When is Easter 2024 – and when is the best time put up Easter decorations?

In 2024, Easter Sunday falls on March 31st, but where does that leave your decorating? We look into the traditional timelines

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When is Easter 2024? Well, Easter Sunday this year falls, relatively early on March 31st, with Good Friday on the 29th. Easter always comes on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (which, put simply, is when the sun is right over the equator, and day and night are equally long).  Another way to determine when Easter is? To count forward the 40 days of Lent from Ash Wednesday to the following Sunday. 

And another, equally important question for interior lovers, when is the best time to put up your Easter decorations? It's personal, but there are a few dates to bear in mind to help you decide when to start decorating with your eggs, baskets, bunnies, and spring-like pastel hues. 

When is Easter 2024?

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In short, Easter can be any time between March 22nd and April 25th, and in 2024, it falls on Sunday 31st March for the Gregorian calendar. Palm Sunday is on 24th March, followed by Good Friday on 29th March. 

When to put up Easter decorations?

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Most of us celebrate the holiday by decorating our homes with Easter crafts and Easter wreaths, with a family get together around a table decorated for Easter, and by making Easter baskets for kids so they can enjoy an egg hunt.

But when to start decorating for Easter? As with other holidays and festivities, there is no precise date (or rule!), though most of us usually start decorating around two to four weeks before Easter. In 2024, this would mean decorating from the weekend of March 2nd. 

St Patrick's Day (March 17th) is also often viewed as the traditional day to start decorating for Easter – though, of course, if you love to be ready well in advance of any holiday, want to avoid price hikes, and can't bear the rush, you can start any time in the months building up to the holiday.

When to take down Easter decorations?

Again, there is no strict date for taking down Easter decorations, though within a couple of weeks, they will begin to look a little out of place, and if any include fresh ingredients, from eggs to flowers, you will need to remove them before they begin to rot.

What do you decorate your house with after Easter?

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After Easter decorations have come back down, you can easily switch back to your spring decor: pastels, fresh brights and natural shades. Then, once May arrives, start adding warmer colors to bring in summer decor.

When to start decorating for Easter will depend on how you celebrate the holiday and your personal style too. If you are having people over on March 31st for Easter Sunday, if might be wise to get your decor up slightly ahead of time so you can relax the weekend of the holiday.  If you ask us, it's nice to start introducing spring and Easter decor slowly as soon as February is over to give your home an uplift and start bringing it out of winter. 

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