Arched kitchen cabinets are trending – this is why they're the perfect addition to a transitional kitchen, according to designers

These curved cabinets make a daring statement in any kitchen design scheme. This is why interior designers love putting them to use

A blue and white kitchen with arched wooden cabinets
(Image credit: Digs Design Co.)

If you're looking for a unique detail to add to your brand-new kitchen build or much-awaited renovation, look no further than arched kitchen cabinets. This elegant, out-of-the-box design feature is the perfect way to set your kitchen apart from the crowd. Plus, the statement shape is truly timeless, meaning you won't be left with an outdated look five years down the line.

Because we can't get enough of the trending look, we sought out some expert-approved advice for getting the arched kitchen cabinet style down. This is what interior designers have to say about what makes this kitchen cabinet trend so appealing, plus how to get the look in your own home.

A wooden arched cabinet in a blue, white and gold kitchen

(Image credit: Digs Design Co.)

Jocelyn Chiappone, owner and head designer of Rhode Island-based Digs Design Co., truly mastered the arched kitchen cabinet look in this 1864 historic renovation, pictured above. With stunning millwork and sky-high ceilings, the space has all the hallmarks of a timeless kitchen, but the stylish cabinetry takes it to the next level. And while this design feature is lovely enough to take into any kitchen's design scheme, here it takes inspiration from the rest of the storied home.

'We replaced the 1980s-style galley kitchen with a cook's kitchen, which is in keeping with the historic vernacular of the home. The inspiration for the arched cabinet doors was an antique arched window that hangs in the client's stairwell. I wanted to bring in elements that felt as though they were authentic to the time period, yet had a modern functionality,' says Jocelyn.

She adds that the mirrored wooden cabinets 'flanking the range' are 'reminiscent of an old English kitchen.' Along with contemporary light fixtures and a fresh, modern color scheme, this space is transitional style at its best. And while creating symmetry in interior design worked incredibly well in this kitchen, the true appeal of the arched cabinets is their unexpected shape's contrast with the rest of the design scheme.

'The glass arched doors create a focal point and add a reflective element to the design. I enjoy breaking up the multitude of square-shaped items in a kitchen with arched elements. Cabinets, islands, and appliances are all square or rectangular in shape,' she says. 'An arched cabinet softens all those hard edges and elevates the kitchen aesthetic beyond the purely functional.'

Another plus of the expansive arched cabinets? The homeowners' treasured porcelain collection is put in full view – the doorways provide plenty of space for admiration, and the shelves boast a safe place for storage.

'At night the lit cabinets add a soft ambiance and expand the space within the kitchen. The cabinet doors are done in walnut for a lovely contrast against the lighter tones of the cabinetry, which we had painted in Benjamin Moore's Coventry Grey. To top it off, we added walnut shelving for its luxurious appeal,' says Jocelyn.

A blue and white kitchen with large, arched cabinets

(Image credit: Digs Design Co.)

Though it's easy to fall for the appeal of arched cabinets, Jocelyn says the 'Digs Design Co. rule is "less is more": 'I like to keep the cabinets to about two or four in a room. Too many arches can get too busy and distracting. This is not the Roman Colosseum!'

She adds that once you have the foundation down, it's easy to customize the arched cabinet look in your own space, regardless of your interior design style. 'Arched cabinets with glass and mullions will feel more traditional,' while 'adding curves to an all-wood cabinet door' will leave you with a more contemporary style, according to Jocelyn.

'Make sure you do arched cabinets where they are in full view. A custom cabinet door with an arch will be an upcharge from a standard door. Beyond that, it’s a beautiful feature that deserves to be placed where it can be seen, and not wasted on a lower cabinet where it would not be in sight,' she says.

Richard Davonport, managing director of luxury bespoke kitchen brand Davonport, agrees that arched kitchen cabinets deserve to be shown off with pride. Using curves in interior design melds seamlessly with nature, and creates a calming atmosphere in any kitchen, no matter how busy.

'Adding curves can introduce a visual rhythm that infuses a more relaxed, softer feel to a kitchen, removing harsh lines and angular corners. These softer curved lines are naturally found in nature and as we become more in tune with our surroundings, our buying habits have and will continue to be influenced by this,' says Richard.

An arched home bar with open wooden doors

(Image credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg / Zoë Feldman)

'There is also the additional elements of fluidity and texture that are added through the use of arches, as they offer a high degree of customization which allows them to be used in various kitchen styles. However, if you are worried about it being a trend that won’t stand the test of time, rather than choosing fitted curved cabinets, look for a freestanding model that sits apart as a focal point that imparts a touch of sophistication,' Richard adds.

These freestanding options are everywhere, and make mastering the arched cabinet look at home easy and budget-friendly. Perfect for a tucked-away corner or on full view in the dining room, the style blends beyond the traditional kitchen's bounds. In fact, experts (including celebrated interior designer Zoë Feldman) are using the style in coffee stations and home bars for a sophisticated, high-end look.

In this project, pictured above, Zoë – founder and principal designer of her eponymous design firm – crafted a stunning home bar encased by a bold, arched shelving unit. With natural wood doors framing the view, the home bar makes a statement rather than merely blending in.

'We were trying to mimic shutters in a Spanish Med way and wanted the nook to look just as good closed as it does open. The other side of the room has a similar look but hides a TV,' says Zoë. 'Kitchens can feel a little rectilinear, and arches add softness, even a touch of femininity.'

Zoë says that if you're going bespoke with your kitchen design, experts can help you blend arched cabinetry into your home. A 'freestanding pantry, display cabinet or even drinks cabinet' are all 'sought after in kitchen design at the moment,' and would make beautiful additions to any design scheme. But just as Jocelyn advises against too many arches, Zoë says just a few will do the trick.

'An arch detail is typically best used as an accent rather than for all millwork. Too many arches can be overwhelming, but used sparingly are great for highlighting a special space,' Zoë says.

These stately additions to kitchen cabinet schemes are timeless and tempting to try out at home. A couple of considered arches just might be the secret ingredient to an enduring and classic kitchen design.

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