olive green as the only color on the walls.

For olive green, designers point to brass fixtures, which will enhance its timeless quality and add warmth to the space.

'This is a bathroom with deep olive walls,' says interior designer Bridget Zemar of Willow Designs By Bridget. 'We love pairing olive with aubergine and brass, divine.'

7. Burnt orange

living room with olive green walls and neutral decor

(Image credit: Bethany Adams Interiors, J.L. Jordan Photography)

In this living room designed by Bethany Adams Interiors, the muted olive green walls are completed with various other earthy shades, creating a restful feel with links to the outdoors. A standout amongst them is burnt orange, which Bethany introduces through accent pillows.

'I love layering olive green with deeper greens, browns and beiges, and pops of orange or other unexpected bright colors,' explains Bethany. 'It really is reminiscent of a walk in the woods, where everything is mossy and green and then suddenly you'll come upon a flower or a butterfly that shakes up the whole scene.'

Olive green is an incredibly timeless color, and you'll find that it pairs well with many colors since it's often seen as neutral. Whether you want to create a contrasting scheme by pairing it with opposite hues on the color wheel like red; or create a pared-back scheme with other neutrals, olive green is a great color to incorporate into your home.

To help you on your way with decorating with this color, we've rounded up the best olive green paints as recommended by designers. From Farrow & Ball's Bancha to Benjamin Moore's Mediterranean Olive, these paint colors cater to all rooms and design styles.

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