7 olive green kitchen cabinet ideas – interior designers share how best to embrace this versatile shade

Olive green kitchen cabinets are the new sage. Here's how to get the look

Olive green kitchen cabinet ideas
(Image credit: Stella Weatherall & Boz Gagovski/deVOL/Stefani Stein & Sam Frost)

Olive green kitchen cabinets are trending, with experts coining this shade as 'the new sage.' A deep green hue with yellow undertones, it's a great way to introduce warmth and color without overwhelming a scheme.

While green kitchen ideas might be nothing new, forest greens and shades of sage have dominated trends over the past few years. This welcome change brings a refresh to kitchen cabinet colors, and interior designers predict this design is here to stay.

From color-drenched schemes to striking color pairings, these olive green kitchen cabinet ideas are sure to transform your space.

7 olive green kitchen cabinet ideas

Olive green kitchen cabinets are a perfect middle ground between dark moody green hues and light and airy tones like mint and sage. A mid-toned green that pairs well with plenty of colors and finishes, this versatile hue works in a plethora of interior design styles.

1. Pair with white for a classic scheme

Olive green kitchen with marble worktop by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

If it's a timeless and classic look you want to achieve with your kitchen color ideas, pairing your olive green kitchen cabinets with white walls and countertops is an effective choice. With a clean and elegant appeal, it's a scheme that's sure to endure.

'The bespoke olive green paint on the cupboards here is a soft, calm, and classic choice, and mixed with pale Silestone worktops it creates a clever mix of traditional and modern elements,' explains Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL.

In this kitchen, brass hardware has been used, which pairs beautifully with the olive green cabinetry. We love how the white wall lamps complement the worktops, helping the overall green and white scheme feel wonderfully cohesive.

2. Create a vintage feel with brown accents

Olive green kitchen cabinets with wood details

(Image credit: Stefani Stein/Sam Frost)

Olive green is a versatile shade – paired with the right colors, you can create a scheme that feels ultra-modern, or one that feels more vintage. This kitchen design has achieved the latter, and it's been done in a really simple way.

'Painting kitchen cabinets in olive feels simultaneously current and timeless. A classic earthy green that plays nicely with a range of hues; it infuses a kitchen with a little personality and a lovely nod to the outdoors,' says interior designer Stefani Stein.

The addition of barstools upholstered in brown leather and brass vintage-style pendant lights give the space character and a sense of age, introducing an old-meets-new feel. 

3. Choose brass hardware for olive green cabinets

Olive green kitchen cabinets with brass hardware

(Image credit: Kitchens by Holloways)

Your chosen hardware can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of your kitchen ideas. For a more timeless kitchen design element, opt for a classic finish, such as brass.

'Olive kitchen cabinets are a great choice to evoke the feeling of a grounded space. A copper worktop would look incredible, as would aged brass handles – anything that will patina naturally over time,' says Chloe Scott, creative director at Retrouvé Studio.

Kitchens are hardworking rooms, so introducing elements that age well will ensure your space doesn't begin to feel tired over time. In this scheme, large olive green cabinets at the back of the kitchen have brushed brass handles, giving the room a beautiful sense of character. 

4. Color drench for a moody space

Kitchen color drenched in olive green paint with a burgundy kitchen island

(Image credit: deVOL)

The color drenching trend is here to stay, and the kitchen is a great space to introduce it to your home. Instead of simply opting for olive green kitchen cabinets, take the color onto the walls and ceiling for a dramatic scheme.

Helen suggests using deVOL's Wilkes Green. 'It's that old-fashioned sort of green that was used everywhere in old Victorian homes, especially on the paneling and woodwork, giving a drab sort of look which evokes a perfectly authentic interior,' she explains.

This kitchen has been covered in green hues, while white wall tiles and a burgundy kitchen island add a subtle contrast to the space. Olive green is a great color for this style of design as it doesn't feel too dark or too light, and works well in spaces old and new – it's a truly versatile hue.

5. Add a zinc worktop for contemporary scheme

Olive green kitchen cabinets paired with neutral colors and zinc worktops

(Image credit: Stella Weatherall/Boz Gagovski)

Achieving the right look with olive kitchen cabinets is all about what you pair them with. The right finishes and colors will elevate your scheme and dictate the style of space you are aiming for.

'I think olive green kitchen cabinets look great with oak worktops in a country setting or paired with either copper or zinc worktops (like mine) in an urban environment for a sharper look,' explains interior designer Stella Weatherall

'Neutral walls with olive cabinetry help to keep things fresh and light. I would bring terracotta and oranges into the fabrics and soft furnishings as a nice contrast,' she adds.

6. Pair pink and olive green

green and pink kitchen with vintage lighting and rattan bar stools at the island

(Image credit: Vaughan Design & Development / Photography Chris Snook)

Kitchens are a space where you can really have fun with color – they can carry the boldest of schemes thanks to their size and different materials to break up bulky sections of color. One such color pairing that works well is pink and olive green.

'More recently we have seen pinks become sophisticated and acceptable, the soft blush pinks and the faded rose pinks mix so perfectly with olive greens. The green-pink combination is a nature-inspired mix which is why it works so well,' explains Helen.

'Green and pink is a fail-safe combination, I would gravitate towards a plaster pink such as ‘Powder II’ Paint & Paper Library on the walls, or a lime wash finish such as Bauwerk’s ‘Bronte’,' adds Chloe.

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7. Create a minimalist kitchen with olive cabinets

Olive green kitchen cabinets in a minimalist kitchen

(Image credit: Kitchens by Holloways)

Olive green is a great hue to introduce to a minimalist kitchen. Paired with clean, sleek decor, you can create a minimalist scheme that feels more warm and characterful.

'For a modern approach, allow the olive cabinet color to take center stage. Keep the decor minimalistic and purposeful. Clean-lined hanging lights, white Carrara marble and matte black handles can result in a crisp, sleek and tailored look for contemporary living,' says Hannah Yeo, senior manager of color marketing at Benjamin Moore.

She suggests using a shade such as Spanish Olive 1509: 'A soft, tranquil gray with a soothing olive undertone brings an extra touch of character to the kitchen. This shade doesn’t overwhelm the space; instead, it harmonizes beautifully with a variety of materials and colors, such as stainless-steel appliances, brass cabinet knobs and textured décor.'

Olive green kitchen cabinets are this year's answer to transitional decorating ideas. Working beautifully in schemes traditional and contemporary, and pairing seamlessly with a multitude of colors and finishes, it's no wonder this hue is trending. 

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